Free Printable Thanksgiving Cards: 10 Beautiful Designs!

These warm and beautiful free printable Thanksgiving cards will help express your love for everyone who holds a special place in your heart. Send them these cards on Thanksgiving Day and let them know how much you appreciate them. Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the time of the year again. A time to gather your loved ones to celebrate abundance! Let’s keep this warm feeling all through the year. The free printable Thanksgiving cards that I am sharing with you will help keep the warmth and the joy of the season not only on Thanksgiving Day but also for all the days that it follows. And oh, don’t forget to write your own personal message to make these cards more heartfelt and meaningful!

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Cards: 12 Warm and Beautiful Designs to Choose From!
You are about to enjoy 12 beautifully designed free printable Thanksgiving cards from the Shining Mom blog. Each card is designed for printing in 5.5″ x 4.25″ paper. All of these cards come in high resolution so you can adjust your printer setting should you like to print them on larger size paper.
Scroll down to view some of the cards that I have handpicked from the collection. I have incorporated floral graphics from Design Cuts in creating them. These free printable Thanksgiving cards come in warm and charming rustic floral theme. Here are they are. I hope you can use them!
Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Thankful for You Greeting Cards

Which of the designs is your favorite so far? Mine is the one with floral wreath that says “Happy Thanksgiving!”. I just love the femininity of that card! How about you?
If you’re ready to snag your freebie, simply GO HERE. You’ll have more free printable Thanksgiving card designs in your download. Remember, you have 10 designs to choose from! Ready your printer now for this little DIY project for you loved ones!
Please help spread this freebie by pinning this post at Pinterest. Thanks!

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Lastly, perhaps you would like to plan the Christmas holidays ahead? Hop over to this post and snag you free Christmas planner, too!
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your loved ones. May this holiday amazing things in abundance and may the flow of blessings stay with you all year-long.

FREE Printable Budget Planner 2019: 30+ Budget Templates!

We’re so excited about the free printable Budget Planner 2019 by Shining Mom! It’s one brilliant planner designed to help you successfully manage your finances. There is no better time to start your journey to financial wellness than now. It’s time to save more and invest more and to finally make your money dreams come true!
This amazing finance planner with easy-to-use budget templates will help you cut down financial leaks and make simple and educated changes in your spending habits. It will also help you set your ideal monthly and weekly budget that you can stick to. It’s absolutely for FREE!

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Friends! It’s a big day here at Shining Mom blog because one of our most popular freebies is released today– our yearly budget planner! I am more than excited to present to you this all-new 2019 edition! It has over 30 budget worksheets that are carefully thought of to help you manage your hard-earned income.
Do you have the tendency to splurge on wants? Admittedly, without planning ahead, I can easily do, too. To take full control of my finances, I always feel the need to budget my money. Knowing how much I can spend per category (food, entertainment, transportation etc.) helps me control possible financial leaks. As always, my nifty budget binder is my helping hand!
If you’ve been following the blog for any amount of time, you surely know by now how much I love budgeting worksheets and how passionate I am in creating worksheets that work. My personal budget binder has been my secret weapon to successfully manage my income. My budget binder gives me a system to wisely manage what I have. Readers say that the past editions of my budget planner have been helping them sort things out,too. I hope you can make this free printable budget planner 2019 work for your advantage as well!
Getting ready to be more financially wise in 2019? This year’s 2019 Budget Planner by Shining Mom is a whole new planner to love! Please enjoy this freebie!
The FREE Printable Budget Planner 2019 Everyone Needs!
I had a clear goal in mind while creating this new planner I wanted to eliminate the overwhelm in budgeting  so I tried my very best to keep each page simple, practical and very easy to use. I hope you’ll find this planner practical and pretty as I intended to!

This nifty planner is designed to help you:

Identify your financial dreams and goals.
Crack off your debts.
Understand your cash flow.
Create an ideal monthly and weekly budget for yourself and your family.
Keep track of your monthly spending.
Plan your menu ahead while keeping the budget you’ve set in mind.
Keep track of your monthly and annual bills.
Save more AND be financially free, finally!

I know you’ll find more ways to make this planner work for you.  Keep scrolling to explore the functional, practical and simple budget worksheets included.
Ready to take a closer peek to some of the pages included? Without further ado, I am happy to present to you this ultimate budgeting planner for 2019!
What Are Your Financial Goals?
I am huge on setting goals. I always start all the planners that I create with goal-setting pages because I believe in the power of knowing your directions first before starting your journey. For your fee printable budget planner 2019, I included several dream boards and pages that will let you grab your favorite cup of drink and brainstorm how you like your year to look like.
What are your financial goals in 2019? Aim freely and start writing your action plans on how they can be achieved!

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Do You Spend Your Money Wisely?
The next printables included are the bills and spending logs. Not only will these worksheets help you track your spending, they will also help you evaluate if your expense is fixed or controllable. Understanding how you spend your money will help you know how much you can potentially add to your savings. Learn to cut back on your controllable expenses you will surely see your savings grow!

Set an Ideal Budget and Stick To It!
Now that you know how much you spend, you are ready to make a clear budget, be it weekly or monthly. The next pages included will give you a system to easily create a budget plan.

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That’s about it! Over 30 printable budgeting worksheets that are all ready for printing! A shout out to Quili of Design Cuts for the spectacular patterns I used in designing this planner.
If you’re to snag your free printable budget planner 2019, quickly check out these printing reminders and instructions.

Instantly download the free printable 2019 budget binder HERE or receive the files straight to your inbox by joining the over 30,000 newsletter subscribers HERE.  By subscribing to the Shining Mom mailing list, you will receive notices for promotions and freebies released on the blog. Yup, you’ll not miss any Shining Mom planner again!
Print the planner in US Standard letter-size paper with 8.5″x11″ dimensions. You may also print it using A4 sheets, just be sure to adjust your printer setting.
This budget binder is free for personal use only!

Amazing 2019 Planners and Calendars!
Exciting news! If you’re looking for more organizing printables to get you all set for 2019, I have released beautiful calendars and planners at the Shining Mom store that I am pretty sure you’re going to love. They will work perfectly with the free budget planer included in this post! Be sure to check out the following:

2019 Success Designer: The Ultimate Goal-Setting Planner!
Printable 2019 Monthly Calendars in Beautiful Florals (with bonus weekly planners)!
Classic Monthly Calendars for 2019 in Horizontal Format
Money Management Binder

Oh, may I ask help from you? Can you please help me share the freebie by passing this post forward? Pin this post at Pinterest for others to see! I will be very grateful if you will.

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Lastly, don’t forget our top free planners for 2019–  the Design a Life You Love Planner and the Happy Life Planner! You’ll be happy to have these two amazing freebies in your home or office all through out 2019 to help you stay organized and productive.
May you have an  amazing 2019. Wishing you financial success!

How to use DigiLocker: Upload Driving License, Pan Card and Aadhaar Step by Step Guide

Last updated on October 5th, 2018 at 11:36 pmIn this Guide, Learn How to use DigiLocker, an online document storage, initiated by Govt. Of India, as a part of Digital India, to help it’s citizens to securely save their Important documents like Driving License, Pan Card, Aadhar Card and Other documents and Certificates issued by different Universities and Govt departments, in a secure Cloud platform, which can be easily accessible from anywhere with a net connection.
ie; With DigiLocker, you can Save documents Online Free of cost under Government initiative.

 What are the Advantages of DigiLocker Account

The main benefits of DigiLocker (Digital Locker System) is that you can upload all your important documents to a Secure Online Platform initiated by Government of India.
Indian Railways accepts digital Aadhar and Driver License as valid ID proof. These documents can be accessed from anywhere when you need it. So you don’t have to carry your important documents when you travel.
Another advantage of DigiLocker is that we can now drive hassle free, as we don’t have to carry original driving License or RC Book. You can show the Driver License and RC book from your DigiLocker account. Digital Driving License and RC Book is accepted all states in India.
More than Twenty Crore Educational Certificates are now available in DigiLocker. You can save your Schools (10th Mark sheet, 12 th Marke sheet etc) and College certificates in your Digital Locker Account Safely. So you can easily share the certificate copies when you attend an interview or when you need it very urgently. More over your documents are safe from natural calamities like Floods, Earth quakes etc.
With DigiLocker we can get documents or certificates directly from the registered Issuer. CBSE Students can get their Digital Mark sheets, Passing Certificates, Migration Certificates etc.
You can digitally Sign Documents. It is like Self attestation.

 DigiLocker Mobile App
DigiLocker Desk Top and Mobile versions (Both Android and IOS Versions available)
Website URL:
DigiLocker Android App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store: Android App Link
and the IOS App can be Downloaded from here.
 How to get a DigiLocker Account
You can easily get a DigiLocker Account. DigiLocker Signup process is very simple. You just need a Mobile Number to get the DigiLocker Account.
You will get an OTP (One Time Password) to authenticate the Mobile Number. Once the Mobile Number is verified, You can select a User Name and Password to complete the DigiLocker Signup Process.
To get additional services, you can provide your Aadhar Number.
Learn How to check SBI Account Balance with a Missed Call Or SMS
 Digital Locker Login Account Creation
For DigiLocker Account creation, Follow below steps by step process:

Step 1: To register visit  and Enter your Mobile Number and Click on ‘Continue’ button

Image Credit:

Now you will get an OTP (One Time Password) in your given Mobile Number.
Enter the OTP and then click on ‘Verify‘ button.

After the successful Mobile verification, you will get a User Account creation page. You can enter your Email/Mobile as the User Name and a strong Password. Then click on ‘Signup‘ button.

Now you can see the DigilLocker Account creation Confirmation Message. You can enter your Aadhar Card Number. This is optional.
If you have an Aadhar Number, enter your Aadhar Number and Select the consent check box to pull your aadhar details from the UIDAI.
To use DigiLocker without Aadhar Card, Click on ‘Don’t have Aadhar? Continue Here‘.

Now you will be redirected to the Dashboard. There you can see an option to enter your Email address for verification.

Enter your Email address and Click on the ‘Send Verification Link‘. You will get an email verification link. Click on it to verify the email address. Email verification will add more security to your DigiLocker Account.

 How to link Aadhar with DigiLocker Account

If you have not linked your Aadhar with Digilocker Account during Signup, you can link it at any time by clicking the Aadhar Link option available in the Dashboard. Check the screen shot below.

Now you will get an option to enter your Aadhar Number. After entering the Aadhar Number select the check box and then click on ‘Link Now‘ button.

Now you will get an OTP in your Aadhar Linked Mobile Number. Enter the OTP received on your mobile and click on the ‘Verify‘ button.
Your DigiLocker account with Aadhar is linked successfully. After the successful Aadhar Linking,  you can see your Aadhar Profile in your DigiLocker account ‘Profile’ section.
Once the Aadhar is linked, you can see the issued documents in your Dashboard. It will be added to your DigiLocker account directly by the Registered Issuers (Registered Government Departments). You can see the Aadhar card in your Issued Documents section.

You can download your Aadhar card at any time from your digilocker account by clicking the PDF Icon.

 How to Upload Driving License in DigiLocker Account
You can link your Driving License with your DigiLocker Account. So you don’t have to carry the original driver license every time.
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has issued an advisory to all the States/UTs to accept digital Driving License and Vehicle RC presented through DigiLocker.
You can now show the Driver License in your DigiLocker Account whenever required. It can be shared with other agencies when required for the verification of Adress or ID proof.
Follow below steps to Store Driving Licence in DigiLocker:

Login your DigiLocker Account with your User Name and Password.
Click on ‘Issued Docuemnts‘ on the left hand side Menu

Now Click on ‘Pull Documents‘ or ‘Check Partners Section‘ link.
You will get an option to select the Partners and Document Type.
To Link the Driver License, Select Partner Name ‘Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, All States’ and ‘Driving License’ as the ‘Document Type’.
You can also link Vehicle ‘Fitness Certificate‘ , ‘Registration Certificate‘, ‘Vehicle Insurance Certificate‘, ‘Vehicle Tax Receipt’ etc by selecting it from the ‘Document Type’ option.

If your Aadhar is linked, you can see that your Name and Date Of Birth is automatically filled. Other wise Enter your Name, Date Of Birth, Father’s Name etc (must match with the Date of Birth in your Driver License), and License Number.
Now click on ‘Get Document’ button. Your driving License data will be fetched and Linked with DigiLocker Account.

 How to Link Pan Card in DigiLocker Account
You can now Integrate Permanent Account Number (PAN) with the DigiLocker Account and can access your real time PAN verification record from the Income Tax Department.
Follow below steps to learn How to get PAN verification record:

After the Login of your DigiLocker Account, Click on ‘Issued Docuemnts‘ on the left hand side Menu
Then Click on ‘Pull Documents’ (Refer Screen shots above)
In partner’s name, Select ‘income tax department, Govt of India’ from the dropdown and in document type select ‘PAN verification record’.
Enter your Date Of Birth, PAN Number, Name as in PAN Card etc
Then click on ‘Get Document’.
After the successful Pan Card linking you can see the message ‘Your document is saved in Issued Documents section. ‘
Now you can see your Pan Card in the Issued Documents section in your DigiLocker Account. You can download it or Share it at any time.

If you need any help, chat with us or post your questions as comment below.
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What Does Arrow Icon Mean? Location Services Explained

Do you see an arrow icon at the top of your screen? Is it sometimes blue, sometimes hollow? And are you wondering what this icon means? That means that your phone is currently accessing your location. This icon can be in different format/colors. Different colors mean different things. This article explains what these different color arrow icons mean and how you can disable, if you want to do so.

In short, when you enable Location Services, a black or white-hollow arrow icon may appear indicating that your device is using Location Services (e.g., maps, Camera, weather apps, etc). When you enable your Location Services, you are letting your iOS device determine your location. Your iPhone or iPad uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile networks to obtain the most accurate location. When you disable this, it will be disabled for all apps.
Some apps may need this enabled as they may use this information to work correctly. For instance, you may set up location based reminders. Or Find My iPhone will not work if you disable Location Services. Without Location Services, you may not be able to use map apps. You may enable or disable this for certain apps. Note that Location Services may drain your battery.
Arrow icons
As I stated above, if you see this arrow icon, that means that your iPhone is accessing your location:

A hollow arrow means that some apps (one or more than one) are actively using geofencing. This means that this will trigger an action when you go to a set location. For instance, you may set up a location based reminder (e.g., “set a reminder to call Bobby when I am home”) and when you are home, you will be notified. Obviously your iPhone will have to use Location Services.
A solid (black) arrow means that your device is actively accessing yoru location. For instance, when you use a Map app, you will see this.

How to show or hide the arrow icon
You can hide or show the Location Services icon easily. However you can only show or hide System Services Location Services. Note that this is not enabling or disabling Location Services. If you want to turn on and off this, please see the following section.

On your iOS device, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services
Scroll down and tap System Services
Scroll down and toggle off “Status Bar Icon”

How to turn off and on Location Services
You may want to disable this for various reasons. For instance, you may disable Location Services to extend your device’s battery life. Note that some apps may not work if you disable this. Here is how:

Tap Settings
Tap Privacy and Location Services
And toggle off “Location Services”

You want to enable Location Services but you also want some apps not to access your location? You can also turn off and on Location Services for certain apps. Here is how:

Tap Settings
Tap Privacy and Location Services
Find the app that you do not want it to access your location
And then select “Never”. This means that this app will no longer use Location Services. There are other options that you may also choose. “While Using the App” means that the app will use Location Services when it is being used.

Location Services Not Working?
You may try to reset your Location Services by going to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Location & Privacy.
See also:

Apple Maps not working?
Google Maps not working?

Please note that some apps that use Location Services will ask for permission to access your location the first time you launch them. You may decide to give them permission to access your location.
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iPhone Keeps Saying Incorrect Wi-Fi Password (But It’s Correct); Fix

I started having this problem last night. Basically, I was having trouble to reconnect to my Wi-Fi network. Suddenly, last night, my iPhone decided that my Wi-Fi password was incorrect, even though I was using the same password for years without any problem. Here is what exactly happened in this order:

My iPhone disconnected from a Wi-Fi connection that my iPhone had been connected to
My iPhone tried to re-connect. My iPhone was not able to connect automatically, like it did all the time
But iPhone did not accept the network password to let me join, even I entered the correct password manually also.

See also: Cannot join hidden network?

This article explains how I was able to resolve this problem. Are you having the same problem? All iOS devices can have this problem. Randomly, your iPhone (or iPad) says the password is incorrect? If you are having the same issue, please follow the steps below to resolve it:
Incorrect Wi-Fi Password
Steps to resolve this problem, please after each step check if you fixed the problem:

First of all, lets make sure that you are entering the password correctly (note that Wi-Fi passwords are case sensitive)
Do you have other devices and are they connecting the same Wi-Fi without any problems?
Make sure that Auto-Join is turned on. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and find your Wi-Fi and tap the info (i) icon next to it and turn on Auto-Join.
Weak Wi-Fi signals may cause this. Move closer to your router, does this fix your problem? if it does, then your problem is poor Wi-Fi signals.
Turn off Airplane Mode, wait a few seconds and then turn back off by going to Settings > Airplane Mode.
In iOS, tap Settings > Wi-Fi, then find your connection and tap the info (i) icon next to it and tap Forget This Network, tap Confirm and then try to reconnect.
Restart everything:

Your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). You can shut down your device by going to Settings > general and scroll down and the tap Shut Down. Then start your device.
Restart your router and Modem. Unplug your router (and modem) from its power source. Wait about one minute. And then reconnect by plugging them back into the power source. Some modems have backup batteries. If your modem has batteries, remove these as well. Wi-Fi interference from other connections many cause this problem. Restarting your router will likely fix this.

Update everything:

Update your iOS device. You can do so wirelessly by going to Settings > General > Software Update
Make sure that your router has the latest software. Check your router’s manual to see how you can update.

If you are still having problems, reset your network settings. Please note that doing so will remove your settings (e.g., your Wi-Fi passwords etc). Simply go to  Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Do not worry, you will not lose any data.
Check to see if your router has MAC filtering enabled, turn off Mac filtering (Media Access Control) if it is on. Mac filtering limits the devices. Please note that this is mostly disabled by default. See your router’s manual for more information regarding this. Apple recommends this disabled.

See also: Cannot connect to a known network?
If you are having problems, contact Apple support. You may chat or make a Genius Bar appointment.
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FREE October 2018 Calendar: 12 Awesome Designs!

Time to plan your October! Here are free October 2018 calendar printables that you can print and use outright to map out your plans. Scroll down to see these pretty, fresh and new designs that I have for you! You’re going to enjoy your free calendar shopping here at Shining Mom blog again!

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We all know how important it is to plan our month ahead.This is why, I always release my free planners and calendars early! New on the blog? Please know that I do share free calendars on a monthly basis right here and his segment has been running for years already! The Shining Mom community comes here every month to snag their free calendars, like ones I am sharing right now. I hope you can join my mailing list so I can send you updates once the calendars are out!
I am so, so excited to announce that I have created 12 darling calendar designs for you this month. A shout out to Whiteheart Designs and OpiaDesigns for the design elements I used in creating your calendars. I love it that my designing no longer starts from scratch. =)
Now let’s go see the beautiful free October 2018 calendar printables that I have for you!
Free  October 2018 Calendar Printables: 12 Beautiful Designs
Dainty October 2018 Calendar
I am starting off with my favorite calendar from the set. This has been one of the most popular calendar designs that I have for this year.  What’s nice about this calendar is that it’s less on ink but the design is not compromised. Get this October 2018 calendar for your home and office!

Cute October 2018 Calendar Printable
Moving on, this next calendar that I am about to share has a cute print. I mean,  just look at the fun background and frame! Adorable, isn’t it? While you can print this out for yourself to use, this free October Calendar also makes a great addition to student binders. Print this out for the students in your life!

Free October 2018 Calendar with Pretty Florals
Loving anything floral? You might like to use this next calendar design. This has been one of the most popular calendar designs that I have for this year. It keeps being requested so I keep releasing it. Hahaha! What’s nice about this calendar is that it’s less on ink but the design is not compromised. The bold flower elements says it all! Get this October 2018 calendar for your home and office use. 

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Free October 2018 Calendar Printable
The next calendar design that I have created for you is beautiful, well at least for my eyes. Do you agree? I love that it is bold and striking. It’s definitely the calendar design that I’ll be using for my blogging schedules for the month. Ahhh, I’m excited to use it! I hope you love this October calendar in floral pattern, too!

October 2018 Calendar for Kids
Looking for a calendar planner to print for your kids? Just like the 2nd calendar released in this set, this next one comes fun and colorful, too! Exactly the design that kids love! Feel free to print this out for your little ones. It makes the perfect calendar to write down their school activities (and even their daily home chores)!

Minimalist Free October 2018 Calendar Printable
If you’re tired scouring the internet looking for a free printable October 2017 calendar that comes clean and just minimalist but pretty, I think your search ends here. I love that this next calendar design comes with just a splash of watercolor as adornment. It’s great to use for your office calendaring and even as a meal planner for your home! Grab your copy!

Free Printable October 2018 Calendar Template
No doubt the next calendar template that I am sharing with you is another gorgeous one in its simplicity. Yup, this one comes rather basic yet beaming with style. Look at that beautiful font!  If you’re that type of person who likes mostly white, clutter-free working environment, I highly recommend that you print out this October calendar template. It’s perfect for your minimalist workstation!

Free October 2018 Calendar Printable 
Looking for a calendar for your kids? You’ll never go wrong with this next October calendar with a cute, printed background!

Free October 2018 Calendar Printable
Remember my popular 2017 planner? This calendar design is its perfect match. Check out the planner here to get it!

Free Printable October  2018 Calendar
And finally, here goes the last calendar preview for this set.  This free printable October 2018 calendar is absolutely darling, it will inspire you to do your best in October. Print this out to to lay out your plans for the month or just display it on your desktop!


Get your free printable calendar copies. I chunked them into two files for easier printing. The first set is in portrait while second one is in landscape orientation. To start taking your pick, get the calendars HERE and HERE .
Decide which ones to print for the moth. Well actually, you may print as many as you like for as long as you don’t sell them. Note that they are all designed to be printed in 8.5×11 paper.
 Enjoy the calendars!

Love the calendars? You’re invited to sign up for Shining Mom newsletter. Your membership entitles you to receive freebie updates from Shining Mom plus you’ll also get to enjoy my free powerful e-book, the “Success Workbook”. It’s a binder of organizing tools that will drive you to success. Join the Shining Mom mailing list HERE.
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Wait, don’t go yet. I have a library of free printables with thousands of free organizing sheets that you can scour. To ease your search, here are my current favorites:
December Calendars
New! October Calendars 
2019 Happy Life Planner
Have a great day everyone! Enjoy your stay at Shining Mom! 
(Note to image sharing sites: These calendars are strictly not open for your round-up posts.)

Free Printable October Planner and Bullet Journal!

Thinking of planning your October ahead? You sure should be! It’s another great day here at Shining Mom because your October planner is out today!  It’s a colorful and refreshing one, I must say. It’s designed to help you organize your schedule and to boost your productivity all through the month.
Oh, I’ve also included bullet journal templates for the BuJo fans out there! Yes, it’s really a happy day for everyone so get ready to print this lovely freebie!

Hello, friends! Welcome back to Shining Mom! I thought of releasing your monthly planner a bit earlier than usual because October is going to be a busy month, I know! We’re now entering the last quarter of the year and your list of to-dos before the year ends can be extra long! Oh, how time flies, isn’t it?

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Because your October is going to be extra busy, I also made sure to add extra colors to your planner for this month. I added colorful bunches of flowers by Octopus Arti in designing your planner to keep you inspired and motivated monthlong. There’s nothing like organizing your days ahead on lovely cheerful pages!
Let’s view the pages I included?
October Planner Cover Pages
The cover pages are of course pretty! I’ve included two cover options for you. The cover page below if for your monthly planner and the other one (which you can find in your download) is for your bullet journal.

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Daily Planner Templates
What are your plans today?
Facing each day with a clear plan will make you feel confident, and for sure, extra productive. I’ve included daily planning templates in your October planner that will let you identify your priorities for the day, list your other to-do’s, and the things you need to accomplish. Here’s the sample copy.

Goal-Setting Page
I did not forget to include a goal-setting page, of course! There’s nothing like entering the month with clear goals! Before anything else, jot down your top 5 priorities for October. I love doing this, how about you?

October Month-at-a-Glance
Next up is a month-at-a-glance page which is usually the most used page in my planner. I love using this page because it allows me to easily view what I am supposed to accomplish on a daily basis. While this page comes undated, you may also opt to snag free dated monthly calendars for October here.

All these, and a whole lot more! The free printable October planner/ bullet journal that I am sharing with you includes over 10 lovely pages that are all ready for printing. Excited to have yours? Here’s how you can snag this freebie plus some printing reminders!

Download the free printable October planner HERE.
Print the pages in US standard, letter-size paper (8.5″x11″). You may also opt to print the pages in A4, just be sure to adjust your printer margins to fit the pages.
Use the planner to crush your October goals!


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Oh, please know that I am set to roll out a bunch of amazing freebies for 2019 so do stay tuned! Yup, everything will be released oh-so-early! Meanwhile, don’t forget to grab these amazing free planners that I have already released:

2019 Happy Life Planner
Design a Life You Love 2019 Planner
Free Monthly Calendars
Dated October Calendars

Have an awesome October and thanks for dropping by! See you again soon?

How to Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication?

We get a lot of questions from our readers wondering how two-factor authentication can be turned off. It seems that some users find that two-factor authentication is annoying and it is understandable that they may have various concerns about wanting to turn off two-factor; even though it helps enhance your account’s security by making it a lot more difficult for someone else to sign in to your Apple account.

So we decided to write this short article. The purpose of this article is simply to answer this question: Is it possible to disable two-factor authentication, and if so, how can you do that?

See also: Cannot Reset Apple ID Security Questions?

Disabling two-factor authentication

So, is it possible to disable this? The short answer is maybe but it is highly likely that you cannot. If you  already turned on this, you may turn it off within two weeks. Then you would be able to go to the website and go to manage my account. You would be able to turn it off there, if it shows. Here is exactly how you can do that:

Enter your Apple ID and password and log in
Find the Security section
Click Edit
Then click “Turn off two-factor authentication” (if you do not see this, then you cannot turn this off).  Once you click, you will be asked to confirm: “If you turn off two-factor authentication, your account will be protected with only your password and security questions”. Click Continue. 

But if you cannot find the option to turn off this, then it means it can not be turned off.  As we stated above it cannot be disabled after it has been on for two weeks or longer.  If this is the case, you cannot turn off this security feature. Apple does not allow it. And here is why.

Why I Cannot Turn Off Two-Factor Aunhetication

Your account is more secure when you use Two-factor authentication so that no-one else can access your account even if someone else knows your Apple password. And a lot of iOS and macOS features (iCloud Keychain, iCloud Messages etc) require this extra level of security. 

Apple introduced this feature in 2015 with iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan. 

Please note that two-factor authentication and two-step verification  is NOT the same thing. They are different. Two-step verification is an older security method than two-factor authentication. 

If you are using two-step verification, you CAN turn this off. If you want to turn this off:

Go to
Enter your Apple ID and password to login
Scroll down and go to the “Security” section
Click Edit
Click “Two-Step Verification…” and then you will be asked to confirm. You will be asked: Turning-off two-step verification will make your account less secure. Are you sure you want to proceed? Click to confirm and you are done. 

Please further note that if your device is running iOS 11 (or later) or macOS High Sierra, you will be automatically switched you from two-step to two-factor.

See also: Change Apple ID email 

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It’s time to place Alexis Sanchez on the bench

By Mark Weasley
When Alexis Sanchez arrived at Old Trafford in January, he was supposed to be the answer to the attacking players at Manchester City. Given the fact that United had beaten the Citizens to his signing, it felt like the turning point as it meant United still had the pulling power to attract the best players in world football. Nine months later, the Sanchez that Manchester United thought they were getting has still not shown up.
He has been poor, atrocious and every word that describes a person not living up to expectations. He has just 3 strikes in 23 matches for Manchester United, a poor return for a player that earns around £350-a-week, he should be doing better.
Alexis Sanchez
It is perhaps time that Jose Mourinho, the man in the dugout takes the bold decision of placing the Chilean on the bench. Since the start of the season, he has endured with the player, who has shown nowhere near the quality that saw him score 30 times for Arsenal in 2017.
He loses possession too many times and generally looks like a man who is not interested in playing anymore, just content with picking his fat paycheck. Perhaps the style of play and lack of understanding is affecting his form, but his dip in form for a player that was held in the same bracket as Eden Hazard as the best wideman in the Premier League is unbelievable.
A time out on the bench will do two things: get him to fall in love with the game once again and take him out of the firing line from his critics.
When he comes back, he should be firing on all cylinders but he needs to rediscover his form. Jose Mourinho must be brave or Alexis Sanchez will keep wallowing in mediocrity.

Emmerdale teases return of soap legend at Joe Tate’s masked ball – but who is behind the mask?

EMMERDALE has hinted that a legendary character is going to return to the village next month.
Multi-millionaire Joe Tate is going to throw a huge masquerade ball at Home Farm as part of the show’s huge autumn week, and now a teaser from the show has all but confirmed a whopping return.
ITV The mystery woman could be one of the soaps biggest ever returns[/caption]
It seems linked to the mysterious person Graham Foster has been calling to keep them informed in Joe’s life.
The mystery woman is seen wearing an ornate mask with her blonde hair showing in front of her red velvet hood.
But who could it be? And what connection do they have to Home Farm and Joe himself? Here are the possibilities…
Kim Tate
Rex Features Kim’s return would cause shockwaves through the village and give the show a much-needed villain[/caption]
She is the iconic soap superbitch who defines Emmerdale more than anyone else.
Played by actress Claire King, she left the soap almost 20 years ago after smacking Joe’s dad Chris over the head with a blunt object and fleeing with most of his cash in a helicopter.
She took her son James with her while Chris desperately tried crawling to stop her.

Kim’s been heard of a little since she left, most notably sending flowers to Seth Armstrong’s funeral in 2005, but she remains one of the most popular characters of all time in the show.
She is technically Joe’s step-grandmother, though hardly the caring type, even if he is her son’s nephew.
Rachel Hughes
Rex Features Rachel was killed by Graham – or was she?[/caption]
There is another blonde woman who could have been keeping a watchful eye on Joe – his mother Rachel Hughes.
Now admittedly Rachel did die in 1999 and her body was discovered at the bottom of the cliff she was shoved off by Graham Clark but stranger things have happened in Emmerdale.
The body could have been someone totally different and Rachel may have been desperate to escape Chris so faked her death.
That doesn’t explain why she didn’t come forward, but there’s plenty of time for that.
Kathy Glover
Rex Features Kathy famously clashed with Kim – so could they both return?[/caption]
She’s had more dead husbands than almost anyone else in soap and she’s yet to kill one.
One of them was Chris Tate, making her, with a bit of time gymnastics – Joe’s stepmother. With Rachel being her best friend, it would be understandable for her to want to keep an eye on him.
And she’s kept close ties to the village despite her being in Australia, with countless residents visiting her when the actors took a break from filming.
Zoe Tate
Zoe’s return has been wanted by fans for yearsYorkshire Television
There’s only one person, hair colour notwithstanding, who can really be connected to both Graham and Joe – his aunt Zoe.
The businesswoman and vet trusted Graham to look after Joe while she raised her daughter Jean in Australia, and fans have been clamouring for her to make a comeback ever since.
She left in a blaze of glory, blowing up Home Farm after selling it to the vulturous King family, so she’s no stranger to scheming to get what she wants.
But if she’s not set for a return then there is one more person who could fit the bill.



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Jean Tate
Rex Features If Jean’s taken after her parents then she’ll be a force to be reckoned with[/caption]
Joe’s cousin would be 16 by now and judging by her parents – a total hellraiser.
While Graham probably wouldn’t be keeping a teenager informed on her older cousin, there would be little stopping her from jumping on a plane to crash his party and make a spectacular return to the village she’d only known as a baby.

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