Sam Kennedy Opens Up On Red Sox’s Decision To Part Ways With Dave Dombrowski

The Red Sox and Dave Dombrowski parted ways after a 10-5 loss to the New York Yankees — a move that came as a surprise with so little time left in the regular season.
Dombrowski served as Boston’s president of baseball operations for four seasons, winning three straight American League division titles and notched a World Series title in 2018. But after a lackluster year in which the Red Sox have struggled to find consistency, a decision was made that a change had to happen.

Prior to the Red Sox’s game with the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday, Sam Kennedy sat down with NESN’s Tom Caron on “Red Sox Gameday Live” to discuss what went behind the decision to move on from Dombrowski.
“It was a very difficult decision, one that John Henry, Tom Werner and myself and senior leadership did not come to lightly,” the CEO said, as seen on NESN. “We thank him for everything he did. Dave’s time here will be remembered with great fondness. Winning divisional championships, winning a World Series . He came in at the right time, did exactly what we wanted him to do, won a World Series. As we look to mole forward, obviously you don’t make a change unless you feel that a new leader is needed. … He handled it like a pro. it was difficult obviously on a personal level and on a professional level. … now we move forward.”
So, what’t next in terms of finding a replacement?
“We’re engaged in the very very early days of the process. Myself along with John and Tom have started the research phase and the due diligence phase.”
Assistant GMs Eddie Romero, Brian O’Halloran and Zack Scott and Red Sox senior vice president of major and minor league operations Raquel Ferreira since have filled the void Dombrowski’s absence left.