Stephen A. Smith Botching Pronunciation Of Gunner Olszewski’s Last Name Is Hilarious

The lastname “Olszewski” isn’t too easy to pronounce, though New Englanders have gotten pretty good with “ski” last names over the years.
Stephen A. Smith? Not so much.

While discussing Tom Brady’s performance against the New York Giants on Thursday, Smith pointed out on ESPN’s “First Take” some of the receivers the New England Patriots quarterback had to throw to. Gunner Olszewski was one of them, grabbing two passes for 34 yards (29 of them on one play), in what was his first routine action in the offense.
Smith gave the pronunciation of Olszewski a whirl, and it didn’t work out too well (jump to 3:22 for Smith’s gaffe).

Yeah, not quite.
Olszewski has become a fan favorite across the region, so Patriots fans surely must hope Smith with have plenty more opportunities to figure out the rookie’s last name.