Paul Pierce Calls Out Kyrie Irving For Having ‘Front-Runner Mentality’

Kyrie Irving is in the news for his behavior once again, and now a Boston Celtics legend is taking him to task.
Prior to the Celtics Wednesday night matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks, Paul Pierce was asked by Stephen A. Smith about Jackie MacMullan’s report that said Brooklyn Nets officials are “queasy” when it comes to Irving’s continued mood swings.

Pierce responded in the only way he knows how — by telling the truth.
“I mean you never know what’s going on in a player’s life, but at the same time this is the attitude that tells me you’re a front-runner,” Pierce told Smith on ESPN. “Because when things are good, you hear him in the media talking good about his teammates, hanging out with them, going to dinners. When things are bad and have not started off pretty good as a team-wise in Brooklyn, now all of a sudden these reports are coming back. That just sounds like a front-runner mentality to me.”
Check out Pierce and Smith’s full thoughts on Irving below, via ESPN:

Irving’s return home to Brooklyn is off to a rather shaky start, as the Nets have a 1-3 record out of the gates.