Pat McAfee Gives His Hilarious Take About The Tom Brady Suite Nonsense

Tom Brady is the talk of the offseason, and it technically hasn’t started yet.
The New England Patriots quarterback is set to become a free agent for the first time in his career when the new league year starts in March. He’s reportedly moved into this new Greenwich, Conn. home with wife Gisele Bundchen and, in case you haven’t heard, Brady’s suite at Gillette Stadium has been cleaned out.
There’s a lot of speculation about where the 42-year-old will end up when the 2020 season kicks off. But Pat McAfee offered his take on the situation Tuesday during “The Pat McAfee Show,” believing Brady’s time in New England is “all over,” and he showed signs of being done all season.
“Tom Brady moving all his stuff out of the suite in the stadium. Tom Brady opting out of the contract before the season started. Tom Brady not enjoying his offensive weapons that he had all year,” he said. “Tom Brady handling the PR … like a maestro handles an orchestra. This has been so perfectly played by Tom Brady. This plays right into everybody’s hands. (Team owner) Bob Kraft right now is panicking. Bob Kraft is full panicking because of that suite getting cleaned out. And every other GM is like, ‘well, (LSU quarterback) Joe Burrow was good (Monday) night.’ But there’s a guy who’s very handsome cleaning out his damn suite at the stadium. It’s over. Julian Edelman is hopping up on top of people’s Mercedes’. It’s all over man.”

That seems excessive given the suite won’t be used for another eight months or so, given Brady re-signs with New England.
But only time will tell if Brady does indeed leave or if he returns to the Patriots for Year 21.