Mike Evans Details Texts Tom Brady Sent About Chiefs Before Super Bowl


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Nobody likes when someone bombards them with texts, but it sounds like Buccaneers receivers gave Tom Brady a pass during the NFL playoffs.

We already have head Leonard Fournette’s account of what Brady sent to his teammates in the days leading up to Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl LV win over the Kansas City Chiefs. And, during a recent appearance on Michael Irvin’s podcast, Mike Evans offered further insight.


“He was texting us a lot of clips, lots and lots of film on what to expect on certain down and distances,” Evans said, as transcribed by Tampa Bay Times reporter Rick Stroud. “And he does that all the time, but just in the playoffs and especially this game, he went above and beyond.

“Like 12 at night, six in the morning. People aren’t even up, and he’s telling us this won’t work against this guy. You’ve got to run it like this. This is the detail that went into this and the extra meetings and all the hard work. It all paid off and Tom is a great leader.”

Whether Brady’s incessant texting truly made a difference is up for debate, but we’ll take the players’ words for it. Nevertheless, the Buccaneers defense was the biggest reason for Tampa’s convincing victory over Kansas City.

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