Celtics Players Reveal Their Picks For Best, Worst Halloween Candies

Whether its something sweet or something salty, everyone has their favorite Halloween candy.
So, which are the Celtics’ favorites?

A few Boston players were asked to reveal which candy they prefer most on Halloween, with one candy emerging as the clear favorite. There were a few interesting responses in the mix, as well, including some potentially surprising selections.
Marcus Smart, meanwhile, had no problem sharing which candy he considers the worst.
Check it out:

Best Halloween candy? @smart_MS3 can tell you the worst pic.twitter.com/RyEZumwnK5
— Boston Celtics (@celtics) October 31, 2019

Could that be Smart’s most controversial comment so far this season? We’ll let you decide.

Josh Gordon Reportedly Healthy As Former Patriots WR Hits Waivers

Josh Gordon reportedly was released from the New England Patriots injured reserve Thursday, landing him on the waiver wire.
Gordon is healthy after passing an exit physical Thursday, according to MMQB’s Albert Breer. If Gordon goes unclaimed over the next 24 hours, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.

Also, source says Josh Gordon passed an exit physical in New England today. So he’s healthy. https://t.co/crE3F6AaO8
— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) October 31, 2019

Gordon collected 287 yards on 20 catches with one touchdown over six games with the Patriots this season.
New England takes on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday with kickoff set for 8:20 p.m. ET.

Le’Veon Bell Claims Steelers Tried To Trade For Him At NFL Trade Deadline

A number of teams reportedly looked into acquiring Le’Veon Bell ahead of Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline, according to the Jets running back himself. And one team may surprise you.
Bell appeared on Nate Burleson’s “17 Weeks” podcast this week and went into detail about the teams attempting to acquire him at the deadline. According to Bell, his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, had interest in bringing him back.

“There was a lot of trade speculations and rumors about, you know, me getting traded obviously from the Jets to other, multiple teams,” Bell said, as transcribed by the New York Post’s Brian Costello. “And they were actually true. There were times where – I found out from my agent, you know, he had talked to the Jets and things like that. But there were teams like Houston, the Packers, the Kansas City Chiefs, and surprisingly the Steelers, were all in the mix of trying to trade for me.”
Bell sat out the entire 2018 season because he believed he deserved more money than what the Steelers were offering him. He stands by that to this very day, which he noted in the interview.
“To be honest I obviously was not trying to take a pay cut simply for that fact that I sat out a full year of football to get what felt like I earned and deserved,” Bell said.
It’s interesting to think that the Steelers would approach a trade for Bell considering the relationship between him and the team was completely ruined following last year, but the National Football League is an interesting world.
Of course, this is only Bell’s account, so it’d be interesting to hear the Steelers’ side of the story.

49ers vs. Cardinals Live Stream: Watch ‘Thursday Night Football’ Game Online

What do you get when a below average team led by a rookie quarterback meets an undefeated team with a dominant defense?
Probably a bad night for the former.

Kyler Murray and the 3-4-1 Arizona Cardinals are set to host Jimmy Garoppolo and the 7-0 San Francisco 49ers on “Thursday Night Football.” Will the Niners continue their incredible start to the season? Probably, but we’ll find out for sure soon enough.
Here’s how and when to watch Niners vs. Cardinals:
Start Time: Thursday, Oct. 31, at 8:20 p.m. ET
TV Channel: FOX
Live Stream: FuboTV — free trial | FOX Sports Go | Amazon Prime

Brad Stevens Returns Favor, Dresses As Pete Buttigieg For Halloween

Brad Stevens is all business a majority of the time, but the Boston Celtics head coach broke out a hilarious costume this Halloween.
Stevens dressed as Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Thursday, after Buttigieg dressed up as the Celtics head coach. The two have an uncanny resemblance, which the internet has noted for quite some time.

Check out Stevens as Buttigieg below, courtesy of Tracy Stevens:

Game on @PeteButtigieg pic.twitter.com/POPn26frSi
— Tracy Stevens (@TracyWStevens) October 31, 2019

For reference, here’s Buttigieg’s costume:

Game on. pic.twitter.com/lyQtsAm7Wp
— Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) October 31, 2019

We think Stevens takes home the win here.

Why Kyrie Irving’s Ex-Teammate Believes Nets Star’s ‘Mood Swings’ Unimportant

Perhaps Kyrie Irving’s teammates accept his ever-shifting moods because he delivers.
Former NBA player Channing Frye raised this idea Thursday morning on NBA TV’s “Handles” when he argued the Brooklyn Nets point guard’s reported “mood swings” will have minimal effect on the team’s chemistry and prospects for success. Frye defended Irving’s demeanor one day after ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan reported Nets officials already have become queasy over his mood swings. If Irving has made Nets staff feel uneasy during his short time in Brooklyn, Frye insists his attitude won’t disrupt the locker room.

“No (they don’t affect the locker room), especially if you have a veteran team, which they have,” Frye said. “I think sometimes when you start with a younger, rebuilding team like the Nets were, and then you start adding vets who are used to doing things their way, may not just fall in line.
“Kyrie is a champion, he’s an All-Star, he is a superstar, so he may do things differently than what you’re used to or what you want. But he’s out there — I don’t care if he doesn’t practice almost like Allen Iverson — he’s putting up big numbers for them. And he’s going to continue to do that, and guys want to play with him, and he’s a reason that KD (Kevin Durant) is also there.
“So … if he doesn’t want to take his hat off, leave the man alone. It doesn’t even matter. As long as his product on the court is fine, as long as it doesn’t disrupt my locker room, you’re good with me.”

"As long as it doesn't disrupt [my] locker room, you're good with me."@channingfrye shares his thoughts on Kyrie’s off-court behavior with @TasMelas. pic.twitter.com/RYAVeLS7TO
— Handles (@HandlesNBATV) October 31, 2019

The first part of Frye’s insight — the part about veteran teams versus younger ones — seemingly is the most telling. Irving’s critics love to blame his moodiness for derailing the Boston Celtics’ 2018-19 season. The team’s average age at the start of last season was 25.89 years old. He left the Celtics last summer in free agency for the Nets, whose average age currently is 25.9 years old.
Frye played alongside Irving with the Cleveland Cavaliers between 2016 and 2017, reaching the NBA Finals twice and winning once. Frye still holds Irving in high esteem and, at age 36, is mature enough not to allow a colleague’s perceived moodiness to affect him personally.
It’s hard to expect those ten-plus years younger — roughly the average age of the Nets — to have the same nonchalant reaction.

Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns Suspended Two Games Apiece For Brawl

Wednesday night was Fight Night between the Philadelphia 76ers and Minnesota Timberwolves, and two players now are paying the price for their actions.

Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns have been suspended two games apiece for their roles in the on-court brawl during the third period of Wednesday’s contest that led to their ejections, the NBA announced Thursday. Both players will begin serving their suspensions on Saturday.
Ben Simmons has not been suspended and will not be fined for his role in the incident. Simmons appeared to put Towns in a chokehold during the scuffle.

Suspensions of two games each for Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns. No other suspensions. pic.twitter.com/BTMJKFcNq0
— Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) October 31, 2019

After the game, Embiid told reporters he shouldn’t be suspended.
“All I did was try to be as cool as I could be in that situation,” Embiid said, as transcribed by CBSSports.com. “Personally, I didn’t throw any punches, so I shouldn’t get suspended. But they have a history of just overruling anything that comes to me in a subtle way. Hopefully they’ll overrule it in the right way, but I don’t expect it.”
We can’t wait to see what comes of the next matchup between these two squads, which isn’t until March 23.

Paul Pierce Calls Out Kyrie Irving For Having ‘Front-Runner Mentality’

Kyrie Irving is in the news for his behavior once again, and now a Boston Celtics legend is taking him to task.
Prior to the Celtics Wednesday night matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks, Paul Pierce was asked by Stephen A. Smith about Jackie MacMullan’s report that said Brooklyn Nets officials are “queasy” when it comes to Irving’s continued mood swings.

Pierce responded in the only way he knows how — by telling the truth.
“I mean you never know what’s going on in a player’s life, but at the same time this is the attitude that tells me you’re a front-runner,” Pierce told Smith on ESPN. “Because when things are good, you hear him in the media talking good about his teammates, hanging out with them, going to dinners. When things are bad and have not started off pretty good as a team-wise in Brooklyn, now all of a sudden these reports are coming back. That just sounds like a front-runner mentality to me.”
Check out Pierce and Smith’s full thoughts on Irving below, via ESPN:

Irving’s return home to Brooklyn is off to a rather shaky start, as the Nets have a 1-3 record out of the gates.

Max Kellerman Reveals ‘Suspicion’ He Has About Patriots Vs. Ravens Game

Will Bill Belichick pull a sneaky trick on the Baltimore Ravens in the New England Patriots’ first game after Halloween?
Max Kellerman explained Thursday on ESPN’s “First Take” that he believes the Patriots might view this Sunday’s showdown against the Ravens in Baltimore as a potential playoff matchup and therefore adjust their game plan accordingly.
Such an approach, Kellerman suggests, could throw off the Ravens in their preparation down the road should the teams meet in the postseason.

“I have a sneaking suspicion — I haven’t spoken to anyone or anything like that, but I have a sneaking suspicion,” Kellerman said. “Obviously, Bill Belichick and the Patriots want to win every game. But I have a suspicion that Belichick is now surveying the landscape and thinking, ‘We may have to play that team in the playoffs.’ And I just have a feeling he may want to give them a look, put something down on tape that ain’t gonna be there when they meet them in the playoffs. … The point is that great coaches throughout history have been known to do that. They give you a look if they think they’re gonna see you again that ain’t gonna be there the next time they see you. And I think Belichick is gonna have the ace up his sleeve in the playoffs to deal with this Ravens team.
“I still think the Patriots win this game, but I think it’s gonna be competitive and I think (Ravens quarterback) Lamar Jackson will be allowed to do certain things in this game that he will not be allowed to do if these teams meet again at Foxboro.”

This is an interesting theory. Could Kellerman be on to something?
Of course the Patriots aren’t going to be totally reckless come Sunday night at M&T Bank Stadium, but they’re still undefeated (8-0) and currently have the inside track on the AFC’s No. 1 seed. Perhaps Belichick will find ways to play the long game and refrain from digging too deep into his bag of tricks, hopeful that it’ll set up the Patriots for success in a more important clash in January.