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Empower’s Zip Line Adventure consists of five zip lines

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay is a one-stop-shop for all things thrilling

Our aerial adventure park continues to impress, with its high-flying zip line course, aerial obstacles, and aquatic tours.
One thing that sets Empower Adventures Tampa Bay apart from other zip line courses is the Moonlight Zip Line Adventure, only offered a couple of times a month when the moon is full.
This nighttime zip lining adventure changes the dynamic of the course and brings new thrills to the table.
In today’s blog, .

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay looks at three activities you can do during your visit

Zip Line Adventure Zip lining has turned into one of the most popular extreme sports across the world, .

And Empower’s Zip Line Adventure is one of the highest-rated courses in Florida

This intricate course flies hundreds of feet above the water of the Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve, providing beautiful sights and sounds.
While zipping on over 3,000 feet of cables, you will have a feeling of weightlessness as you glide through the air.
Empower’s Zip Line Adventure consists of five zip lines, a 200-foot suspension bridge, aerial obstacles, and much more.

Moonlight Zip Line Adventure If you are looking for an adventure unlike any other

try Empower’s Moonlight Zip Line Adventure.
This one-of-a-kind tour takes place on select Friday and Saturday nights from October through May.
While on this guided adventure, there will be no lights on the zip line course, .

Only the bright light from a full Tampa Bay moon
Even though it is the same zip line course as the traditional Zip Line Adventure

the Moonlight Zip Line Adventure is a completely different, nocturnal, atmosphere.
Glow sticks are also provided free of charge to help you light up the night.
Paddle Board Adventures Empower Adventures Tampa Bay also offers two types of paddle board adventures for those who would rather stay close to the ground.

This adventure will have you gliding across the waters of Upper Tampa Bay

experiencing wildlife up-close and personal.
This outdoor adventure is led by local guides that share fascinating details about the Tampa Bay waterways and the ecology within them.  The other guided tour is the Destination Paddle Adventure.
On this three-hour tour, you will escape the city and dive deep into the hidden gems of Florida.
This tour will start in the clear waters of Weeki Wachi Springs and take you through the wildlife-filled waters of Tampa.
Book Your Adventure With Empower Adventures Tampa Bay Empower Adventures Tampa Bay offers a wide variety of adventures to choose from, creating amazing, unforgettable memories.
Whether you want to fly high through thousands of feet of zip lines, or you want to skim across crystal clear waters, Empower has an adventure for you.
For more information about the services and adventures we offer, contact us today.

We look forward to being your Tampa Bay tour guides

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