Bill Belichick Tell Amusing Story About Threatening To ‘Cut’ Tom Brady

Bill Belichick has been a revelation as a studio analyst.
Who would have thought?

The New England Patriots head coach made his debut last Friday on NFL Network’s “NFL 100 All-Time Team.” Belichick, along with co-hosts Rich Eisen and Cris Collinsworth, will reveal the NFL’s all-team team over the course of the six-part series. The best moment yet came Friday night, and Patriots fans will love it.
Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis joined the panel after being named to the all-time team. At one point during the discussion, Belichick shared a hilarious story in which he once joked about cutting Tom Brady if the Patriots quarterback if he ran a certain play.
“I told Brady, if you throw that Y-Shake on Ray Lewis, I’m gonna cut you,” Belichick said.
Brady’s response was perfect.
“If I throw that Y Hook route on Ray Lewis, you deserve to cut me,” he said, per Belichick.
Watch Belichick tell the story at the 4:25 mark in the video below:

"Ray, you were one of the most complete players to ever play the game." -Bill [email protected] could do it all at the MLB position, and that earned him a spot on the #NFL100 All-Time Team
— NFL Network (@nflnetwork) November 30, 2019

Great stuff.
The third episode in the series will premier next Friday. Let’s hope it offers more great anecdotes from the greatest coach in NFL history.