Why Colin Cowherd Doesn’t View Chargers As Good Fit For Tom Brady

Taking the Patriots out of the equation, the same team seems to keep popping up as the best landing spot for Tom Brady.
The majority of media members and football fans alike continue to point to the Los Angeles Chargers, who are expected to be in the market for a quarterback this offseason given Philip Rivers’ impending free agency. The Chargers would offer Brady, a Bay Area native, the opportunity to play closer to home, and their roster from top to bottom is nothing to scoff at.
But when you break it all down, are the Bolts really a good fit for the six-time Super Bowl champion? Colin Cowherd thinks not.
“I’ll tell you why the Chargers doesn’t work,” Cowherd said Wednesday on FS1’s “The Herd.” “Everybody thinks it’s LA. They have a dubious offensive line. I would say Spanoses have never been big spenders. Is Anthony Lynn a good coach? Who knows. Tom’s not gonna give up his career to a coach who might be good. Tom beat him by 30 last team he faced them. By the way, do you want to face Patrick Mahomes twice a year? I don’t. I mean, Tom’s had the luxury of facing a lot of average quarterbacks. At 43 he wants to face Mahomes twice a year? I don’t think it works. The Spanoses historically have been a little frugal. We don’t know if Anthony Lynn’s good. Offensive line is an issue. It’s the only part of the team I don’t love, especially guard, center, guard. I don’t think it works, and it’s a new stadium. They don’t really have a fan base much in Los Angeles.”

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— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) January 15, 2020

One has to imagine Super Bowl aspirations will be a leading factor for Brady in his free agency decision. The Chargers, at least on paper, certainly are good enough to be a playoff team, but a Lombardi Trophy might be a bit ambitious. The argument can be made the Patriots and Chargers are on a level playing field purely from a talent standpoint, in which case New England seemingly would have the upper hand in the Brady sweepstakes given his familiarity with the system and the clear-cut coaching advantage.
So while LA and a few other teams might entice Brady to some degree, staying put in Foxboro might be in the signal-caller’s best interest.