Patriots Trade Options: Three Realistic Moves To Fix Offense

The New England Patriots may be 6-0 on the NFL season but it has been far from perfect on the offensive side of the football. Plenty has been made about the injuries and lack of options for QB Tom Brady but now fans are looking for options to bolster the roster.

Whenever trade rumors come about we tend to gravitate towards super star players. But in the case of the Patriots that’s really not what is needed in this instance.

Option 1: Austin Hooper

Hooper who is playing for the Atlanta Falcons is in a contract year and would be a perfect fit for the Patriots. The 24-year-old out of Stanford has caught 34 passes on 42 targets and has scored two touchdowns this season for Atlanta.


The Falcons are 1-4 on the season and there season is already in jeopardy. Ultimately the question is if the Falcons would be looking to already throw in the towel despite having both Matt Ryan and Julio Jones locked into costly contracts.

New England may be able to land Hooper for a mid-round pick and adding him would help provide Brady options in the passing game. In terms of running the football the blocking area is not one that Hooper excels in.

Option 2: Mohamed Sanu, Another Falcon

Sanu is a 30-year-old wideout that started his career with the Cincinnati Bengals but has been with the Falcons since 2016.

Highly unlikely the Patriots could land both Hooper and Sanu. Would have to puck one if you are New England. This season he has 29 receptions on 36 targets for 281 yards along with one touchdown. Sanu is averaging 9.7 yards per catch and is considered to be a possession receiver.

Would be a home run in the Patriots offense. Potential to get him at the same type of offering as Hooper but comes in at a higher rate. Sanu has one more year left on a five-year deal that will pay him $6.5 million next season. He is due $6 million this season but the Patriots wouldn’t have to pay him at that full clip if they trade for him.

Option 3: Trent Williams Could Fix Both Rushing and Passing

Unlike the first two options Williams would aide the running game as he is an offensive tackle for the Washington Redskins.

The 31-year-old was a first round pick out of Oklahoma and hasn’t played yet this season as he has been holding out. No indications yet that the Redskins would trade him or if the Patriots would solve his contract situation but he is an all-pro tackle.

New England in adding Williams would help aide their rushing game and in-turn open up options in the passing game. This by far may be one of the smarter moves if the Patriots could pull it off.
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