Michael Chavis Shares Hilarious Story About Neighbor While Working Out

Michael Chavis has been keeping himself busy while Major League Baseball is on hold.
But apparently, so are his neighbors.
The Boston Red Sox infielder was getting his workout in outside, opting for some fresh air during the coronavirus outbreak. But he wasn’t prepared for what he saw while he was jump roping, and took to Twitter to share this hilarious anecodte.
Check it out:

So I’m working out outside today and while I was jump roping one of my neighbors decided to walk (slowly) to her mailbox completely naked while her husband was filming. I don’t know what that means exactly but what a journey this Coronavirus has taken us on.
— Chief Chavis (@MichaelChavis11) March 30, 2020

Maybe she was creating a video for TikTok. Or maybe the self-quarantine has gotten to be too much. Either way, Chavis had some questions:

You should be getting the story from them! I want to know too Pete! Question 1. Why didn’t you have any tanlines ma’am? Tanning beds have been shut down for a while now and that’s a fresh tan!
— Chief Chavis (@MichaelChavis11) March 30, 2020

We hope there’s a follow-up to this interesting saga as there appears to be more questions than answers.
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NESN Diary: The Worst March In Sports Is Over (And Other Random Thoughts)

Each day during the sports pause stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, NESN.com will publish a diary full of random thoughts, opinions, takeaways and other cool tidbits we’ve stumbled across in the absence of actual games. Because why not? We’re all in this together.
The longest month of March ever experienced is over.
OK… so there’s still one day left. But boy, what a month it’s been.
Sure, March tends to be one of the toughest months to endure each year, but 2020 definitely takes the cake. The majority of professional sports leagues in the United States have been put on hold while the COVID-19 crisis consumes the globe, leaving fans scraping around for some form of entertainment.
The NBA was first, indefinitely suspending its 2019-20 season nearly three weeks ago on March 11. The NHL paused its season less than 24 hours later, the same day Major League Baseball canceled the remainder of spring training and postponed Opening Day for the 2020 season. Even March Madness was canceled, perhaps the biggest blow of them all.
So, what can you look forward to sports-wise in April? There actually might be more than you think.
Luckily for NFL fans, the 2020 Draft will continue as scheduled — well, kind of. Though the draft no longer will be held in Las Vegas amid social distancing orders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the annual event will still take place (sans public events) from Thursday, April 23 to Saturday, April 25.
The WNBA Draft still is on, too. Teams will select players in the virtual draft come April 17, with top prospects taking part remotely to safeguard the health of all involved.
What’s more, the BIG3 is planning to hold a reality television-style tournament sometime in April, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Chris Haynes. Players will reside in a “large home” (which will include an on-site basketball facility) provided by the league during the seven-round event, with players’ every move being captured on camera “Big Brother”-style.
Players will be eliminated after accumulating three losses, with cash prizes awarded to the first-, second- and third-place individual winners. Any player that breaks quarantine will be eliminated “and removed from the premises,” as well. (It’s unclear when this will occur, however.)
It won’t be the action-packed April most fans are used to. But hey, it’s something. And if March has taught us anything, its to not take our wonderful world of sports for granted.
— Things in the Formula One Racing world just got a little strange.
Helmut Marko, head of driver development for Red Bull Racing, apparently considered intentionally infecting F1 drivers with the coronavirus as part of a COIVD-19 “camp.” (Seriously.)
Naturally, the plan was “not well received.” Yet Marko recently defended the idea:
“The idea was to organize a camp where we could bridge this mentally and physically somewhat dead time,” he said on Austrian television station ORF. “And that would be the ideal time for the infection to come. … That way they would be prepared whenever the action starts. And you can be ready for what will probably be a very tough championship once it starts.”
Big yikes.
— Chris Sale, meanwhile, celebrated his 31st birthday with a quick trip to the OR.
Don’t panic, though. The Boston Red Sox ace simply underwent the Tommy John surgery he was scheduled for Monday in Los Angeles, according to the team. Sale was informed he needed the surgery two weeks ago after continuing to struggle with the pain in his elbow that caused him to miss the end of the 2019 season.

LHP Chris Sale today underwent successful left UCL reconstruction (“Tommy John surgery”).
The procedure was performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache at the Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles, CA. #RedSox
— Red Sox (@RedSox) March 30, 2020

— On a much lighter note: Remember when Cam Neely was in “Dumb and Dumber”?
To refresh your memory, the Boston Bruins president portrayed “Sea Bass,” a hot-tempered trucker, in the classic 1994 flick. He had a little trouble with the movie’s famous bathroom scene, though.
“I kick the door open and I’m supposed to have this surprised look on my face,” Neely said on the “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast. “(Director): ‘Cut! Cam, can you get a little bit more of a shocked look on your face?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, OK.’
“Second take, third take, fourth take — now I’m freaking out. … So, I pulled Jim aside. I go, ‘Listen, Jim, please just bear with me — I’m really struggling here.’ He goes, ‘Ah, Cam, don’t worry about it. I’ve had some scenes that have taken 50 takes — just relax.’ Next take, I kick the door open and he’s mooning me, so they got the shot.”
Video Of The Day
Which Bruins teammate would Zdeno Chara not want to be quarantined with? Tuukka Rask.
And his reason why is downright hilarious.
“The way he farts… it’s awful,” Chara said during a Zoom call with other NHLers on Monday. “He likes his chicken wings. After (he eats) the chicken wings, I sit behind him on the bus — I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got to control myself sometimes.”

Zdeno Chara knows exactly which Bruins teammate he wouldn't want to be quarantined with. https://t.co/HHn3hZx7GO pic.twitter.com/tgXHDYRySS
— NESN (@NESN) March 30, 2020

Stat Of The Day
March 30 is a historic day in Boston Celtics history.
Larry Bird made C’s history with a 53-point night at the Boston Garden against the Indian Pacers 37 years ago. it was the most Bird scored in the old Garden, according to Boston Sports Info.

On this Date:
37 years-ago, Larry Bird scored 53 points in the Boston Garden against the Indiana Pacers.
That is the most points Bird ever scored in that historic building.#TheStatsCorner pic.twitter.com/3JIZ2zhaF8
— Boston Sports Info (@bostonsportsinf) March 30, 2020

Tweet Of The Day
Rask apparently isn’t the only NHL player people wouldn’t want to get quarantined with.
Colin White apparently isn’t the best chef in the world. According to Ottawa Senators winger Brady Tkachuk, the Hanover, Mass. native (shoutout to my hometown!) has a pretty limited palette, so getting quarantined with him probably wouldn’t be the best idea.
“He’s a great guy to hang out with, but I don’t think I could handle having steak and mashed potatoes for two weeks,” Tkachuk said Tuesday via video chat, per The Patriots Ledger’s Mike Loftus.

NHL video chat South Shore Shout-Out No. 2: #Sens Brady Tkachuk chirps @colinwhite37 (Hanover, Mass.) for inability to cook:"He’s a great guy to hang out with, but I don’t think I could handle having steak and mashed potatoes for two weeks."
— Mike Loftus (@MLoftus_Ledger) March 31, 2020

Revs And Patriots Step Up With Support For Massachusetts Military Support Foundation

On Monday night the New England Revolution along with the New England Patriots announced that the Kraft Family, New England Patriots Foundation, and the Revolution Charitable Foundation will be teaming up with the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation to provide meals to active duty military, veterans and their families who have limited access to food due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Volunteers will be putting together what they are calling “Vital Food Packages” that will contain non-perishable foods and nutritionist curated recipes with enough substance for two people over a 14-day period. Overall fifty thousand packages will be made which will help provide 1.4 million meals for military families throughout the region.

Following the creation of the kits, they will be moved to warehouses including one located at Gillette Stadium. Kits will start to be delivered on Tuesday, March 31 with volunteers picking up the packages to starting delivering to local families. The Gillette Stadium location will be open for military families to pick up on weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm until April 10th. This is apart of the Kraft families “Together while Apart initiative

Credit to the Kraft Family who are always one of the first to step up with charitable support for those in need. From our perspective here at Trifecta Sports the below links are to a few charitable initiatives that help support the local community.

Our friends at The Rebellion have launched a GoFundMe to aid Rebellion Members who are in need. Thus far they have raised $1.2k of their $5.0k goal. Revolution fans supporting Revolution fans.The Rhode Island Foundation has launched a COVID-19 fund that currently has $4 million in aid available to support local nonprofit organizations that are providing direct assistance to Rhode Islanders who are struggling as a result of COVID-19.Have a construction business or a surplus of N95 Respirator Masks or other critical medical equipment? R.I.’s Department of Health is asking for donations of equipment that is needed to help support their frontline healthcare workers.

Trifecta Sports is planning for a way to help small businesses in the area once things start to re-open. Stay tuned for more details.
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Red Sox Had No Other Players Test Positive For COVID-19 After Minor Leaguer’s Results

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world of sports to an abrupt halt as healthcare professionals work to get it under control.
Rudy Gobert was the NBA’s “patient zero” when he tested positive for the virus before teammate Donovan Mitchell’s test results came back positive, as well. Four players in the NHL have been confirmed to have COVID-19. And it recently made its way to Major League Baseball.
The Boston Red Sox announced March 24 a minor league player contracted the virus, prompting JetBlue Park to shut down for two weeks. And during a conference call Monday with chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom to discuss Chris Sale’s Tommy John surgery, he delivered some good news, via The Boston Globe’s Alex Speier.

Minor leaguer who was diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 is doing well, and there have been no other positive tests, said GM Brian O'Halloran.
— Alex Speier (@alexspeier) March 30, 2020

There’s no timetable for if or when the MLB season will resume. But it’s certainly reassuring to know no other player has been infected by COVID-19.
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Red Sox CBO Chaim Bloom Details Pitcher Chris Sale’s Tommy John Surgery

The Red Sox announced starting pitcher Chris Sale indeed would undergo Tommy John surgery March 19. But the procedure had yet to be scheduled.
Boston on Monday confirmed Sale underwent successful surgery that was performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache in Los Angeles after a two-week wait period. No other additional details were immediately available.
Chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom held a conference call Monday night to shed more light on the southpaw’s procedure, including a timetable for recovery.
“We don’t know exactly,” Bloom said, per MassLive’s Christopher Smith. “Typically you see around that 14-15 month range.”
Bloom also noted some pitchers can come back before that timeline or it could take longer.
Sale won’t be throwing for “a while,” Providence Journal’s Bill Koch reported, adding Bloom said most of the work early on in rehab has to do with “range of motion.”
“A lot of the early work is range of motion stuff and keeping the body conditioned,” he said, per Koch.
Major League Baseball currently is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. There’s no set date as to if and when we will see Opening Day be played.
What we do know is that Sale won’t be on the mound in 2020. He could be back as early as the end of May, or it could be after the 2021 All-Star break. Only time will tell how Sale’s recovery goes, but we’re sure he’ll be just as intense in his rehab as he is on the mound.
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NCAA Approves Added Year Of Eligibility For Spring Athletes After Cancelled 2020 Seasons

The NCAA Division I Council has voted to provide athletes playing spring sports an extra year of eligibility after the coronavirus cancelled the 2020 spring season.
The NCAA’s decision Monday will extend the eligibility of all student-athletes, not just seniors. Schools will be allowed to expand rosters to account for both incoming freshmen and seniors who were expected to leave this spring, forgoing current scholarship limits.
The waivers will be applied for student-athletes competing in spring sports like baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and track and field. The decision does not include winter sports like basketball, hockey, swimming and diving and gymnastics. Ultimately, it means basketball, hockey and other winter athletes who had their postseasons or NCAA Tournament appearances cancelled, unfortunately, will not have another chance.
“The Council’s decision gives individual schools the flexibility to make decisions at a campus level,” Division I Council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at the University of Pennsylvania, said in a statement provided by the NCAA. “The Board of Governors encouraged conferences and schools to take action in the best interest of student-athletes and their communities, and now schools have the opportunity to do that.”

DI Council grants waiver to allow additional eligibility for spring sport athletes whose seasons were impacted by COVID-19: https://t.co/v1zriEBDvR pic.twitter.com/g9BbOkmnt0
— NCAA (@NCAA) March 30, 2020

In terms of spring athletes electing to return, the NCAA will leave it up to each individual university to decide whether to grant seniors playing spring sports less or equal financial aid in the coming year.
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Former Celtic Isaiah Thomas Reminds Jaylen Brown Of This Awesome Prank

Monday was not just another day of social distancing. March 30 marked the anniversary of an iconic moment for Isaiah Thomas — one that dates back to his his time with the Boston Celtics.
Thomas put together two NBA All-Star seasons after he was sent to the C’s late in the 2014-15 season. His time in Boston was cut short when Boston brought in Kyrie Irving — a move that drastically changed the team dynamic.
The point guard has been vocal about how he’ll always love Boston after playing on four teams since the C’s traded him away prior to the 2017-18 season. And the memories he created with the Celtics are some he’ll never forget.
Like that time he pranked Jaylen Brown.
Thomas took to Instagram on Monday to recall the iconic moment when he filled Jaylen Brown’s car with popcorn. And when we say it was filled, we mean it.

Four years ago today, Isaiah Thomas filled Jaylen Brown’s car with popcorn. He made sure Brown didn’t miss the anniversary on IG. pic.twitter.com/VbI2Iw4qH7
— Chris Grenham (@chrisgrenham) March 30, 2020

Brown didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm as Thomas when it came to celebrating the prank’s anniversary. But there’s no doubt the occasion gave Celtics fans a reason to smile, while the league is suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
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How MLB’s Rumored Roster Rule Could Impact Red Sox’s Opening Day Plans

The situation is fluid.
This pretty much applies to everything nowadays as the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, and the 2020 Major League Baseball season is no different in that regard.
Not only is it unclear when — or if — the new campaign will begin. It’s also unknown how many games the schedule will consist of or how deep into the calendar year the season will last.
MLB and the players’ union reportedly agreed upon some important details last week, and USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale added that teams are expected to expand their rosters from 26 players to 29 players for the first month of regular-season games.
This makes sense given the unconventional nature of this year’s spring training and the likely addition of doubleheaders as a means to pack as many games as possible into a condensed period of time.
So, how would the Boston Red Sox, specifically, be impacted by this rumored roster tweak?
Well, the change certainly would have widespread ramifications across the league from a roster battle standpoint, and the Red Sox have a few unresolved situations that likely would be affected in some way, shape or form.
Let’s whip around the diamond, highlighting which players might see their short-term futures change.
More Red Sox: Chris Sale Undergoes Successful Tommy John Surgery
Let’s start behind the plate, where Kevin Plawecki and Jonathan Lucroy were battling to become Christian Vazquez’s backup until the COVID-19 outbreak brought spring training to a screeching halt. Red Sox interim manager Ron Roenicke earlier this month seemed open-minded about the idea of carrying three catchers to begin the season, and the chances of that happening only increase if rosters expand for the first month.
Plawecki, who signed a major league contract in January, and Lucroy, who signed a minor league deal in February, were virtually neck and neck when spring training stopped. The Red Sox would need to add Lucroy to the 40-man roster to keep him in the majors, but Boston might be best served going down that path to see whether one backstop eventually outperforms the other.
Lucroy, once an All-Star caliber catcher who has tailed off in recent years, still possesses enough offensive upside at age 33 — especially with injuries seemingly behind him — that it’s worth seeing whether he can recapture some of his old magic. Plus, he also can play a little first base, if necessary.
The roster expansion might be the break Jonathan Arauz needed.
The Red Sox selected Arauz, a 21-year-old infielder, from the Houston Astros in the Rule 5 Draft, meaning he must remain on Boston’s active roster all season or be shipped back to his former organization. A mixed bag of results in spring training showed Arauz might not be ready for the majors, but the addition of three roster spots buys Boston some time if it wants to see the experiment through.
Tzu-Wei Lin figures to crack the Opening Day roster in the super utility role vacated by Brock Holt, who signed with the Milwaukee Brewers in free agency. The Red Sox surely would welcome additional depth and flexibility in that area, though, and Arauz, Yairo Munoz and Marco Hernandez are prime candidates to provide such — with Arauz perhaps having an upper hand since neither Munoz nor Hernandez is on Boston’s current 40-man roster.
The real question here centers around the availability of Alex Verdugo, who was battling a back injury early in camp and whose status for Opening Day was undetermined.
If he’s ready to go, he’ll join Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Jr., Kevin Pillar and J.D. Martinez in Boston’s outfield mix. If not, that leaves another roster spot with which to work, perhaps paving the way for an outfielder like Marcus Wilson (on the 40-man), another one of the aforementioned utility candidates or an additional bullpen arm.
The top four appears set, with all signs pointing toward Ryan Weber joining Eduardo Rodriguez, Nathan Eovaldi and Martin Perez in Boston’s rotation. The fifth spot remains in flux — at least until Collin McHugh is ready to return.
McHugh (strained flexor tendon) hadn’t begun throwing as of March 20, so it’s unfair to assume he’ll be ready whenever the season begins. Therefore, the Red Sox could turn to Brian Johnson (not on the 40-man) or an opener strategy to supplement the aforementioned quartet.
Brandon Workman, Matt Barnes, Darwinzon Hernandez, Josh Taylor, Marcus Walden and Heath Hembree comprise the bullpen’s core, with Ryan Brasier, Austin Brice and Colten Brewer likely the frontrunners to join them.
Temporary roster expansion obviously would present an opportunity to deepen the ‘pen, something that could be paramount for the Red Sox as they deal with uncertainty in their rotation.
Don’t be surprised if a reliever (or two) who previously was on the outside looking in — Josh Osich, Chris Mazza, Jeffrey Springs, Matt Hall, Phillips Valdez, Yoan Aybar, Kyle Hart or Mike Shawaryn — now winds up breaking camp with the club.
Uncertainty regarding injuries to Collin McHugh and Alex Verdugo complicate this exercise, as does the lack of a projected time frame for Opening Day. But if rosters expand from 26 players to 29 players to begin the season, these are the guys most likely to be impacted, grouped according to position:
Catchers: Jonathan Lucroy, Kevin Plawecki
Utility: Jonathan Arauz, Yair Munoz, Marco Hernandez
Pitchers: Brian Johnson, Josh Osich, Chris Mazza, Jeffrey Springs, Matt Hall, Phillips Valdez, Yoan Aybar, Kyle Hart, Mike Shawaryn
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Bruins’ David Pastrnak Roasts Tuukka Rask In Hilarious Video During Q&A

Poor Tuukka Rask.
He’s been roasted by not only one, but two Boston Bruins teammates in the span of a few hours.
The NHL announced March 12 it would pause the 2019-20 season due to the coronavirus outbreak. And although the Bruins have been socially distancing, it’s clear the team chemistry remains as strong as ever.
David Pastrnak took over the NHL’s Instagram account Monday and answered a variety of questions from fans. But after Zdeno Chara chirped Rask on a conference call earlier in the day for allegedly having some, shall we say, powerful farts, fans desperately needed to know: are Rask’s farts really that bad?
The answer: yes.
“I would definitely want to be quarantined with Tuukka, first of all he loves chicken wings, so do I …” Pasta said, per Boston Sports Journal’s Conor Ryan. “And his farts are pretty bad, but I think I could overcome it.
“I would definitely not skate through the crease more than once at practice.”
While Pastrnak agreed he could overlook this quality (and perhaps socially distance himself a little extra) if he were quarantined with Rask, Chara wasn’t quite so open-minded.
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Robert Kraft Thanks Healthcare Professionals On National Doctors’ Day

Healthcare professionals are working tirelessly around the clock to help slow the coronavirus pandemic that’s taken over the country and put a pause on the sports world.
And they’re being recognized by prominent sports figures on National Doctors’ Day.
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, along with center David Andrews and running back James White, thanked those working in healthcare during the outbreak.
“On National Doctors Day, I wanted to say thank you to all the doctors, nurses and all of our healthcare heroes who are putting themselves at risk every day to provide care and compassion to their patients,” Kraft said in the video posted by the Patriots. “We are all signing your praises, and remember, together while apart.”
Andrews made sure to note the “exceptional care” the “real heroes” all are giving during this time of crisis.
“I just want to take a quick second and thank all the doctors, nurses and healthcare providers who are out there battling on the front lines batting with this terrible, terrible virus, while also providing exceptional care for their patients,” he said. “We just want to say thank you to all the real heroes out there, and all the sacrifices that y’all have made through this tough time.”

As for White, he knows everyone on the frontlines are the superheroes.
“Some superheroes wear capes,” he said. “Ours wear scrubs.”
Check out the full video below:

Thank you to all the doctors & healthcare heroes courageously providing care & compassion for their patients.#NationalDoctorsDay | #TogetherWhileApart pic.twitter.com/3rSRboGGrd
— New England Patriots (@Patriots) March 30, 2020

While we know no “thank you” ever will suffice all the sacrifices and hard work the healthcare professionals are doing day in and day out, it certainly is nice to see them getting the recognition they deserve.
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