Connelly’s Top Ten – Memorial Day Weekend

In honor of Memorial Day – Red Sox player Sy Rosenthal (from Fenway 1946)

From Dorchester – considered to be five tool player before hurting ankle in minor leaguesPlayed from 1925 to 1926Lost his son in World War II in the PacificHeartbroken – he joined the war to avenge his son’s death at age 42Clearing mines for the Normandy invasion his ship exploded – he was paralyzed for lifeShould be a plaque for him at Fenway

Patriots vs. Jets – 2010 season – two games played in Foxboro within six weeks of each other.

12/6/10 – Pats 45-3 / Brady 4 TD – 0 INT / Sanchez 0 TD – 3 INT1/16/11 – Jets 28-23 / Brady 2 TD – 1 INT / Sanchez 3 TD – 0 INT


Best local postseason players ranked

Tom BradyDavid OrtizAdam VinatieriLarry BirdSam JonesBill Russell – rebounds playoffs 24.87Phil Esposito – 71 games / 102 pointsCedric MaxwellDeion BranchBarry Peterson – 34 games / 52 points

Golf Match –

Strange to see Tom melt under the challenge / though holing it out from the fairway after Barkley roasted him was vintage Tom.Tiger in great shapePeyton was funny / Tom wound tightI presume those Audi’s the players got out of were leased and not the players they showed the license plates

David Ortiz’s first year with Red Sox – 2003:

April, May, June…..4 Home runsJuly, Aug, Sept……27 Home runs

Leading scorers of local colleges – hockey:

SCHOOL…NAME……..YEARS…GAME..G……A…..PTSBC………..David Emma (87-91)…147….112…127….239Harvard…Scott Fusco (81-86)…..123….107…133…240BU………..John Cullen (83-87)…..160…..98….143…241

Amazing Stats – Roger Clemens two 20 strikeout games:

4/29/86 – Seattle.138 pitches / 97 strikes…(70.2%)/ 20 K – 0 BB / 3 hits9/18/96 – Detroit..151 pitches / 101 strikes (66.8%)/ 20 K – 0 BB / 5 hits

Old School – If you take Steve Cedorchuk off the list – Boston College hockey has had three coaches since 1949:

Snooks Kelley..1949-1972Len Ceglarski…1972-1990Jerry York………1992-2020

Just a Little Bit Outside – 2017 auction of Paul Newman’s watch:

Rolex Daytona 1968Given to him by Joanne WoodwardInscription – “Drive Carefully”Bidding started at $1mmBidding ended at $17,792,500


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