Ringer Puts Celtics On This NBA ‘Tier’ After First Quarter Of 2019-20 Season

The Boston Celtics don’t need an American Express card for people to recognize the Boston Celtics as contenders.
The Ringer on Friday placed C’s among the “contenders” to win the NBA Finals in 2020. Ringer staff sorted all 30 teams into tiers and put the Celtics in the second-best group — behind the favorites — alongside the Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors.

“… The quintet of second-tier teams that did make the cut is a mix of underperforming preseason cofavorites and overachieving teams from the expected middle,” Zach Kram wrote. “Within the first group, neither the Rockets nor 76ers have fully jelled; Houston craters whenever James Harden leaves the floor, while Philadelphia doesn’t even rank in the top half of the league in offensive efficiency. The Nuggets, meanwhile, look worse than their 14-5 record suggests, with Nikola Jokic, in particular, performing more like an average player than a star.
“On the other end are two clubs that haven’t taken their anticipated steps back. The Raptors have a better net rating than they did last season, with Pascal Siakam filling the vacated Kawhi Leonard role, and the Celtics have enjoyed returns to form from young wings Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown alongside new point guard Kemba Walker, who’s scoring as efficiently as ever in Kyrie Irving’s spot.”
Many believed over the summer the Celtics might struggle this season, but they quickly eased such fears by mounting a 15-5 start to the season. Not only has their good form prompted oddsmakers to boost their NBA Finals lines, but experts also have started publicly envisioning them reaching the championship series.
Boston can strengthen its case to rise into the “favorites” category Friday when they host the Denver Nuggets at TD Garden.

6 Tips for Transporting Your Car to Another State

There are plenty of reasons to ship your car out of state. Maybe you’re a vintage car enthusiast with precious cargo (pun intended). Maybe you’re gifting a car to someone out of state. Or maybe you’re moving across the country, and you’d rather not pack up your vehicle and drive it thousands of miles yourself. No matter why you need to transport your car to another state, it’s important to do your homework to ensure that car shipping goes as smoothly, quickly, and affordably as possible. Transport your car to another state the right way by doing a little research and doing it right. This guide will show you how. Below, our car shipping experts here at Direct Express Auto Transport cover all that you need to know about how to transport a car to another state.
1. Select the Right Auto Transport Company
Depending on where you are living, you may have dozens and dozens of car shipping companies to choose from, or you may only have a handful. If you live in a major metropolitan hub — especially a city that transports a lot of cars such as Miami or Los Angeles — you will have your choice of many shipping companies, with some of them being great and some of them not-so-great. If you live in a place that is far from any major interstate, you will have fewer choices to choose from to transport a car to another state.
Google Reviews is an effective site for choosing a car shipper! After narrowing your search to a few plausible (and affordable) options, another great site to visit is Trustpilot to see how your potential candidates stack up according to real customers who have used their services.
Once you’ve read the reviews, double check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company you are thinking of shipping with is a reputable vendor. But when it comes to specific details about the service, what should you be looking for? Keep reading to discover what to look for when trying to transport a car to another state.
2. Calculating How Much Car Shipping Costs from One State to Another
Just like with buying a car, you are going to want to do your research on what it should cost you to ship your car. Sadly, there is no Kelly Blue Book equivalent for car shipping that will give you an ideal price range to shoot for when searching how to ship your car from one state to another. If you have someone you know that shipped a car to another state, consider asking them which shipping company they used and how that experience went for them.
Beyond that, you’re going to have to do extra research and outreach. As you’re reading up on how to ship your car to another state and vetting potential companies, research each company’s prices by clicking, calling, or visiting brick-and-mortar locations to see just how much it would cost you to ship a car. Today’s top car shipping companies offer online quote calculators to help potential customers just like you get fast and accurate quotes in seconds.

3. Choose Your Type of Transportation: Enclosed Transport vs. Open-Air Transport
As you are searching for the right company to ship your car, you’re going to want to consider the two types of car shipping: enclosed transport and open-air transport. Enclosed transport protects your car with four walls, a roof, and a floor on a freight truck. Open-air transport moves it without the enclosure. Which one you choose depends on your car and your needs. Nearly 97% of all vehicles shipped in the US are shipped via open air transport. Statistically, open air transport has proven to be nearly as safe for your vehicle as an enclosed transport. The rule of thumb for deciding which way to transport your car to another state is that if you are unsure, then you should probably just go with open air transport.
Drive down any freeway in America for long enough and you’re bound to see brand-spanking-new cars being transported via open air transport. If that’s not faith enough in the safety and reliability of open-air transport over enclosed transport, consider this: enclosed transportation costs on average 33 – 50% more than open air transport. There are also far fewer enclosed trailers traveling on the roads around the country, which means that it will most likely take you a lot longer to ship your vehicle if you go the enclosed route. Got a car that costs you six figures that needs transportation? Then your enclosed transport might be your best bet. Otherwise, open-air transport is the way to go.
4. Schedule Your Auto Shipment Early
It takes a long time to transport a car to another state. Sometimes it can take days, while other times it can take several weeks. As you make reservations for car shipping, plan out your auto transportation with ample leeway so that you know your car will get there when you need it to. If you are green to scheduling an auto shipment, there are a couple things you should know before you schedule your auto shipment.
Just because the route that your car is taking appears to be a relatively straight and easy shot does not mean that the route that your 18-wheeler will take to transport your vehicle will be straight and easy. Transporting vehicles cross-country is a large logistical puzzle — sometimes involving as many as 12 vehicles — where a transport trailer can zigzag all over the place, picking vehicles up, dropping vehicles off, and running into slow conditions in the process.
With this in mind, it’s imperative to plan appropriately. The general time frame for transporting cars long distances are as follows:

100 – 500 miles will take 1 – 2 days
500 – 1000 miles will take 2 – 3 days
1000 – 1500 miles will take 3 – 4 days
1500 – 2000 miles will take 4 – 5 days
2000 – 2500 miles will take 5 – 6 days
2500 – 3000 miles will take 6 – 7 days

Though it’s a good rule of thumb, this breakdown is by no means set in stone. Shipping times will vary between shipping companies, regions of the country, or times of year. Be sure to check with the company you ship with to see what their estimate for your shipment is. Better yet, when shopping around for auto shipment quotes, have companies give you an estimate on the shipping time for your vehicle before you book.
5. Get Your Car Ready for Interstate Transport
Once you have chosen a car shipping company and method of shipping, you are going to need to prepare your vehicle to be shipped to another state on a trailer. Unlike many things that you ship through the post office, FedEx, or UPS — most of which require little to no prep — your car will require you to go the extra mile so it can do the same.
First, you should do a thorough cleaning of the interior of your car and a washing of the outside of the car. Why do you have to clean the inside and outside so thoroughly, you may be asking? Because you want to have documentation of what your vehicle looks like in its very best condition before it gets loaded onto the trailer. That way, if there are any scratches, dings, scuffs, cracks, or what-have-you, you don’t get into a your-word vs the shipping-company’s-word situation. (This situation can also be avoided by shipping with a reputable company.) After you have done a deep wash, buff, and clean, be sure to take pictures of your vehicle for your records.
Next, you are going to want to empty your gas tank to about a quarter-full. This will give the car enough gas to get from the trailer to its new home without making a stop at a gas station along the way. (It also makes sure that there is enough gas for loading and unloading the car off the trailer in the first place.) For the car shipping company, having about a quarter tank of gas also helps to reduce the payload on the truck as it drives cross-country.
Once you’ve emptied some gas from your car — or added some in — it’s time to remove your personal belongings from your interior and trunk. Don’t treat your car shipping reservation as a large, free Amazon box. Extra items can weigh down your car, and worse, they’re never insured in a shipping company’s insurance plan. Also, if this car is a gift, you don’t want to be leaving important documents in the car before you send it off. (More on that in the next section.)
It is also a good idea to remove any toll beepers (Fastrak, etc) in the vehicle lest they run up automatic toll charges from point A to point B. If that happens, a common occurrence, the toll service will reverse the charges. Just ask them and they will request from you proof of your auto transport shipment, which is easily done with an order confirmation email or receipt.
The final thing you must do is hand over your keys to your truck driver. He or she will need them in order to load and unload your car on the trailer.
6. Gather Essential Documents You Will Need to Ship Your Car to Another State
No car is complete without proper documentation. If the car you are shipping is going to be a gift to a friend or family member, you know that having the correct documentation is paramount to a successful car handover. Luckily for you, to transport a car to another state, you are not going to need anywhere near the same amount of documentation to successfully ship your car with a shipping company. You should know that, unbelievably, no auto shipping company will ask for documentation to ship your vehicle. Only at an auto auction or dealership will the car transporter double check the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to verify that they are shipping the correct vehicle.
While it is ideal to have registration, title, and proof of insurance present with you when making the handoff, for most shipping companies it is not a requirement to show any of those documents. Be sure to keep up your car’s insurance during the cross-country move. All transport companies will insure your car under their own insurance policy when they ship your car, but it’s better to have additional insurance on top of their insurance, just in case.

Reasons for Transporting Your Car to Another State
There are a couple of great reasons why shipping your car to a new state is superior to just hopping in and driving it. If you are in the process of moving states, you likely have a number of time-consuming things on your plate — changes at work, packing up your house, and packing up your entire life, to name a few — that you don’t need one more. Make your life easier by shipping as many of your cars as possible.
Furthermore, putting hundreds or sometimes thousands of extra miles onto your car is bad for resale purposes and bad for the car’s lifespan. If your car is generally only a city car, it has a higher risk of breaking down on the interstate, which can be a major headache in the middle of a move. Alleviate all of the stress for you and your car by having it shipped during your big move.
Last Steps: What to Do Once Your Car Arrives
Depending on your situation, you may be the one waiting for your car to be unloaded from the trailer at the drop-off site, or it may be a friend or family member waiting at the site for the car. Also, depending on the drivability of the car and your budget for transportation, your car might be dropped off right at your driveway or delivered to a parking lot and unloaded there. As you might expect, door-to-door service is more expensive than lot-to-lot service. Know which one you’re paying for, so you can plan for pick-up accordingly.
Hopefully, you shipped with a company that is on top of communication and will keep you informed of your car’s whereabouts throughout the entire shipping process so that you aren’t kept waiting. Once the car arrives, your driver will check the ID of whoever is picking up the vehicle to make sure that it matches the name you have provided to the shipping company.

Once your car touches the pavement once again, be sure to do a complete inspection of the car’s interior and exterior with the car shipping company driver. Take pictures in this phase as well, because maybe you won’t notice a small dent or ding but then you see it a few weeks later. This way you’ll have photographic evidence that the dent or ding came from the time on the trailer rather than from driving around your new town in those two weeks.
Sign the bill of lading that the trucker will offer up to you after you inspect the car. If you do end up finding any additional dents or dings with the vehicle, you will use this bill of landing document to file a claim with your shipping company. With reputable companies, these sorts of claims are rare since they use safety-first drivers who ensure that the vast majority of the cars that they deliver are delivered without issue.
Learn More and Ship Your Car With Our Team at Direct Express Auto Transport
Want to learn more about how to ship your car to another state? Ready to schedule shipping? Our team at Direct Express Auto Transport has you covered. Contact our team with questions about our service or car shipping in general to get answers from a real person. You can also check out our FAQ and About Us pages for a wide range of car shipping resources and information on our company. If you’re ready to ship with us, use our Online Quote Calculator to get an accurate, 100% transparent quote in seconds. With a 5-star rating on Trustpilot and thousands of happy customers, we are the nation’s top choice for car shipping in the lower 48. Ship with us today!
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Bruce Cassidy Provides Positive Updates On Patrice Bergeron, Brett Ritchie

Patrice Bergeron is inching closer toward a return to the ice.
The Bruins center has been sidelined with a lower-body and hasn’t played since Nov. 23 against the Minnesota Wild. Bergeron practiced in a red non-contact jersey Friday at Warrior Ice Arena. And even though he won’t play in Boston’s game against the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday, head coach Bruce Cassidy is optimistic for next week. 
“Red sweater, that’s good,” he said, via Bruins.com. “He participated in some line rushes. It wasn’t a heavy contact practice. Won’t play [Saturday], but once you have the red sweater on, you’re that much closer. Monday (in Ottawa) now becomes more of a target day for us if there’s no setbacks.”
Brett Ritchie, who’s been battling an infection, also practiced with the team. The winger was without restrictions and Cassidy is hopeful he’ll return Saturday after missing the last seven games.
“Ritchie was skating today, skating better, so another practice under his belt,” Cassidy said. “We’ll have to look at that in the morning. If he goes in, obviously we have to take a right winger out or move someone around. But he’s very close as well.”
Boston is back in action Saturday when it welcomes the Avalanche to TD Garden for a 7 p.m. ET puck drop.

Jayson Tatum, Charlie McAvoy Swap Jerseys In Celtics-Bruins Crossover

The Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins both are off to solid 2019-20 starts, but Friday gave two stars a chance to exchange pleasantries and threads.
Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy stopped by the Auerbach Center, the Celtics’ practice facility, on Friday afternoon to swap jerseys with Celtics wing Jayson Tatum. The Bruins recently unveiled their new third jerseys, while the Celtics’ city edition uniforms were unveiled in mid-November.

Check it out:

Boston teams looking extra this season
Thanks for stopping by today @CMcAvoy44! pic.twitter.com/mnIvl6MTWx
— Boston Celtics (@celtics) December 6, 2019

As you can see, McAvoy got a picture with 7-foot-6 center Tacko Fall as well.
The defenseman managed to get some shots up before leaving the Auerbach Center.

Count it. @CMcAvoy44 | #NHLBruins pic.twitter.com/EXrMUldvyN
— Boston Bruins (@NHLBruins) December 6, 2019

The Celtics take on the Denver Nuggets on Friday night at TD Garden. The Bruins are off Friday before welcoming the Colorado Avalanche to town Saturday.

Imperial’s Survival Guide for Holiday Party Season

It’s here. You somehow survived Thanksgiving with your family/in-laws/pseudo-friends, etc. Now the holidays really start and it’s a sprint to New Year’s Eve.
But first, you must make it through the gauntlet of Holiday Parties with various groups of friends, co-workers, and/or family.
The Work Holiday Party Survival Guide
Here are some suggestions for surviving those awkward company parties where Elliott from accounting has taken full advantage of the open bar and Sam from HR is giving you the stink eye.
You Should Go…No, Really.
Remember how your parents told you attendance was important? Yeah. You might not have had to go to class to get an ‘A’ in college but if you have any desire to move out of your parents’ house you need to attend the work party. Shake the boss’ hand, offer to go get the next round of drinks, whatever you can do to make your presence felt shows you might actually give a crap.
Arrive Fashionably Late
If the invitation says 7-11pm, it’s safe to show up at 8pm so you can avoid helping put the finishing touches on the Dollar Store decorations.
Know The (Dress) Code
Showing up under-dressed is a terrible impression to make. Don’t make the mistake of asking other lazy co-workers what they’re wearing. Ask and adult or someone that is helping plan the event if you’re confused as to weather you need to dress like you own real, adult clothing. If all else fails, top off your outfit with our Imperial Ugly Sweater Visor.

Work the Room
Want to get out of the crappy team or department you’re in? You need to know people. That means talking with people (even the C suite <gasp>) you may not know or have only said ‘hello – how’s it going?’ on the elevator a few times. So, down some liquid courage and network like a boss…and don’t forget to follow-up.
Know Your Number
No, we’re not talking about your cell. Know how many drinks you can have before you lose your filter. Bring a mini marker if you have to write on your own hand how many you’ve had. Don’t go over the limit unless you’re looking to get fired or have an awkward conversation with HR the following day.
Know When and How to Say Goodbye
Leave before the DJ stops spinning those MP3s. Make a graceful exit and say goodbye to old and new friends alike. This will avoid awkward goodbyes and any harsh fluorescent lighting.
The Family/In-Laws Party Survival Guide
Gather Pre-Party Intel
You will have to make an appearance at a family party. You are related by blood. That generally still means something. But that also means you know who to avoid and the best way to prep is to ask you mother who will be there. This will give you a chance to get answers prepped for the same three questions you’ve been answering since middle school.
Know Your Allies
If you have siblings hopefully you can rely on them to save you from awkward conversations with your weird aunt/uncle. If not, master the art of saying, “I’m really sorry, I have to use the bathroom” mid-sentence.
What’s the Food Situation
Would you rather eat pancakes of a diner’s floor than suffer through another meatloaf? Best to load up before the party and ‘sample’ the available food to avoid offending anyone.
Mess with People
There’s no better time to start rumors than with family. Have fun scaring the bejeezus out of your grandparents by telling them you are dropping out of college to explore alternative medicine in Cambodia. Or ask your aunt if it would be cool to have her face tattooed on your body. Have some fun. Control your own narrative!
Free Laundry
Don’t forget to get a few free loads of laundry out of your parents. Clean clothes just smell nicer at home.
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MLB Rumors: Phillies Eyeing Superstar Free Agents Even After Zack Wheeler Deal

The Philadelphia Phillies made a big splash in free agency Wednesday, reportedly agreeing to a five-year, $118 million contract with right-hander Zack Wheeler.
Now, it sounds like they’re just getting started.
USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale reported Friday, citing two people with direct knowledge, that the Phillies plan to strongly pursue free agent third baseman Anthony Rendon even after landing Wheeler.
Nightengale added that fellow free agent third baseman Josh Donaldson is considered Philadelphia’s potential fall-back plan if it can’t sign Rendon, who’s widely considered the best position player available on the open market this offseason.

“The Phillies still would like to pursue another starter and relief pitching, but Rendon has become their No. 1 target,” Nightengale wrote.
This wasn’t the only Phillies-related news to surface Friday, as MLB insider Jon Heyman reported that Philadelphia has shown interest in both Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg — the top two starting pitchers available in free agency — amid the organization’s quest to have a huge offseason.
According to Heyman, the Phillies seem especially interested in Strasburg, who just earned World Series MVP honors while winning the Fall Classic with the Washington Nationals alongside Rendon.

Phillies have showed interest in Strasburg and Cole, and seem especially interested in Stras. Possible that interest lessens with the Wheeler signing but Philly seems to be going big again — just low-keying it this time (no “stupid $ talk). @BNightengale links them to Rendon too
— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) December 6, 2019

Signing Rendon, Cole and/or Strasburg would cause Philadelphia to surpass the $208 million luxury tax threshold, as the Phillies also signed former Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper to a 13-year, $330 million contract in free agency last offseason.
But that possibility — and the tax penalties that come with exceeding the threshold — don’t seem to be limiting the organization’s aggressiveness after finishing with an 81-81 record in 2019.

Celtics-Thunder Trade Idea Would Change Eastern Conference,’ Ex-NBA Execs Believe

The Boston Celtics will reap rewards by exchanging a valuable chip for Steven Adams.
Former NBA executives Wes Wilcox and Amin Elhassan argued Thursday on Sirius XM NBA Radio the Celtics should consider trading Gordon Hayward in a package for the Oklahoma City Thunder center. Wilcox and Elhassan believe acquiring a center of Adams’ ability would put Boston firmly among the ranks of Eastern Conference favorites, alongside the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers.

“If Steven Adams ends up in Boston, I think it would change the landscape and dynamics of the Eastern Conference,” Wilcox said.
“Steven Adams is probably the most gettable, attractive trade pierce on the market,” Elhassan added.
Hayward can enter free agency this summer if he opts out of the final year of his 4-year, $128 million contract. Elhassan believes  this option will drive up the Thunder’s asking price in any trade for Adams that centers around Hayward.
“I would say ‘no’ from the Oklahoma City side because everything we’ve heard is that their asking price for Steve Adams is so ridiculously high, plus he has two years left on a very affordable (contract) number for a guy with his production,” Elhassen said of a straight-up Adams for Hayward trade propsal. “I can’t see them saying ‘ah, we’ll just trade him for a guy that’s going to opt out and leave in the offseason.’ There has to be a ton of stuff attached to Gordon Hayward for them to consider.”

Steven Adams to the #Celtics?
Our resident front office insiders @DarthAmin & Wes Wilcox believe he could take the Celtics to the next level pic.twitter.com/7lQMNnHIv4
— SiriusXM NBA Radio (@SiriusXMNBA) December 5, 2019

Adams, 26, is averaging 10.4 points and 9 rebounds in 26.4 minutes per game this season. He’s set to earn $25.8 million this season and $27.5 million in 2020-21, after which he can become a free agent.
Hayward, 29, is expected to be out until Christmas due to a broken hand. He was playing well prior to his Nov. 9 injury, averaging 18.9 points, 7.1 rebounds and 4.1 assists in eight games.
Although Hayward finally was starting to look like the All-Star caliber player again, his previously uncertain form and contract future have kept his name in trade rumors for months.
With Adams thought to be on the market and the Celtics apparently needing frontcourt help, the aforementioned trade idea probably won’t go away anytime soon.

SEC Championship: Game Spread, Kickoff Time, Prediction For LSU-Georgia

Could this be the first of two matchups between LSU and Georgia over the next month?
The two college football powers will meet Saturday in Atlanta when they square off int he SEC Championship Game. In addition to taking home the hardware, this figures to be a game with enormous College Football Playoff implications. No. 2 LSU, at 12-0 entering the conference title game, should be in the CFP regardless of Saturday’s outcome. No. 4 Georgia, meanwhile, could technically be in regardless but would be a guarantee with a win over the Tigers.

This figures to be a classic matchup of offense vs. defense, but perhaps a little different than we’ve come to expect from a Georgia-LSU matchup. Typically, it’s been LSU that’s been the defensive-minded program, while the Bulldogs have featured potent offenses throughout the years. And while both teams are very good on both sides of the ball, this game should come down to whether Georgia’s elite defensive unit can stop an LSU offense that ranks at or near the top of the entire country in offensive stats of the traditional and advanced varieties.
A big reason for LSU’s offensive renaissance is the play of quarterback Joe Burrow. The 22-year-old is not only the Heisman Trophy front-runner, but he also figures to be one of the first two or three picks of the 2020 NFL Draft. Burrow has been tremendous all season, but he has elevated his play when it mattered most, starting with LSU’s win over Alabama in early November. Over his last four games, Burrow has 14 touchdown passes and two interceptions.
Of course, Georgia has its own star quarterback. Jake Fromm doesn’t quite have the weapons he had a year ago and thus hasn’t posted eye-popping numbers, but he’s been around seemingly forever and has played in a whole bunch of big games. Fromm excels at protecting the football. He has three interceptions all season, all of which came against South Carolina in the Bulldogs’ only loss of the season.
Kickoff time: 4 p.m.
Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta
Point spread: LSU -7
Pick: LSU -7
Admittedly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kirby Smart is able to devise something to slow down the LSU offense. He’s that good, and again, we mentioned how that Georgia defense is one of the best in the nation, and they’ve been waiting a year for a chance to avenge their 36-16 loss in Baton Rouge a season ago. But right now, it doesn’t feel like any team outside Columbus can stop Burrow and the Tigers. LSU is averaging 52.5 points per game over their last four. All four of those games were in the conference, two were on the road and three of them came against defenses ranked in the top 52 of Football Outsiders’ DFEI defensive metrics (Alabama, Texas A&M and Arkansas).

Julian Edelman Agrees With Stephon Gilmore: Patriots Corner Could Play Receiver

FOXBORO, Mass. — New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is one of the few players in the NFL who has seen action on both sides of the ball. So, he would know if Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore could line up on offense.
Edelman believes Gilmore could play wide receiver. Gilmore also said he could do it this week, stating that it, “don’t look that hard.”

“He said that?” Edelman asked.
Sure did.
“Probably,” Edelman said. “He’s good.”
Edelman played slot cornerback during the 2011 season before he became a starting wide receiver. Gilmore has four interceptions in 12 games this season and is the favorite to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year. It’s unlikely he’ll move to offense any time soon unless the Patriots are truly desperate.

Patriots’ Struggling Offense Is Past Time For Excuses, Tom Brady Says

FOXBORO, Mass. — Circumstances have not been ideal for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ offense this season.
They lost Rob Gronkowski to retirement.
They lost two starting O-linemen to injury — one for the entire season (David Andrews) and another for half of it (Isaiah Wynn).

They lost fullback James Develin to injury, and his replacement Jakob Johnson, too.
They traded away Demaryius Thomas to sign Antonio Brown, then kicked Brown to the curb for various off-the-field reasons.
Their top draft pick, N’Keal Harry, missed 10 weeks of practice and still isn’t up to speed.
Their marquee midseason acquisition, Mohamed Sanu, is banged up and still learning the offense.
All of these things are true. But at this point in the season, with four games remaining before the playoffs begin, outside reinforcements aren’t coming. The Patriots are going to need to make their offense work with the pieces they have available.
“It’s kind of just where we’re at,” quarterback Tom Brady said Friday ahead of Sunday’s matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium. “We’ve added some players late, and guys are coming back from injury and so forth — I’ve said this before — like every team in the league.
“There’s no excuses. It’s ‘Did you win or did you not?’ At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. We’re trying to score more points than them, and teams that are good in all three phases are tough to beat. And we want to be one of those teams.”
The Patriots have scored more points than 10 of their 12 opponents this season, but their offense has sputtered ever since they concluded the cupcake portion of their schedule. In their last four games, the Patriots have scored 20, 17, 13 and 22 points, with all three of their touchdowns in last Sunday’s loss to the Houston Texans coming in the final 16 minutes.
A more robust offensive effort likely will be required Sunday against a Chiefs team that boasts three offensive superstars in quarterback Patrick Mahomes, tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Both Patriots-Chiefs meetings last season were barnburners, with New England winning 43-40 in Week 6 and 37-31 in overtime in the AFC Championship Game.