Revolution II Announce Year-End Moves, Two 2020 MLS SuperDraft Picks Gone

With the 2020 USL League One season in the rear-view New England Revolution II are now looking to the 2021. On Monday the USL League One side and Revs second-team announced a flurry of end of year moves including the signing of a former Revolution Academy player.

Revs II signed four players to contracts with Sean O’Hearn, Michael DeShields, Marzuq Puckerin, and Revs Academy product Colby Quinones. In addition, the team exercised contract extensions to six players and declined to use options on four players. On top of the four contract options that were not exercised the Revs had one player whose loan expired following the 2020 USL League One season.

Quinones is the third Academy product to sign a professional contract with Revs II. The 17-year-old appeared in 14 of 16 matches in 2020 for Revs II with over 1,000 minutes played. In addition Quinones, a New Hampshire native was also a member of the Revolution Academy Residency Program.

Options Exercised: Maciel, Jon Bell, Joe Rice, Connor Pressley, Ryan Spaulding, Tiago Mendonca

Goalkeeper Joe Rice is the standout here with 45 saves ranking fourth in USL League One and proved himself to potentially be a back-up for the first team in the future.

Options Declined: Keegan Meyer, Ryo Shimazaki, Mayele Malango, Simon Lekressner

Interesting to note here that both Meyer and Lekressner were second-round picks in the 2020 MLS SuperDraft.

Loan Expired: Orlando Sinclair

With all of these moves the Revs II roster sits at 12 players with Meny Silva and Dennis Ramirez already under contract for 2021. It is worth noting that this roster does not include first-team players that were loaned out to the team in 2020 such as Justin Rennicks and Nicolas Firmino.

Current Revolution II Roster

Goalkeepers: Joe Rice, Marzuq Puckerin

Defenders: Sean O’Hearn, Michal DeShields, Jon Bell, Colby Quinones

Midfielders: Maciel, Tiago Mendonca, Dennis Ramirez, Ryan Spaulding

Forwards: Connor Presley, Meny Silva
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Daniel Bryan: One of the All-Time Greats

Daniel Bryan is one of the all-time great professional wrestlers.  There is a case to be made that he is the greatest professional wrestler.  These are bold statements and you are entitled to disagree with the latter, but Bryan deserves these plaudits he is regularly greeted with.  He certainly deserves to be in the discussions surrounding the nomination of “GOAT”.  Let us take a look at why.
He Is a Student of the Game
Perhaps more than any other, Daniel Bryan is a self-made student of the game.  He lists the likes of Dean Malenko, Toshiaki Kawada, William Regal, and Mituharu Misawa as his early influences.  At a time when aspiring pro-wrestlers wanted to be the next Hulk Hogan, The Rock, or Ultimate Warrior, Bryan wanted to be the next Misawa.  Whilst everyone wanted to be the larger-than-life megastar, Bryan aspired to be the in-ring specialist.  This is exactly what he’d become; as he would study international wrestling; adopting bits of Japanese puroresu here and parts of lucha libre there; with a sprinkling of British wrestling on top, thanks to William Regal and Johnny Saint.

Daniel Bryan – then using his real name of Bryan Danielson – embarked on a decade of dominance on the independent circuit.  Bryan traveled the United States and Japan (becoming the American Dragon in the process); he worked all over Europe; he has worked Triplemania XVI in Mexico.  By working all over the world, Bryan continued to study whilst on the job and kept evolving as a pro wrestler.  The man was crowned as the “King of the Indies” for a reason and that reason was he worked them all.  When you work on so many independent shows, you are not just doing it for the money; you are doing it because you love the business.  Only someone as well studied as Daniel Bryan can be involved in any debate surrounding the “Greatest of All Time” moniker.
Small Man in a World of Giants
When Daniel Bryan joined the WWE in 2009 (he had been there briefly in the early 2000s), it came with mixed reaction.  Long-time fans of Bryan Danielson worried for the man.  Here was Bryan, around 5’9″ and barely 200 lbs, joining the company known for favoring the behemoths of the wrestling world – if you were a smaller guy, you were traditionally doomed (with only a few exceptions).  Fans of Bryan were right to be worried.  Additionally, non-indie viewing WWE fans didn’t see anything special in Bryan.  They saw him as a boring, technical “vanilla midget” (thanks for the term, Kevin Nash) without the necessary charisma to succeed on national television.  This is clearly what management thought, too, as Miz famously cut a promo asking “where’s your personality? Where’s your charisma?” on Bryan.  The odds were firmly stacked against the newly Christened Daniel Bryan.

Bryan was sent straight to NXT – then in its reality show incarnation.  You would think this would be a bad thing for Bryan but actually, it benefited him.  Everyone knew what Bryan was capable of in the ring and the reality concept of NXT allowed Bryan to show off his wonderful personality.  If you have ever seen a Daniel Bryan interview outside of the WWE, you will know that he is a genuine, naturally likely guy.  His charisma is contagious and you can’t help but smile along with him.  Therefore, Bryan on NXT surprisingly worked – and gave us the first-ever instance of a wrestler declaring “I am not the biggest fan of capitalism” on national television.
Daniel Bryan Has Done More For Smaller Wrestlers Than Anyone
Being the smaller guy in a world of giants benefited Daniel Bryan perfectly.  Despite the big guys of the WWE looking different to any guy you’d see on the street, Bryan looking like someone you’d meet on the street made him stand out in the WWE.  In 2020, there are plenty of smaller guys booked strongly in the WWE and outside (such as AEW).  This is largely with thanks to Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, for their work in the early 2010s.  Two smaller, students of the game who managed to succeed overwhelmingly in the WWE.

Yes, whereas Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero‘s title-winning exploits at WrestleMania XX are often pointed at as the shift to smaller workers but it really wasn’t.  The likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Triple H, etc. still dominated the second half of the decade.  Therefore, though a uniquely memorable WrestleMania moment, it didn’t have the legacy.  Rey Mysterio perhaps deserves similar credit to Bryan and Punk for surviving in the world of giants longer than anyone.

The reason why Bryan deserves the most credit is simple: no one achieved the top prize in such spectacular fashion.  Daniel Bryan captured the hearts of fans in a way no other before him has.  He connected with the audience in such a unique and special way and then eventually captured the top prize in the company in the main event of WrestleMania.  He overcame three giants – Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton – in one night to achieve it.  It is this moment, perhaps more than any, that has led to smaller, indie workers going on to be world champions.  Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles, etc all have Daniel Bryan to thank for the WWE respecting their talents with World Championship runs.
The Legacy of Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan will have a lasting legacy within professional wrestling.  He will be remembered most notably as the immensely talented ring general who became the hottest thing in wrestling because of this talent and his natural likability.  Over time, however, he will be similarly remembered and recognized as being one of the main reasons why the big leagues of professional wrestling now lean more favorably towards smaller wrestlers.  Rightfully, he will be remembered as someone who genuinely loved the art of professional wrestling; a true student of the game who used those who came before to hone his own craft and become the best wrestler in the world for well over a decade.

Daniel Bryan has confirmed that his current run will be his last.  Normally, it is difficult to believe these kinds of statements from wrestlers.  Most tend to continue on long after their initial retirement plans are announced.  However, Bryan should be taken for his word.  He turns 40 next year; has already been forced into retirement through injury once before and is now a happily married father of two.  Bryan will never go away, however; he is still someone who lives and breathes pro-wrestling.  His wrestling oriented mind will benefit the WWE – or anyone else, for that matter – and bring a creative vision from the perspective of someone who loves professional wrestling.  Will Daniel Bryan be retired within two years? YES!  Will Bryan be remembered as arguably the greatest to ever lace a pair of wrestling boots? YES!
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Revolution Notebook: Carles Gil Has been The Catalyst Of Revs Success

Where would the New England Revolution have finished the 2020 MLS season with a healthy Carles Gil? Or better yet, would the Revs have gotten out of the play-in round without a healthy Gil? Back on August 6th, the Revolution Captain underwent surgery to debride his left Achilles Tendon in Spain with the recovery time expected to be three-to-five months. Gil was able to go thru rehab quick enough to be available for the final matches of the 2020 MLS season and get fit enough to make an impact in the post-season.

The 28-year-old had been dealing with the foot injury dating back to the preseason and truly wasn’t himself in the six regular-season matches he was able to appear in. This post-season however is a completely different story. The 2019 MLS Newcomer of the Year has shown that he is still the best playmaker in MLS with three assists and two goals in three post-season matches played. Gil has been directly involved in six of New England’s seven post-season goals thus far.

For the rest of MLS seeing an eight seed charge into the Eastern Conference Finals may come as bit of a shock. But the difference between New England’s disappointing regular season campaign and the post-season is Gil. Fellow DP Gustavo Bou who was also banged up late in the regular season has also seen an uptick following Gil’s return. Bou scored two goals in Sunday’s 3-1 win over Orlando City SC and is looking more and more like himself.

It is easy to envision the 2020 Revolution finishing as a way higher seed if Gil had been healthy but theoreticals’ at this point are pointless. The fact that Gil was able to rehab quick enough to get to the point where he can make an impact in post-season matches is impressive. There were no guarantees he would even be healthy enough to play at this point but the fact that he is has made all the difference for New England.

There are of course other reasons why New England has had success in the post-season. But Gil being back and healthy has taken the pressure off players like Bou and Adam Buksa and allowed them to thrive. Not to mention the goalkeeping of Matt Turner and defensive work from Andrew Farrell and Henry Kessler.

Tip Of The Cap To Tajon

It is tough to not talk about Tajon Buchanan when speaking about New England’s post-season run. The second-year player has been a spark for the Revs in the second half of 2020 and has proven himself a worthy MLS player.

“Tajon is a great character because he’s a quiet kid,” said Revolution Goalkeeper Matt Turner on Buchanan. “For example, nobody even knew this guy could do a backflip. When he scored last game and pulls out a backflip, you saw the surprise on Carles face, nobody had any idea. So I think that’s pretty funny and that’s just how he is. He’s quiet, he’s a great listener so he knows he’s young and it’s not his natural position so he just wants to learn. He’s done a really great job and I think he did excellent today, left it all out on the field until he cramped up and had to come off and then next-guy-up is Brandon Bye and I thought he did really well. Everybody played so well today and it was just a great performance for us and for our club’s history.”

On Sunday, Buchanan matched up with Nani, and boy did Orlando have trouble with that matchup. Nani’s unwillingness to track back on defense and Buchanan’s ability to push forward with forward-like skills caused Orlando defender Kamal Miller to decide between defending Gustavo Bou or Buchanan. That match-up caused a world of hurt for Orlando and led to the first two New England goals.

“Clearly, the two goals in the first half were the result of Tajon getting down the field on the right flank,” said Sporting Director and Head Coach Bruce Arena. “He was outstanding. Carles is always going to be Carles. Another very good game by Carles. And I thought Tajon did very well.”

Photo Credit: Conor Kvatek

Eastern Conference Final Matchup With Columbus Crew

This Sunday the Revolution will head to Ohio to face the Columbus Crew in the Eastern Conference Final. Kick-off is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. ET and the match will be broadcasted nationally on ABC. New England is 4-0-3 all-time in the playoffs against Columbus and 2-0-1 as the road team. The last time these original MLS sides met in the post-season was 2014 where the Revs won both the road and home matchups in the old playoff format.

Columbus defeated expansion side Nashville SC 2-0 on Sunday night to advance despite missing several starters due to COVID-19.
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Snowbird Car Shipping Guide

Snowbirds know how to live. While most of us are preparing for winter and the cold temperatures, slick roads, and grey skies that come with it, snowbirds are getting ready to escape to warmer climates. Some have a second home in a Southern state, others go wherever the mood (and weather) takes them.
Spending the winter someplace warm and then heading home in spring or summer has a lot of appeal. But it also creates some logistical challenges. As all experienced snowbirds know (and all new snowbirds learn) moving your life across the country twice a year comes with hurdles. One that almost all snowbirds contend with is the issue of transportation.
Here’s the dilemma: If you’re going to spend months someplace, you will want to have a vehicle at your disposal, particularly when that destination is filled with picturesque places and must-see events/attractions. However, it may not be feasible or desirable to drive your own vehicle to your winter home (and back again), and renting a car for months on end doesn’t look any better. Your best option is to have your own car, something you know and like, to drive during the winter, but how do you get it there?
We will answer that question in this comprehensive guide. If you’re a snowbird (or planning to become one) and need options for travel and transport, they’re more abundant than you may realize. Discover how easy it is to live the snowbird lifestyle from the driver’s seat of your own make and model.

Quick Basics About Snowbirds
We will be using the term snowbird a lot in this guide, so it helps to establish some basic definitions. A snowbird is someone who spends the warmer months someplace north and then heads south for the winter. When do snowbirds go south? The migration typically starts the day after Thanksgiving, but some people opt to go earlier, and the trend continues until as late as the third week in January. The period of snowbirds going back north begins around the beginning of April and continues through the end of May. Keep in mind that these are broad generalizations. Anyone who splits their time between two homes (or more) qualifies as a snowbird.
The vast majority of people escaping the winters head to a state that enjoys year-round summer: Florida. Destinations throughout the state – from the panhandle through Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and all the way to the Keys – attract tens of thousands of snowbirds seeking exactly what the Sunshine State is famous for. Florida may be the most popular destination by a wide margin, but California, Arizona, and Texas also attract people seeking a respite from winter.
Regardless of your destination or schedule, the challenges of being a snowbird are largely the same. Transportation tops that list – but the solution is far simpler than people realize. One particular option makes it easy to get your car, truck, van, or SUV anywhere in the country at any time of year without you doing the driving.
Car Shipping for Snowbirds
Every year, thousands of snowbirds rely on auto transport companies and vehicle haulers to get their car from north to south and then do the reverse a few months later. People have lots of different reasons for choosing this option which we will outline soon, but the core value of auto shipping is the same for all: getting a vehicle from point A to point B without being the driver. Here’s why so many snowbirds ship instead of drive:

Travel Flexibility – With a vehicle hauler getting your car where it needs to go, you’re free to travel however you wish. Fly to your destination, take a train, rent a larger vehicle to handle luggage: it’s entirely up to you because you’re no longer bound to your own vehicle.
Time Savings – Depending on where you’re coming from, it can take days to get someplace like Southern Florida. Most people don’t want to spend that much time on the road and would rather reach their destination ASAP. Car transport makes that possible – spend a few hours in an airplane compared to a few days on the highway.
Cost Savings – An extended road trip can cost more than you expect factoring in gas, food, lodging, mileage, and any unexpected expenses along the road. In addition to saving on time (the most important currency for many snowbirds) auto transport can also save on travel expenses in some cases. In all cases, the cost of shipping is comparable to the cost of driving yourself.
Safety and Equity – The road is a dangerous place, and every mile you put on your odometer reduces the value of the vehicle a little. Car transport solves both problems. Your vehicle is well protected on the back of a secure vehicle trailer driven by a professional who spends his life on the road. You can also get that vehicle from one side of the country to another without any of the wear and tear that would normally entail. Compared to the alternatives, auto shipping is what’s best for whatever your drive.

Tips for Successful Auto Transport
Snowbirds needing Florida car transport or some other form of vehicle hauling can do themselves major favors by following some insider advice. Make sure you have the most hassle-free experience possible with these tips:

Be Realistic – It’s important to realize that the snowbird season is also the busiest time of year for vehicle haulers. Tens of thousands of travelers need help from a limited number of auto haulers all within that same small window. Not surprisingly, competition can be fierce and setbacks are common. These outcomes aren’t inevitable, but they’re possible and something all snowbirds need to be realistic about.
Act Early – With so much competition for auto shipping in early winter and late spring, it pays to make arrangements early. As a general rule of thumb, you should put in place a backup plan (contact) before you need your car to arrive at your destination. Be flexible, too. Unless you’re willing to pay a premium price, you can’t guarantee your auto will have a spot on an auto trailer headed exactly where you want exactly when you want. Arrange for shipping no more than 10 days before you are due to depart.
Comparison Shop – The first auto hauler willing to take your shipment isn’t necessarily the best vehicle hauler willing to take it. Only work with haulers who are properly licensed and insured and have a clean track record. Beyond that, compare their rates and availability. During snowbird season you can’t be too selective, but you shouldn’t rush to book something either. Rely on Direct Express Auto Transport to quickly connect you with multiple appealing options.
Avoid Holidays- Like most people, car haulers take holidays off and may spend a prolonged period off the road around Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or other seasonal holidays. Around these holidays also tends to be the most popular time to travel, meaning that demand is especially high when supply is especially low. When possible, pick a time auto shipping a week or more away from major holidays.

How Much Does Auto Transport Cost?
The cost depends on a number of factors. First, when you decide to ship. When people first migrate south and during the period of snowbirds going back north, the cost of auto shipping is higher than at any point in the year because of simple supply and demand. Second, the make and model of your vehicle. In general, the bigger and more valuable the automobile you want to transport, the more it will cost. Finally, your schedule affects the cost. As with most types of shipping, the sooner you want a car picked up or dropped off the more it will cost. With all those caveats out of the way, the cost of snowbirds wanting Florida car transport or a similar service could be less than $1,000, much less in some cases. Compared to the amount of time you save plus the expenses you get to avoid by not driving, the cost of auto transport looks like money well spent to most snowbirds.
Should You Prepare Your Vehicle Before Shipping?
Even though your car will ride on the back of an auto trailer (or inside of an enclosed trailer if you’re willing to pay more for the added security), you need to get it ready for the journey. Spend an hour working through these steps a day or two before you plan to meet your vehicle hauler to hand over the keys.

Wash the Outside – Starting with a thorough wash of the exterior helps with the next few steps. It also means your car arrives at your winter home looking its best.
Inspect the Exterior – Walk around the exterior of the car looking for any dents, scratches, dings, or other exterior damage. It’s important to identify this damage early so that you don’t blame the car hauler for it later.
Take a Few Pictures – Photographing any damage you find on the exterior of the vehicle gives you something to reference if you feel your car was damaged in transport. Take quality photos from multiple angles.
Look for Leaks – Is your car leaking oil or any other fluids. If so, try to correct the problem before shipping. You will also want to record your odometer reading as a way to confirm your car hasn’t been driven more than necessary.
Get On Top of Maintenance – You want your vehicle in perfect running order when it arrives at its destination. Before handing it over to the hauler, top off all fluids, make sure the battery has a full charge and the tires are properly inflated. Finally, leave only about a quarter tank of gas in the car because unnecessary gas adds extra weight.
Secure the Exterior – Remove anything from the exterior like bike and luggage racks or decorative flags. Fold in the side mirrors if possible, close the sunroof, and secure anything else on the exterior that could damage the car  or something around the vehicle.
Empty the Interior – Similar to the exterior, you don’t need to get the car interior spotless, but you should remove any personal objects, particularly anything electronic or valuable. These personal items could move around in transport and cause damage, or they could attract thieves. Get the interior as clean and empty as you want it to be upon arrival.
Deactivate Auto Subscriptions – If you pay for toll access or parking that you won’t need while you’re living in another state, make arrangements to cancel/suspend the subscription while you’re gone. Remove toll tags so that you don’t accidentally accrue fees along the way.
Keep the Essentials – The less clutter the better inside your vehicle, but don’t remove anything essential: the spare tire, the tire changing tools, the license plate etc.
Note Anything Unusual – The auto hauler will drive your car very briefly on and off of the trailer. Write down any mechanical problems the vehicle has or other quirks the driver may need to be aware of.

Where Do I Go for Car Shipping?

Snowbirds understand better than most how beneficial car shipping can be compared to the alternatives. What may be less clear is how to find experienced, trustworthy car haulers to work with. Arranging auto shipping used to mean calling every company in the area until, hours later, you had enough info to compare options. Now, thanks to Direct Express Auto Transport, that same process takes about a minute.
As far back as 2004, we invented the Internet’s very first online car shipping quote calculator. You enter a few basic details about your pickup and drop off location, what you want to ship, and when. One click later, you receive a list of available vehicle haulers along with their rates and earliest pickup time – the exact info you need to quickly select the best choice.
Direct Express Auto Transport has been an innovator and leader in auto transport for more than 17 years. We’ve also become a partner to snowbirds across the country who rely on us to broker transport every year at the start and end of the season. For all things auto transport, rely on Direct Express Auto Transport.
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Connelly’s Top Ten – Hoyer Wins This Game by Two TD’s (Media Stop Protecting Cam)

1. Patriots vs. Cardinals 


* Moncrief returning kicks – Yea!

* Not good when the announcer says, “The Patriots have to match Arizona’s emotion”

* If Blandino isn’t going to call out officials when they are wrong – then get the F off the TV


* Laughable and almost censure worthy for media members (Gasper) to even suggest bringing back Cam – I get it – he’s a good guy  – I’m being nice saying this – bottom three in NFL passing the ball, bottom three reading defenses, bottom half in mobility

* Cam missed open receivers all day (9 completions / 2 interceptions / 3 sacks)

* Painful to watch him throw short (screen high to White)

* So slow getting out of the huddle

* On the first series, the play by play announcer was calling blitz before Cam identified the pressure  


* Bill – blue windbreaker / blue visor

* Bob Kraft sighting with 3:30 left in third quarter 


* McDaniel running Harry end around and pitching Harris both to the left with statue #72 Eluemunor was censure worthy

* Someone tell McDaniel – John Hannah is not on the left side

* Nice design on James White TD 

* Nice lead blocking by Johnson

* Harry another penalty / another drop / Missed crack back block – just cut him and give Moncrief a chance 

* Patriots are so weak at wide receiver that Arizona committed future hall of famer Patrick Peterson to shadow undrafted Meyers

 * Why Gunner on end around – isn’t Zuber or Moncrief better? 


* Love the defensive scheming to bring some pressure and force Murray to throw and duck

* Jonathan Jones – catch the ball please

* Some guy named Bryant is playing linebacker/safety at 5’9″

* Winovich nice disciplined game setting the edge – maybe his best game

* Patriots slow to react to backfoot throws hanging in the air 

* Lawrence Guy is an All Pro

* Duggar is special running sideline to sideline

* Adam Butler great game STATS 

* If you broke down Jakobi Meyers last six games and you calculated them over 16 games – 93 receptions / 1,162 yards

* Folk hasn’t missed a kick since September 20th

* Touches – Harris 14 / White 6  


* Official should be fined for the peel-back block penalty on Jennings – officials did something that changed the complexion of the game 

* The Gillette DJ should have had a mock cheer for the call on Peterson for illegal hands

* Ernie Adams wrong on the challenge 

* Nice Special Teams day

* Kyler Murray looked grumpy (shoulder limitations probably)

* Sadly Jake Bailey is the team MVP / Folk second 

* Isiah Wynn has to stay on the field

* Pam Oliver not her best effort (hello your microphone is on) 

2. Around the NFL 

* 50/50 chance the season continues after this weekend

* $350,000 fine for Patriots for Covid – their annual donation to the Goodell fund

* Tampa will run the table to end the season 11-5 / now and have to win three playoff games on the road to get to Super Bowl

* Is it un-Christen of me to wish that Tyreek Hill broke his leg on his back flip into the end zone?

* Denver playing a non QB is like the replacement officials in the Bruins-Hartford Whalers playoff game 

* KC got lucky that Tyreek Hill didn’t hit the female official when she make a procedure call on the past domestic abuser (strangulation / punched pregnant girlfriend in the stomach) 3. Around College Football

 * BC recruiting – Last five years average ranking under Adazzio – 68 / First year for Hafley 31st

* BC most wins in ACC since 2009 with 5 – Hafley off to Michigan?

* U Mass football outscored this year 161-12 (thats not a Connelly typo) – 1-17 the last 18 games

* Jaret Patterson from University of Buffalo Saturday – 409 yards / 8 TD (one game)  4. New England Revolution on to the Championship 

* Three Orlando players putting their hands on official with only one yellow card makes the MLS look like amateur hour

* Nice day for the Krafts

* Coach Bruce Arena under-rated career 

5.  After Bob Wolfe and Red Auerbach finished negotiating Larry Bird’s contract ($650,000 a year for five years) – Wolfe came back and said, “One more thing – if Bird makes the All Star team – I want Larry to get a bonus.”. Red went red and yelled – “I’m signing him for that much money he better make the All Star team!” Red then ripped up the contract ($40 million a year Tatum better make All Star team every year or donate $5mm to the Boston Bullpen Project) 

6. Before Kelly T.L. calls me out for not mentioning – Sarah Fuller first woman to play college football – Size of female kicker Sarah Fuller compared to Vanderbilt’s regular kicker Pierson Cooke 

* Pierson Cooke – 6’0″ / 194 lbs

* Sarah Fuller…….6’2″ / don’t note weight – not gentlemanly 

7. Amazing Stats – Evolution of punting for Patriots 

* Al Herline – 1987 – Average punt……34.4 yards

* Jake Bailey – 2020 – Average punt…47.2 yards 

8. Old School – Cam meet Tommy Hodson who had Cam like weeks in back to back games in 1991 for Patriots: * Cam Sunday – 9-18 // 84 yards // 0 TD to 2 INT / 23.6 rating

* 9/08/91………..12-26 / 95 yards // 0 TD to 2 INT / 23.7 rating 

* 9/15/91………..11-24 / 114 yards / 0 TD to 2 INT / 25.3 rating 

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Terms and stuff kids today wouldn’t understand: 

* Dibs

* I hosey

* Buck up

* Choose sides

* “Car”

* Game on

*  One Mississippi

* “Blitz!!”

* Catch it out of the trees

* Invisible runner

* Peg the runner

* Two hand tag

* Red Rover – Red Rover

 * Relievio 

10. Randomocity 

* The punk responsible for the random attacks in Waltham is why the stocks in the town center were introduced in the first place 

*  On my list “What I’m Thankful for in Sports” – I had local announcers – I want to add Dan Davis and his great call of Flutie’s Hail Mary pass: “Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown Boston College – he did it!, he did it! Flutie did it!”

* If Gronk returned to Foxboro as a visitor – he would get booed like Vinatieri and Johnny Damon

* I wish I owned a Christmas light company

* I don’t need to see another piece of turkey for another year

* Hallmark channel should be sponsored by Velveeta for their cheesy Christmas shows 
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Revolution Advance To Eastern Conference Finals For First Time Since 2014

On the road with the most fans in attendance since 3/7/20 and taking on the fourth-ranked team in the East? Not a problem for the New England Revolution who defeated Orlando City SC 3-1 at Exploria Stadium on Sunday afternoon in Orlando. With the win, the Revs advance to the Eastern Conference Finals where they will play the winner of Nashville-Columbus. This will be New England’s first Eastern Conference Final appearance since 2014.

Orlando dominated possession for this entire match with all three of New England’s goals coming against the run of play. In the 17th minute, the Revolution were awarded a penalty kick after Tajon Buchanan was brought down in the box. Carles Gil buried the penalty to make it 1-0. In the 25th minute, the Revolution extended their lead with a shot from Adam Buksa going off the post and landing at the feet of Gustavo Bou who buried it.

During his goal celebration Bou, an Argentina native, ran over to the Argentina flag as a nod to the late Diego Maradona who passed away on November 25th.

“First of all I’m very happy to be in a final,” said Revs DP Gustavo Bou on the victory. “I’m really happy and proud of the team for all our efforts this year. We know that it was a very tough year for all of us, with many sacrifices. All our efforts this year are coming to fruition today. I’m very happy. I’m happy to be able to help my teammates get the win and I feel fortunate to have scored two goals. I’d also like to congratulate [Turner] because that was a decisive penalty kick in the final minutes. That helped give us some strength to finish the game the best way possible. I think everyone in the world of football was hurt and saddened by Maradona’s death. I wanted to pay homage to Maradona. I hope he sees it and I’m sure he saw it because he loved the sport. He’s a reason why a lot of people in Argentina love this sport as well.”

Revolution Goalkeeper Matt Turner Stands On His Head

Orlando got one back after a flurry of activity in front of the New England goal caused Matt Turner to come out of the net. Junior Urso scored the Orlando goal in the 33rd minute of play. Despite three first-half goals in the game the second half is where things got out of hand.

Orlando in the opening minutes of the second half saw yellow twice and then in the 60th minute, Mauricio Pereyra went studs up into Matt Polster and was shown a straight red card. Despite Orlando being a man-down the Revolution still couldn’t hold any sort of possession in the final 30 minutes of the match. New England’s lack of possession allowed Orlando to continue to put pressure on the Revolution defense.

Photo Credit: Conor Kvatek

In the 74th minute, the heart of many Revolution fans likely stopped for a minute when Nani stood over the ball and delivered a penalty kick for the Lions. But Matt Turner wasn’t having any of it. Turner read Nani all the way and made a diving save to his right to keep the game at 2-1 New England.

 “Just doing the homework,” said Matt Turner on the penalty save. “Doing your due diligence beforehand knowing the shooters, understanding their run-ups, knowing how long to wait, maybe some tell-tale signs of where they’re going to go, it’s all stuff you look at. On this particular one, you sort of did the homework, he’s taken a lot of penalty kicks this year so it’s all statistics and stuff like that. I picked my side early, went as hard as I could that way, made sure I kept my foot on the line, and made the save so it felt really nice.”

Following the Nani miss, Orlando was still able to out-possess the Revs but the against the run-of-play trend continued. In the 86th minute, the nail in the coffin was delivered by Bou. Carles Gil passed the ball to Buksa who went back to Gil who went to Bou for the goal. Bou picked up the brace and nutmegged Orlando City SC keeper Brian Rowe in the process.

Revolution DP’s Step Up, Orlando Didn’t Do Themselves Any Favors

At the end of the day, the Revolution’s best players stepped up for them. Bou had two goals while GIl had a goal, an assist, and helped set up the other goal alongside Tajon Buchanan. Matt Turner also stepped up after a rocky start to the match for the American keeper. Turner has now saved the last two consecutive penalty kicks that have been taken by opposing teams.

Photo Credit: Conor Kvatek

Orlando had their fair share of chances in this match with headers simply missing and a lack of overall professionalism from the team with unwarranted spikes up challenge paired with hands being laid on the official multiple times. Despite Orlando continually shooting themselves in the foot they were right there with the Revolution who were inept in their possession of the ball. Don’t get me wrong, this is a massive win. But there is still a lot of room for improvement in this Revolution team.

 “The heat had something to do with it,” said Sporting Director and Head Coach Bruce Arena on the team struggling to maintain possession. “It was warm out there for the players, for sure, and they’re a good team. They were very aggressive. We didn’t do a good job keeping the ball, that simple. At times where maybe we didn’t have the advantage, we thought we should’ve just kept the ball and we gave it away too easy.”

A Look Ahead

The Eastern Conference Finals will take place next Sunday at 3:00 p.m. This will be New England’s first Eastern Conference Final appearance since 2014. For Bruce Arena, he has coached the Revs to the Eastern Conference Finals in his first full season at the helm and it is really a product of COVID-19.

New England had a very disappointing regular season and their eighth-place finish would have caused them to miss the playoffs in any other season. In fact, if MLS had the same rules as they did to start the 2020 league calendar year the Revolution would have never made it into the playoffs.

Why the Revolution have been successful in the post-season versus their failure in the regular season is simple. Carles Gil is fully healthy and when he is on the field the Revolution are a completely different team. How far the Revs can go is up to Gil. Either way, have to like their chances against either Nashville or Columbus who are both far from perfect sides.
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Jacob Fatu is the Next Big Thing

Over the past few decades, the Anoa’i Family has surged to the forefront of professional wrestling.  After all, this is a family that has produced the likes of The Rock, Roman Reigns, The Usos (Jimmy and Jey), Umaga and Rikishi, just to name a few.  It is also a family that somehow continues to keep giving professional wrestling certified stars.  The aughter of Dwayne, Simone Johnson, is going to be a big star when she reaches the main roster of the WWE – it is a guarantee.  Sefa Fatu, younger brother of the Usos and son of Rikishi, is another potential breakout star.  Potentially the biggest talent of the next generation, however, is the Samoan Werewolf, Jacob Fatu, who recently returned to action with the MLW restart.
Establishing a Name Outside of the WWE
Jacob Fatu is the son of Sam Fatu, also known as the Tonga Kid.  Just like his father – and pretty much all of the Anoa’i family – Jacob boasts a freakish combination of power, size, agility, and sheer talent.  This has led to Jacob shining in promotions across the United States, most notably for Major League Wrestling (MLW), where he is the current MLW World Heavyweight Champion (512 days running, as of writing).  In MLW, he is the top dog; a tremendous heel who possesses a monster aura rarely seen in wrestling nowadays.  Jacob Fatu is the kind of wrestler you would fear to be trapped in a room with because he carries himself like a star – and he can quite easily back it up, too.

In short, Jacob Fatu is a 284lbs killing machine – his Samoan Werewolf moniker is entirely justified.  It’s not just a nickname; it is who he is and he demonstrates that time and time again.  He is a brute of a man who boasts a combination of brawling, powerhouse, and even aerial maneuvers (such as his multiple moonsaults).  Recently, Fatu did something unexpected and signed a new five-year contract with MLW, putting an end to speculation he was on his way to the McMahon Empire.  Some have even been upset by this, struggling to comprehend why someone with the raw talent and potential of Fatu would limit himself to the “minor leagues”.  At the core of it, this is a wise, mature decision by Fatu which will benefit him long term.
Jacob Fatu Does Not Need the WWE
Truth is, Jacob Fatu doesn’t need the WWE.  Fatu is the King of MLW and, whereas MLW isn’t exactly a competitor for the WWE, he is building quite the name for himself whilst simultaneously building up MLW.  He is the main heel and even has a top face of similar quality in Alexander Hammerstone to feud with.  He has Contra Unit, the MLW Heavweight Championship, the big money, five-year contract necessary to continue building.
If he were to go to WWE now, it might not be so straight forward.  The WWE already has its top dog, Samoan badass of a heel in Roman Reigns.  Whereas Fatu would quite easily fit into the Samoan family faction on SmackDown (with Jimmy and Jey) as the group’s muscle, Fatu could be leading a faction.  Five years from now, when his MLW contract ends, chances are Roman Reigns has followed cousin Dwayne into Hollywood, freeing up a spot for the next big Samoan star in the WWE.

[email protected] wanted to bring the FIGHT to CONTRA, and the MLW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu (@SAMOANWEREWOLF) made him PAY for it!#MLWFusion on @beINSPORTSUSA | #TheRestart
— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) November 22, 2020

With the recent MLW Restart teasing the long-awaited feud between Hammerstone and Fatu, there is much to be excited about.  This is a feud that will define the company’s success, as these are the two guys handpicked to carry MLW in their respective roles.  Both men are certified stars, both in looks and inability. Therefore, this has the potential to be a breakout feud for both.  Additionally, Fatu has already beaten some big, renowned names in professional wrestling – such as John Morrison.  Therefore, it is clear that his peers also see the potential in Fatu and are more than happy to put him over when the opportunity presents itself.
Too Good To Keep Down

Jacob Fatu is the next big thing in professional wrestling and it doesn’t matter whether he breaks out this year or in five years, when his MLW contract ends.  Fact of the matter is, a guy of Fatu’s calibre is destined to succeed.  It is extremely rare for a wrestler to be the complete package.  The look, the physique, the ability, the promos, and even his general personality; it all makes for one mean Samoan destined to succeed, whether that be in MLW, the WWE, or anywhere else.  More championships will come over the next five years and the Samoan Werewolf will continue building his name so that, when he does move on from MLW, his next promotion knows exactly how hot of a commodity they have.  For his opponents’ sake, it’s best to hope he doesn’t catch a full moon.
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Raiders Vs. Falcons Live Stream: Watch NFL Week 12 Game Online, On TV

The Las Vegas Raiders ave a prime opportunity in front of them to further their case for a postseason berth.

Derek Carr and Co. will travel to Atlanta for a meeting with the Falcons on Sunday.

Las Vegas, which has a 6-4 record, very much is in the hunt this postseason. The Falcons, though chock full of talent on the offensive side of the ball, love to throw games away and sit at 3-7 so far this season.

Here’s how to watch online:

When: Sunday, Nov. 29, at 1 p.m. ETTV Channel: CBSLive Stream: FuboTV | CBS All Access

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Romain Grosjean’s Car Explodes, Rips In Half At F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

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A miracle took place Sunday at the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix.

French driver Romain Grosjean was involved in a terrifying wreck on Lap 1 that saw his gar engulfed in flames and ripped in half. The crash occurred as Grosjean and other drivers entered Turn 3 at Bahrain International Circuit.

Grosjean somehow survived the crash. Haas F1 Team principle Guenther Steiner later revealed the 34-year-old suffered minor burns as well as a rip injury.

Here’s video of the crash:

My God the crash of Grosjean turning into fire.He is safe and already rescued— Tancredi Palmeri (@tancredipalmeri) November 29, 2020

And here are photos of the wreckage:

Romain Grosjean was on the other side of the wall after half of his car went through the steel barrier.Thank God for the halo.— Nick Bromberg (@NickBromberg) November 29, 2020

Romain Grosjean miraculously managed to survive this fiery crash that left his Formula 1 car in half. Unbelievable— Igor Mello (@SuperIgor) November 29, 2020

F1’s “halo” safety device was controversial upon its introduction, but it has proven its effectiveness. Without it, there’s a chance Grosjean would not have survived Sunday’s crash.

The Bahrain Grand Prix was held under red flag delay for an extended period of time after Grosjean’s wreck.

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Jets Vs. Dolphins Live Stream: Watch NFL Week 12 Game Online, On TV

Both the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are in search of a win, and one team will get that in Week 12.

The two teams meet Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium. New York is coming off a 34-28 loss to the Los Aneles Chargers, while Miami lost to the Denver Broncos in Week 11.

The Dolphins took their first game against the Jets this season in Week 6 with a 24-0 win.

Here’s how to watch Jets versus Dolphins:

When: Sunday, Nov. 29, at 1 p.m. ETTV Channel: CBSLive Stream: FuboTV — free trial

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