Here’s What NHL Is Looking For In Potential Host Cities For League Return

The National Hockey League is getting its ducks in a row for a potential return.
It’s told its players to think about returning to their team’s markets, as facilities could be open mid-to-late May, and the NHL is considering an interesting playoff format if it can’t get the regular season in.
According to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, nine to 12 teams are bidding to host the league as it looks for a plan to bring hockey back. Here is what the NHL will be looking for when deciding:
The criteria to win a bid is largely based on how the city has been affected by COVID-19, which leaves out the teams in New York or New Jersey. The Governor of California has also made it clear he is not in favour of pushing ahead with sports.
In Canada, Edmonton and Winnipeg would be far ahead of everyone else, based on a variety of reasons. Ottawa has had less COVID-19 cases than most major Canadian cities, but lengthy bus trips to the Kanata-based arena are seen as an issue. In Edmonton there are enough hotels within a two-block radius of Rogers Place, as well as a practice rink attached to the complex.
Columbus’ arena district is also considered a model. Bids are considering approaching restaurants near arenas that are currently closed to serve as “inside the bubble” restaurants for NHL personnel.
Other leagues are planning their returns, as well.
The NBA apparently is considering playing out some of its season at the Disney World Campus in Orlando, Fla., and Major League Baseball reportedly is restructuring its divisions in order to keep teams in their own ballparks for a late-June return.
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PawSox Games At McCoy Seem Unlikely In 2020

On Wednesday Rhode Island Governor (D) Gina Raimondo dealt a body-blow of sorts to the prospects of playing baseball at McCoy Stadium this Summer. During her daily COVID-19 press conference the second-term governor made a comment regarding events taking place this summer.

“If you’re planning a very large summer gathering — a 4th of July parade, large musical festival, huge cultural event with hundreds and hundreds of people — you won’t be able to have those events in Rhode Island this summer in person,” said Raimondo. 

This comment isn’t exactly shocking as PawSox games were always going to be one of the last things to come back. On top of that, MLB has to get their house in-order before Triple-A baseball returns. While all the talk has been what is going to occur to the 2020 MLB season it wouldn’t be shocking to see prospect games played at Spring Training facilities at some point in 2020. That being said, probably no fans in attendance.

So what does this mean for the future of the PawSox and McCoy Stadium. Well, Triple-A Pawtucket will become Triple-A Worcester next season but that plan may be delayed. Earlier this week there was a report saying nothing has officially changed with the Polar Park timeline but with construction already nearing a month of being shut-down and no re-start in sight it is more probable than not the ballpark doesn’t get done for Opening Day 2021 (if there is one).

So for the moment, the future of McCoy and the PawSox hang in the balance. But to be fair, that is true in regards to every sports franchise and league in the world.
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New England Patriots All-Decade Team Revealed

The New England Patriots have announced their 2010s All-Decade team as we close the book on the 2010s and move into the 2020 NFL season. The team was selected by a 27-person panel made up of reporters, Patriots Alumni, and staff. Overall there are 29 positions including 12 offensive players, one flex player, 12 defensive players, one kicker, a punter, one returner, one special teamer, and a coach.

Key Takeaways:

Julian Edelman listed for two positions 16 of the 28 players were unanimous Five of the members were also apart of the 2000s all-decade team: Tom Brady, Logan Mankins, Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork, and Bill Belichick. Six were apart of the Pro Football Hall of Fame all-decade team: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Logan Makins, Chandler Jones, Stephen Gostkowski, and Bill Belichick

Overall it will be interesting to see what the next decade holds for the New England Patriots. Brady is no-more and it is unlikely the Patriots would have any of their current staff or players here for the next ten years. Incredibly interesting to see what the 2020s all-decade team looks like and what he seasons looked like in order to get there.


OT Nate Solder

OT Sebastian Vollmer

G Logan Mankins

G Joe Thuney

C David Andrews

TE Rob Gronkowski

WR Julian Edelman

WR Wes Welker

QB Tom Brady

RB James White

FB James Develin

Flex Danny Amendola


DE Chandler Jones

DE Trey Flowers

DT Vince Wilfork

DT Lawrence Guy

OLB Rob Ninkovich

OLB Kyle Van Noy

ILB Dont’a Hightower

ILB Jerod Mayo

CB Stephon Gilmore

CB Malcolm Butler

S Devin McCourty

S Patrick Chung


K Stephen Gostkowski

P Ryan Allen

RET Edelman

SPT Matthew Slater


Bill Belichick
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Why NHL Writer Believes David Pastrnak Has Bruins’ ‘Best Value Contract’

David Pastrnak has proven to a godsend to the Boston Bruins.
The Athletic’s Harman Dayal on Monday identified the right winger as the Bruins player who has the “best value contract” on the team. The six-year, $40 contract Pastrnak signed in 2017 seems like a bargain, now that the 23-year-old has cemented his place on the Bruins’ top line and blossomed into one of the NHL’s most feared goal scorers.
“After trading David Backes away, the Bruins’ cap management relative to the talent they’ve accumulated is maybe the closest you’ll find to perfect,” Dayal wrote. “They’ve got all their top players inked at significant discounts and have John Moore as the only regrettable deal on their books.
“Leading their group of excellent deals is David Pastrnak, who was on pace to hit 56 goals and 111 points this season at a ticket under $7-million annually. With three years left after this one to carry Pastrnak through his prime, he’s a contender for the best contract in the entire league.”
Pastrnak had tallied a league-leading 48 goals, and his 95 points were fourth-highest, when the NHL paused its season last month. The going rate for players who produce at that level is much higher than Pastrnak’s base salary, so there’s no doubt his contract represents great value to his team and no argument against NHL Network reporter E.J. Hradek’s months-old assertion the Bruins “hit the jackpot” by inking him to such a deal.
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Kendrick Perkins Shares Legendary Story About Kevin Garnett, Glen Davis

Kevin Garnett set the tone for the Boston Celtics, on and off the court.
Kendrick Perkins, who spent parts of eight seasons with Boston (four alongside KG), shared a legendary story on the latest episode of NBC Sports Bay Area’s “Runnin’ Plays” podcast. It centered around Garnett facing Glen “Big Baby” Davis in an arm wrestling match on the Celtics’ team plane during the 2007-08 season.
Allow Perkins to paint the scene:
All of the sudden, we went from basketball talk to who is the strongest to all of a sudden now, Big Baby and Leon Powe are arm wrestling for money. So they’re arm wrestling for money, and Big Baby beat Leon, right? So Big Baby stands up, he’s huffing and puffing. So KG’s kinda lookin’ at Big Baby and Big Baby’s lookin’ at him. And Big Baby ain’t said a word so KG’s like, ‘So what you saying?’ So Big Baby’s like, ‘What you mean?’ So KG’s like, ‘What you saying? You want some of this?’
Now, let’s stop for a second.
Davis, then a rookie, didn’t back down from the challenge. So, hats off to him. He certainly bit off more than he could chew, though, as Garnett’s competitiveness wasn’t something to mess with.
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Take it away, Perk:
So, they sit down at the table. Card game broken up. Everything. So they get into it. KG’s looking at him like this so Paul’s got his hand, and he said ‘Go.’ And Big Baby tries to go. He’s straining. So for like 10 seconds, KG’s just locked in and he’s like, ‘I ain’t goin’ nowhere, m-fer. I ain’t goin’ nowhere, m-fer. I ain’t goin’ nowhere, m-fer.’
And the all of a sudden, KG keeps going and keeps going and BOOM! He slams Big Baby. Stands up. Takes his shirt off. He’s in a full sweat and — might I tell you, when we was making those runs with the Celtics, right, we used to have fans that were traveling on the plane with us. It was like 15 fans. You could like win a trip to travel on a two-day road trip with the Celtics. Go to the game, stay in the hotel room. So, they’re on the planes.
So, KG wins. The music’s jamming. He stands up, takes off his shirt, he’s in a full-out lather. Might I tell you, the coaches had come up front to watch it, Doc (River) and all them. So, he wins, he stands up, he yells, ‘AHHHHHHHH! I’m the m-fing silverback in here. Who else wants some?’
We’ll venture to guess no one else wanted any of The Big Ticket in that moment, as Big Baby learned quite a lesson — the hard way.
And for those scoring at home, Paul Pierce predicted Garnett would win the arm wrestling match, according to Perkins, while everyone else expected Davis to continue his hot streak.
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Did 49ers Have Interest In Tom Brady? Kyle Shanahan Opens Up

Tom Brady joining his hometown team would have been a great story, but the hypothetical never really was close to coming to fruition.
The 49ers were labeled as a potential landing spot for Brady leading up to the start of NFL free agency. Aside from Brady’s potential interest in playing for the team he grew up rooting for, some thought San Francisco might consider a quarterback change following Jimmy Garoppolo’s mediocre performance in Super Bowl LIV.
During a recent appearance on The Athletic’s “The TK Show,” Niners head Kyle Shanahan acknowledged his team did briefly look into Brady earlier this offseason. But as Shanahan explained, it was more of San Francisco covering all of its bases, as the franchise ultimately decided it was happy with Garoppolo under center.
“All of a sudden, you hear arguably the greatest quarterback of all time is all of a sudden available, and there is a possibility that he could want to come to your team, and things like that,” Shanahan said, as transcribed by NBC Sports Bay Area.  “And when you hear that stuff, and it actually is realistic, for you not to look into it, to me, would be completely irresponsible. Once we realized and heard this could be realistic — this isn’t just talk — we looked into it all, especially with the respect we have for Tom and everything, and how great of a player he is. We looked into it to try to see if it would be better for our team this year and in the future. When we weighed it all together, we didn’t think it would.
“We felt great with where we were at, and kind of confirmed how we are with Jimmy.”
It’s tough to imagine Brady is dwelling on San Francisco not making a stronger pursuit. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers featured a higher-powered offense at the time Brady signed the dotted line, and the unit only grew stronger with the addition of Rob Gronkowski.
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Patriots Reveal All-Decade Team For 2010s; Here’s The Full Roster

The New England Patriots officially announced their All-Decade Team for the 2010s on Wednesday.
Headlining the group, which featured 12 offensive players, 12 defensive players and four specialists, were players like quarterback Tom Brady, wide receiver/punt returner Julian Edelman, tight end Rob Gronkowski, linebacker Dont’a Hightower, cornerback Stephon Gilmore and safety Devin McCourty.
The Patriots won three Super Bowls during the 2010s and played in two others. Of the 27 All-Decade honorees, only wide receiver Wes Welker and guard Logan Mankins failed to win a championship.
Bill Belichick, running unopposed, was selected as New England’s All-Decade head coach.
Here is the full roster:
QB: Tom Brady
RB: James White
FB: James Develin
TE: Rob Gronkowski
WR: Julian Edelman
WR: Wes Welker
FLEX: Danny Amendola
C: David Andrews
G: Logan Mankins
G: Joe Thuney
OT: Nate Solder
OT: Sebastian Vollmer
DT: Vince Wilfork
DT: Lawrence Guy
DE: Chandler Jones
DE: Trey Flowers
OLB: Rob Ninkovich
OLB: Kyle Van Noy
ILB: Jerod Mayo
ILB: Dont’a Hightower
CB: Stephon Gilmore
CB: Malcolm Butler
S: Devin McCourty
S: Patrick Chung
K: Stephen Gostkowski
P: Ryan Allen
Returner: Julian Edelman
ST: Matthew Slater
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Tom Brady Co-Signs Gisele Bundchen’s Inspirational Message On Instagram

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen apparently were feeling spiritual Tuesday afternoon.
Bundchen took to Instagram to offer a rather deep message — something she often does. And Brady, whose view on life has become more similar to Bundchen’s in recent years, mirrored her sentiments in the comments section.
Take a look:
“We cannot control what is happening around us. We can only control our reactions. Every moment we can chose to be more loving, more compassionate — to ourselves, to each other, and to our planet. We can choose to share a smile, or a loving thought, with someone, even from afar. Our thoughts and our words have immense power…let’s use them consciously, with extra kindness, so we create loving energy that touches everyone around us. ”

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We cannot control what is happening around us. We can only control our reactions. Every moment we can chose to be more loving, more compassionate – to ourselves, to each other, and to our planet. We can choose to share a smile, or a loving thought, with someone, even from afar. Our thoughts and our words have immense power…let’s use them consciously, with extra kindness, so we create loving energy that touches everyone around us. Não podemos controlar o que acontece ao nosso redor, só podemos controlar nossas reações. A cada momento podemos escolher ser mais amorosos, mais sensíveis com nós mesmos, uns com os outros e com o nosso planeta. Podemos optar por compartilhar um sorriso ou um pensamento amoroso com alguém, mesmo de longe. Nossos pensamentos e nossas palavras têm imenso poder. Por isso, vamos usá-los conscientemente para criar uma energia que tocará a todos os que estão ao nosso redor.
A post shared by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on Apr 28, 2020 at 7:13am PDT

And here’s Brady’s comment:
“Where your concentration goes, your energy flows, and that’s what grows.”

Deep stuff, guys. Real deep.
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Enjoy This Throwback Video Of David Ortiz Demolishing Ball In Tokyo Dome

We’re not going to beat around the bush: This is a story about David Ortiz absolutely destroying a baseball in 2004 at the Tokyo Dome.
The homer — which traveled an estimated 514 feet, according to then-Boston Globe reporter Gordon Edes — was hit during an exhibition game between All-Stars from Major League Baseball and Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball. Oh, and the game was played Nov. 6, 2004, a full 10 days after Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox broke some verkakte curse. Clearly, Ortiz wasn’t willing to sit back and relax after his legendary postseason heroics.
Anyway, take a look at this bomb:

Bruh, what are the dimensions of this park? This bomb had to be at LEAST 500 feet.
— Daveson Pérez (@davesonperez) April 28, 2020

If that were hit today, you know the accompanying tweets would be chock-full of all the emojis.
Shunsuke Watanabe, the submarining right-hander who gave up the home run, was rather impressed.
“It felt like he hit the ball almost twice the length of the stadium,” he said after the game, via Edes. “Since the count was 3-and-0, I knew I could not walk him, so I threw a fastball knowing he might hit it. I saw one of the greatest home runs in the world.”
That you did, Shunsuke.
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This List Of QBs Jameis Winston Now Is Making Less Than Is Just Absurd

The market for Jameis Winston was pretty slow to develop, and early on it became clear the only interest in him would be as a backup.
His search for a team officially ended Tuesday, with the ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback staying in the NFC South by inking a deal with the New Orleans Saints to back up Drew Brees.
Winston is playing on a one-year deal and seems to have a good attitude about the opportunity to learn from Brees — and he should. Brees’ last backup, Teddy Bridgewater, used the playing time he did get when the veteran signal-caller went down last season to play well and parlay it into a nice contract with the Carolina Panthers.
On Wednesday, it was reporteded that Winston’s base salary would be $1.1 million. That prompted Warren Sharp to dig up the list of QBs Winston now is making less than, and it’s pretty wild.

Jameis makes $1.1M this yr & slots at QB #52.
He makes less than these backups:
CJ BeathardDeShone KizerChad HenneJeff DriskelRyan GriffinChase DanielNate SudfeldMatt BarkleyNathan PetermanCooper RushColt McCoyMatt SchaubRGIIICase KeenumAJ McCarronMarcus Mariota
— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) April 29, 2020

For as mistake prone as Winston is, he is coming off a season where he had 33 passing touchdowns and still could be a mid- to low-tier starter.
But the irony in all of this is he probably would’ve stuck around in Tampa had Tom Brady not become available, and he all but certainly would’ve made more money than he is now.
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