Julian Edelman Shares Awesome Graphic With Tom Brady After Win Vs. Giants

It might have been touch and go at times, but the New England Patriots earned their sixth straight victory Thursday night.
The Pats climbed to 6-0 with a 35-14 victory over the New York Giants. New England’s way of scoring was a bit unusual, as the defense accounted for some of the touchdowns, while a pair of Tom Brady sneaks also added to the advantage.

With injuries abound for New England as the game drew on, it was Brady that continued to carry the offense. After the game, Julian Edelman posted a graphic in celebration of the victory, and it references the 1999 movie “The Iron Giant,” and features Brady as the giant.

You are who you choose to be… #OnToNY pic.twitter.com/JRmSTrpPFe
— Julian Edelman (@Edelman11) October 11, 2019

Well done.