Patriots Rumor: Team Eyeing A Wide Out But Appear To Be Miss Out

Patriots Rumor: Team Eyeing A Wide Out But Appear To Be Miss Out
The New England Patriots are rumored to be interested in trading for a top wide out to help bolster their offense. Earlier on Tuesday there seemed to be plenty of options but with the day coming to a close the likes of Golden Tate and Demaryius Thomas have been traded limiting the potential options for New England.
It is always interesting to see the price points of players and their value the closer to the trade deadline with all situations being different.”
“Most of the situations all are different.” Bill Belichick said.” Usually, Nick [Caserio] is involved in and handles a lot more of those than I do. I’m in meetings with players and staff trying to get ready for the game, so really we have other people on our staff that I would say handle the majority of those calls and that discussion.”
New England defeated the Buffalo Bills on Monday night meaning they will have a short week prior to playing the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. For some that might be a disadvantage in terms of working with the trade deadline on a short week, but Belichick doesn’t really see it that way.
“No, I don’t think so. I think if you have a later game, like we had this week, then you use a little bit of the extra time last week to maybe check on a couple of things, or teams that want to communicate with us can and did do that knowing that we had a game on Monday night. They might have initiated conversation on Friday or Saturday of last week. Sometimes these conversations go back several weeks, so you just never know. Each situation is different. I don’t think there’s any set formula. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Everybody’s pretty accessible by phone, so we can get ahold of whoever we need to get ahold of. Anybody that needs to get ahold of us, they can do that too.”
New England will be eyeing a wide out, but with Tate and Thomas off the board it appears the Patriots will have to either pony up for another weapon or take a less than “premium” option.
For the Patriots maybe the Josh Gordon discipline was real and they are looking for insurance in case Gordon has another relapse. Or maybe the always looming Rob Gronkowski injury paired with a real lack of depth on offense is driving the teams mission in bringing in a top wide out. But ultimately it has to be putting QB Tom Brady in the best position to lead the Patriots to another Lombardi Trophy.
With the trade deadline past at 4 pm, it is unclear what New England’s next move is.
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