Who On The Bruins Could Coach? Bruce Cassidy, Torey Krug Share Thoughts

It’s not uncommon that former athletes end up as coaches after they call it quits.
Take Alex Cora, for example, who just led the Boston Red Sox to a historic season capped with winning the World Series in his first year.
Boston Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy also used to be a player in the NHL. He’s had success since taking the lead midway through the 2016-17 season. Though he hasn’t had the success Cora’s had, he has brought the B’s to the playoffs every season since taking over.
The 2018-19 Bruins squad has a plethora of talented players who have a special eye for the game. But who does Cassidy think could handle being an NHL coach?
“I love it, but it’s not for everybody,” Cassidy said, via The Athletic’s Joe McDonald. “(Patrice Bergeron) would be one that comes to mind, for sure.”
Bergeron certainly seems like a logical choice considering his leadership skills on the ice.

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But what about players like Torey Krug or Brad Marchand?
“Yeah, I could see it,” Cassidy said of Krug. “He understands all parts of the game very well. You’ve got to love the game, so that brings in (Brad Marchand), but I don’t know if Marchy has the discipline to not enjoy life so much.”
Krug seems to agree with his coach’s logic.
“I’d give myself the nod. Coaching’s a grind,” Krug said. “Those guys put in a lot of hours, watch a lot of hockey, but it’s definitely something I’ve thought of. It depends on how long I play and how I’m feeling afterwards.”
Krug only is 27 years old, so he (hopefully) has a lengthy amount of playing time left before he thinks about making coaching a reality. But if he decides to go that route, we know he has Cassidy’s stamp of approval.