Is Stephon Gilmore The Best Cornerback Right Now? Darrelle Revis Thinks So

If Darrelle Revis is dubbing you the best cornerback in the game at the moment, you’re doing something right.
Stephon Gilmore is doing something right.

The New England Patriots corner has been among the best in the game for a few years now, but he’s really taken things to the next level this season — which is saying something. This comes after Jalen Ramsey claimed he was the best in the game at his position, a take that was roundly criticized, with Gilmore often invoked as a way of countering Ramsey’s argument.
During the Patriots’ 35-14 win over the New York Giants on Thursday, quarterback Daniel Jones kept throwing, unsuccessfully, Gilmore’s way. And during the game, Revis took to Twitter to dub Gilmore the best corner in the game.

Stephen Gilmore by far is the best corner in the game right now. #shutdown #numberone
— Darrelle Revis (@Revis24) October 11, 2019

He probably won’t get much pushback from New England fans for that take.