Connelly’s Top Ten – 6-0 is so Boring

Connelly’s Top Ten – 6-0 is so Boring



* Gronk was tough to watch on pre-game to much of a cartoon character


* Fox team before the game with Stranhan hosting in general was terrible

* First 11:17 of game time had 11:27 of commercials 

* Burkhead another inactive

* Like the blue uniforms

* Bailey can’t hold anymore for kicks 


* Appreciate every game / every audible / every read of a defense / every sack avoided / every throw away instead of an interception / every two minute drive

* Brady is 12-2 on Thursday 

* Looks bummed out

* 3rd interception in the Red Zone area

* How many QB’s have had 300 yards passing / 2 rushing TD’s (Steve Young 3x)

* Brady seven carries


* No hurry up during stagnancy again?

* With Gordon hurt – at one point the Patriots offense included – Meyers, Gunner O., and Lacoss

* Edelman now has ten drops which is second in the league

* Meyers two nice catches – but missed a block on a throw on the flat which set up situation that led to strip of Brady and TD

* Not looking good on short yardage leaving it to Brady to run for TD’s 

* Michel dancing trying to find a hole / has he broken a tackle this year?

* Izzo can’t be a worse blocker 

* Edelman will be passing Troy Brown this year with receptions 


* Second straight game an opposing team’s first play targeted Gilmore and connected 

* Danny Shelton got the message with a number of inactive last year – this year he is a difference maker

* Winovich is making plays 

* I don’t think Bennett got 10 plays

* Van Noy is lucky his TD wasn’t a touchback for fumbling ball through end zone


* Bill in blue hoodie with cut sleeves

* Mr. Kraft – continues his strong streak of air time – 6:05 left in second quarter, then a spot with him curing cancer followed by a sideline view of the owner with 0:36 left 


* Giants getting greedy at 14-14 and called timeout late in the first half – insulting Brady leading to a Pats TD

* Nugent extra points had a lot of yellow paint on them

* Bolden making plays – TD, good run on screen and pushed blocker into punter

* Crazy stat on Fox – 113-2 when leading at halftime at Gillette

* With 9:55 left in the second quarter Giants run the ball and are short of first down – referee sets his foot short and runs crooked and gives Giants over a 1/2 yard and first down

* This will be it for Nugent – you can tell your grandkids you played for Patriots

* Surprised Joe Buck came right out and talked about Patriots last score and the point spread

* Patriots 6-0 and ten days between games 

* 39 minutes Patriots possession / 21 Giants 

2. Dodgers have averaged 101 wins the last three seasons and not won a World Series

3. Bruins and Patriots are a combined 10-0


* BRADY……….5-0….10 TD to 2 INT…63% completion

* JIMMY G…….4-0….7 TD TO 4 INT….69% completion

* BRISSETTE..3-2….10 TD to 2 INT…65% completion

5. On September 23rd in the middle of a race to the playoffs – these two postseason teams drew the following crowds:

* Tampa…………8,799

* Washington..19,788

6. Red Sox Attendance – Red Sox drew 29,052 more fans this year than last year but lost 24 more games

7. AMAZING STATS – Players to score over 50 points multiple times and play for the Celtics at some point in their careert:

* Dominique Wilkins…..7

* Pete Maravich………..6

* Tiny Archibald…………4

* Larry Bird……………….4

* Bob McAdoo………….4

* Shaq……………………..3

* Irving…………………….2

* Kenna Walker…………2

8.  OLD SCHOOL – The 1962 Dodger players had the following accomplishments but didn’t win the pennant. 

* Willie Davis had 153 RBI

* Maury Wills104 stolen bases

* Drysdale and Koufax combined for 30 complete game

* Willie Davis and Maury Wills combined for 438 hits

9. JUST A LITTLE BIT OUTSIDE – Top attended movies of the 1970’s:

1. Star Wars

2. Jaws

3. The Exorcist

4. The Sting

5. The Godfather

6. Grease

7. Love Story

8. Airport

9. American Grafitti

10. Blazing Saddles


* Only 57% of passengers in Taxi / Uber’s wear seatbelts (

* Dodgers came within 26,000 fans of drawing 4,000,000 fans

* Nine billion dollars is spent on Halloween each year – what happened to a sheet with eyes cut out and a duffle bag for candy – (USA Today)

* Gazoo killed Flinstones / Oliver killed Brady Bunch / Archie buying Kelsey’s was sad

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