Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots Turning into Bengals?

1. Patriots offseason

* The nightmare that started with the spa in Florida continues – two arrests since season ended (Edelman / Williams)

* Patriot draft picks 1st round / 3 round / 4th  round / 3 – 6th rounds / 3 – 7th rounds

* Report Brady needs to provide answer before 3/16 – he isn’t going to like ultimatums – maybe that’s their hope


2. Twenty-six Patriots have caught at least 15 TD passes over their Patriot career:

* Tight Ends (8)…………Gronk, Coates, Hernandez, Hasselbeck, Francis, D. Graham, Watson, Whalen

* Flanker / Split End (3).Colclough, Cappelletti, A. Graham* Running Back (3)………Faulk, White, Garron

* Wide Receiver (12).….Morgan, Welker, Edelman, Fryar, Brown, Vataha, Glenn, Branch, Moss, H. Jackson, Cedric Jones, Patten

3. Baseball Hall of Fame stuff:

* Larry Walker average at Coors Field .381 / Away from Coors .282

* Hall of Famers voted since 2000 who only one season in which they finished TOP FIVE in MVP voting: Tony Perez, Ozzie Smith, Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn, Barry Larkin, Pudge Rodriguez, Tim Raines, Jim Thome, Edgar Martinez

4. What could have been – Patriots tight ends in 2011: Gronk and Hernandez – 212 receptions / 25 TD’s / 2,237 yards

5. Bruins / Celtics stuff:

* Celtics top five in field goal attempts: Tatum 18.2, Walker 16.6, Brown 14.7, Hayward 12.7, Smart 10.9

* Celtics league rank in 3 point shooting efficiency: Brown 50th / Walker 51st / Tatum 79th / Smart 99th* McAvoy is 0 for his last 77 shooting

 * Rask has played in 28 games / Halak 24

6. The 1970 Stanley Cup Bruins had 27 out of 28 players born in Canada (Hodge born in England). This year the Bruins have four of 21 from Canada

7.Old School – In the 1983-1984 season – five Celtics (representing 72% of shots) shot a combined 52.7% from the field:

Kevin McHale………55.6%

Robert Parish………54.6%

Cedric Maxwell…….53.2%

Gerald Henderson…52.4%

Larry Bird…………..49.2%

8. Amazing Stat – Walter Bell is the eighth highest paid Massachusetts employee at $629mm – bang for the buck – his team was 1-11

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Mental Health – Sports not immune to the problems of society – Boston athletes who have reportedly struggled:

* Jimmy Piersall

* Delonte West

* Antonio Brown

* Jeff Reardon 

* Brandon Lloyd

* Roger Moret

10. Randomocity

* You know its bad when you start recognizing cars in traffic from past traffic jams

* Six of the top eight scorers in NBA history played for the Lakers – Kareem, K. Malone, Kobe, LeBron, Shaq, Chamberlain, 

* In the documentary American Factory – Chinese managers are trained – If you want to get American workers to do anything you have to flatter them – “Americans have a very high opinion of themselves”* Imagine Coors Field and Steroids

 * The Oscar-nominated documentary For Sama is a terrible name seeing the couple exposed their daughter to death in Syria to do the film – should have been  named “For Me”* At the Staten Island Groundhog Day – Mayor DeBlasio dropped the groundhog and the animal died

* Machado’s dirty slide cost Pedroia the Hall of Fame
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