Would Tom Brady, LeBron James Face Same Parenting Scrutiny? Kendrick Perkins Wonders

As LeBron James takes fire over his parenting style, Kendrick Perkins wonders whether critics would receive Tom Brady for doing the same thing.
The former Boston Celtics center defended the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s high-profile show of parental enthusiasm, saying Tuesday via Twitter James had every right to go nuts after his oldest son threw down an alley-oop in a recent game.
“I guess Bron should walk in with secret service and say no pictures and autographs and sit there with his legs crossed and just a couple of claps huh?” Perkins wrote. “That man is at His first Born Basketball game supporting his son and having fun with it!”
Perkins joins Jayson Tatum among Celtics personalities who have backed James on this matter. Tatum said he can’t wait until his son is old enough to receive his full-throated support in any activities in which he participates.

James also threw down some dunks prior to his son’s game, with the demonstration entertaining the assembled crowd and also providing more fodder for critics. Perkins asked the Twitterverse how the public would have viewed Brady if he threw some passes around before one of his son’s games.

I wonder if Tom Brady was to show up at his son football game and was throwing deep routes to the wide receivers during pregame would people have anything to say?!
— Kendrick Perkins (@KendrickPerkins) July 30, 2019

It’s certainly something to think about just before this controversy fades away.