Connelly’s Top Ten – And the Beat Goes On

1. Red Sox stuff

* The breaking pitch by Zach Godley to Aaron Judge on his home run Saturday was the worst in Major League history

* JBJ gets a lot of respect – he gets start versus lefty – Jackie Bradley .233 lifetime versus left handers / Verdugo .309 versus lefties

* What Friday in December will the Red Sox send a press release at 5:00 PM announcing the return of Alex Cora?


2. Around Major Leagues

* Tough to watch Mookie Betts running bases and throwing runners out

* Did some baseball players come back with the intention to pull a Judge Smails early and go out with “injury” getting their service and pension time?

* Blake Snell – lost this week – this is karma

* Craig Kimbrel – he turned down big Red Sox offer and now can’t get anyone out with Cubs ERA 7,77

* Computer generated fans are pretty good on Fox

3. Larry Bird’s 60 point night versus Hawks 3/12/85

* 21-31 two point field goals

* 1-4 three point field goals

* 15-16 from free throw line

4. Do we give Andrew Benintendi too much credit because his swing is pretty – he is a lifetime .274 hitter who else in Red Sox history hit .274: Rick Burleson, Jason Bay, Johnny Peacock, Juan Beniquez, Vic Wertz, Mike Stanley , Dwayne Hosey, Otis Nixon, Del Gainer

5. Charlie Coyle winning 7th player award is not good news after he signed a $32mm contract – that used to be won by the Gary Doaks of the team

6. Going back in time – should there be an investigation into the baseballs in the London game last year Yankees – Red Sox when baseball was showcasing the game to an international audience:

* 30 Runs

* 38 hits

* 10 doubles / 6 home runs

* 422 pitches

7. Old School – In 1973 and 1974 Nolan Ryan threw 72 complete games combined

8. Amazing Stat – In 2011 and 2012 Wes Walker was targeted 347 times in 32 games – 10.9 a game 

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Sagamore and Bourne Bridges built 1933 to 1935

10. Randomocity

* This weekends hike – Old North Bridge in Concord – nice spot to kayak up to as well

* Trying to turn Potsie cool was ridulous

* Over-rated – Shakespeare

* Chicago in July – a person was shot every 75 minutes of the entire month
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