Amid Trade Rumors, Stefon Diggs Drops Comment On Julian Edelman’s Instagram

OK, New England Patriots fans. If you’re looking for even the slightest thing to make you think there’s a remote chance of Stefon Diggs ending up with the Pats, here you go.
The Minnesota Vikings’ star receiver seems hellbent on getting traded somewhere, and the Patriots, a receiver-needy team, have been floated as a possibility. Those flames were fanned over some of Diggs’ social media activity, though that probably means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Nevertheless, when Edelman posted on Instagram on Friday, Diggs hopped into the comments section.
Here’s Edelman’s post.

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Hard hat, lunch pail and thermos. #JustAnotherDaysWork
A post shared by Julian Edelman (@edelman11) on Oct 11, 2019 at 9:51am PDT


And here’s the comments section (also, hello Danny Amendola).

Of course, writing “Swaggy” doesn’t mean Diggs is packing his bags, preparing to uproot his life and move to New England. However, if you want something to cling to, there you go Pats fans.