Colin Cowherd Marvels At Longevity Of Patriots’ Continued Success

The New England Patriots are a well of success that seems to never run dry.
After winning their first Super Bowl title in the 2001 NFL season, the Patriots have become one of the most impressive dynasties in sports history, which includes five championships and eight total Super Bowl appearances in the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era.
New England’s run of success has gotten its deserved publicity, but Colin Cowherd took a moment during Tuesday’s edition of “The Herd” on FOX Sports 1 to really put the stretch in perspective.

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"The fact that the Patriots dynasty continues is unbelievable. This isn't supposed to be this way in professional football. Here's how long this thing has lasted: LaDainian Tomlinson was drafted, played, waited, got inducted into the HOF and it's still going." — @ColinCowherd
— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) October 30, 2018

The scariest fact of the matter is that this run still has legs. Brady seems dedicated to the idea of playing into his mid-40s, which leads one to believe Belichick will carry on alongside his legendary quarterback. The two likely already have cemented their status as the greatest coach-quarterback duo in league history, and given the landscape of the NFL, it’s tough to imagine another pair in the future prompting a debate.