Connelly Top Ten – I’m Opting In for the Top Ten:

Speaking of the Red Sox nose diving – during Spring Training in 1978, tight-roper Karl Wallender almost fell on Red Sox players outside their hotel in Puerto Rico – the Great Wallender not great on that day – died

Average game time so far 3:14 (6.5 Seinfelds)On a pace to be 20-40Running Red Sox – one stolen base first 6 gamesEovaldi win on opening day gives him and Sale a combined 9 wins since they signed combined $230,000,000 in contracts after 2018

The Patriots losing multiple players to the “opt out” on Tuesday reminded me of the last exhibition game in 1978 when defensive starters Ken Simms, Garin Veris and Ronnie Lippett all suffered season-ending injuries.NHL’ers playing in August reminds me of the 1972 Summit Cup between Canada and Russia in which Paul Henderson scored series clincher in Game 8.

Top Five goals in hockey history:


Paul Henderson – 1972Eruzione – 1980Lemuiex Canada Cup – 1987Bobby Orr flying goal – as much for its aesthetics – 1970Maple Leaf Bobby Bauer in Game Six of 1964 Stanley Cup – comes out of the locker room after breaking his ankle to score the winner in overtime

If the NFL started Martin Luther King weekend – dome and warm stadiums could host first month.

Domes – Atlanta, Indy, Dallas, Green Bay (Miller Park), Vegas, New Orleans, Detroit, Houston, Minnesota, Chicago, ArizonaWarm Locales – LA, San Fran (somewhat), Miami, Tampa, Tennessee?, Jacksonville, CarolinaCold sites – Patriots, Jets, Giants, Buffalo, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cindy, Denver, Washington, Philly, Seattle

Patriots had 654 solo tackles last year / 273 of those tackles (42%) were by defenders no longer on their rosterPatriots running wild on Colts in postseason:

2004 – Antowain Smith…..22 carries / 100 yards (4.55)2005 – Corey Dillon……….23 carries / 144 yards (6.26)2015 – LeGarrett Blount…30 carries / 148 yards (4.93) / 3 TD2014 – LeGarrett Blount…24 carries / 166 yards (6.92) / 4 TD

Old School – Yaz from September 3, 1967 through Game 7 1967:

31 Games47-111 (.423)12 HR / 30 RBI / 25 Runs

Amazing Stat – Staying on 1967 – World Series Game 2:

Jim Lonborg winning pitcher 5-0On three days rest35,188 fans at FenwayOne hitter on 93 pitchesOne hit with two outs in 8thGame time 2:24Yaz two home runs / four RBI

Just a Little Bit Outside – Covid

Again from a guy who shouldn’t be allowed to drive by MIT – going into the 9th month of Covid – smartest people in the world have 17,000,000 case studies to draw upon (665,000 deaths) – I would think with unlimited resources (money / technology) and smart people would figure this thing out – but they seem to have no clue of how to cure this, stop this, etcI presume players could opt back in during the seasonHey Randy Newman take this – new study out that tall people more likely of catching Covid

Randomocity –

Grassy Knoll – I think Joe Kelley had this whole suspension planned out for months. This plan included his video of breaking the window. He gets his service time but reduced his throwing and exposure by 13% of the season by this suspension*PGA should own prime time TV with events five days a week – Long Drive competition, Skins, anythingTwo decent crime series – Outcry – Showtime / I’ll be Gone in the Dark – HBOR.I.P. Lou Williams dad – your son honored you with his post-funeral strip joint visit
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