Colin Cowherd Explains What Separates Tom Brady From Other Great Athletes

Is Tom Brady a victim of his own greatness?
That’s what Colin Cowherd seemed to suggest Friday on FS1 while addressing some widespread concerns about the Patriots’ offense on the heels of New England’s 35-14 win over the New York Giants on Thursday night at Gillette Stadium.
Brady wasn’t his best in Week 6, as he threw an interception and coughed up a fumble that resulted in a Giants touchdown. But the 42-year-old quarterback still completed 31 of 41 passes for 334 yards and scored two rushing TDs as New England improved its record to 6-0, all while the Patriots overcame injuries that left the offense depleted.

Cowherd isn’t sure what else Brady could have done given the circumstances, yet some have been critical of the veteran signal-caller’s performance. And as Cowherd explained Friday, it’s similar to the treatment LeBron James often receives even when he’s his usual dominant self on the NBA hardwood.
“Here’s the great thing about LeBron James and Tom Brady, and for this moment, let’s stick with Brady: The ‘who’ has never mattered,” Cowherd said. “He’s got touchdowns to 75 different people. It’s never about the ‘who.’ It’s about the ‘where.’ When the ball is snapped, where will you be as a receiver three seconds after the snap? It’s about ‘what.’ What is your job? Do your job. Tom Brady’s the only quarterback in NFL history that the ‘who’ doesn’t matter.
“Phillip Dorsett’s out. ‘I’m gonna use some guy named Gunner (Olszewski) and another guy named (Ryan) Izzo and another guy that sounds like the member of a law firm, Jakobi Meyers.’ It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that they use James White — sometimes he’s available, sometimes he’s not. And there’s Sony Michel — played well (Thursday night), not as well early. … He’s the only quarterback in my life where the ‘who’ doesn’t matter.”

This is what separates Tom Brady and LeBron James:
"Tom Brady is the only QB in NFL history where the 'who' doesn't matter… LeBron James, went to an NBA finals. The who was Matthew Dellavedova." — @ColinCowherd
— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) October 11, 2019

The Patriots’ offense has looked out of sync at times this season. That includes Thursday night against the Giants. But Brady and Co. have done enough in conjunction with New England’s dominant defense to win every game they’ve played so far. And isn’t that all that matters?
Guess that’s what happens when you win six Super Bowl titles and set the bar so high.