Tom Brady Among Multiple Patriots To Like Antonio Brown’s Robert Kraft Apology

Time to put on your tinfoil hats!
Antonio Brown apologized to Robert Kraft with an Instagram post Tuesday morning. The embattled wideout has been a free agent for nearly two months now after the Patriots cut him back in September, bringing an end to a bumpy 11-day run in New England. During his stint with the Pats, multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, including rape, emerged against Brown, and an investigation by the league since has been launched.
In the aftermath of the Patriots cutting Brown, he went on a Twitter tirade in which he not only declared he’d never play in the NFL again, but also insulted the Patriots owner. He walked back his declaration that he wasn’t playing again, though he’s gone back and forth multiple times in the ensuing weeks. And at one point, he appeared to hint that he already had apologized to Kraft.
Now that you’re all caught up, Brown’s Instagram post was met with multiple “likes” from current Patriots.

Add Tom Brady to the list of Patriots that have liked Antonio Brown’s Instagram apology to Robert Kraft
— Logan Mullen (@ByLoganMullen) November 19, 2019

Hey, this might not (and probably doesn’t) mean anything, but nevertheless it sure is interesting.