Brad Marchand Shreds Twitter User Who Tried Taunting Him For Shootout Gaffe

There probably are ways to taunt professional athletes and do a good job getting under their skin, but invoking your personal athletic experience typically isn’t the best approach.
As “Andy Man” learned Tuesday.
By now, you’ve probably seen Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand’s brutal shootout *attempt* in Monday’s loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. Marchand missed the puck almost entirely, but got a tiny piece of it to nudge it off the center dot, which counted as his attempt.
Marchand reacted to the situation on Twitter with a picture of himself hoisting the Stanley Cup, and promptly was met with both praise and criticism. Marchand then ended up responding to one user who attempted to dig him.

Your shootout is in your driveway not the NHL peasant. You pretend to be me in your back yard dream big bud
— Brad Marchand (@Bmarch63) January 14, 2020