FREE October 2018 Calendar: 12 Awesome Designs!

Time to plan your October! Here are free October 2018 calendar printables that you can print and use outright to map out your plans. Scroll down to see these pretty, fresh and new designs that I have for you! You’re going to enjoy your free calendar shopping here at Shining Mom blog again!

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We all know how important it is to plan our month ahead.This is why, I always release my free planners and calendars early! New on the blog? Please know that I do share free calendars on a monthly basis right here and his segment has been running for years already! The Shining Mom community comes here every month to snag their free calendars, like ones I am sharing right now. I hope you can join my mailing list so I can send you updates once the calendars are out!
I am so, so excited to announce that I have created 12 darling calendar designs for you this month. A shout out to Whiteheart Designs and OpiaDesigns for the design elements I used in creating your calendars. I love it that my designing no longer starts from scratch. =)
Now let’s go see the beautiful free October 2018 calendar printables that I have for you!
Free  October 2018 Calendar Printables: 12 Beautiful Designs
Dainty October 2018 Calendar
I am starting off with my favorite calendar from the set. This has been one of the most popular calendar designs that I have for this year.  What’s nice about this calendar is that it’s less on ink but the design is not compromised. Get this October 2018 calendar for your home and office!

Cute October 2018 Calendar Printable
Moving on, this next calendar that I am about to share has a cute print. I mean,  just look at the fun background and frame! Adorable, isn’t it? While you can print this out for yourself to use, this free October Calendar also makes a great addition to student binders. Print this out for the students in your life!

Free October 2018 Calendar with Pretty Florals
Loving anything floral? You might like to use this next calendar design. This has been one of the most popular calendar designs that I have for this year. It keeps being requested so I keep releasing it. Hahaha! What’s nice about this calendar is that it’s less on ink but the design is not compromised. The bold flower elements says it all! Get this October 2018 calendar for your home and office use. 

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Free October 2018 Calendar Printable
The next calendar design that I have created for you is beautiful, well at least for my eyes. Do you agree? I love that it is bold and striking. It’s definitely the calendar design that I’ll be using for my blogging schedules for the month. Ahhh, I’m excited to use it! I hope you love this October calendar in floral pattern, too!

October 2018 Calendar for Kids
Looking for a calendar planner to print for your kids? Just like the 2nd calendar released in this set, this next one comes fun and colorful, too! Exactly the design that kids love! Feel free to print this out for your little ones. It makes the perfect calendar to write down their school activities (and even their daily home chores)!

Minimalist Free October 2018 Calendar Printable
If you’re tired scouring the internet looking for a free printable October 2017 calendar that comes clean and just minimalist but pretty, I think your search ends here. I love that this next calendar design comes with just a splash of watercolor as adornment. It’s great to use for your office calendaring and even as a meal planner for your home! Grab your copy!

Free Printable October 2018 Calendar Template
No doubt the next calendar template that I am sharing with you is another gorgeous one in its simplicity. Yup, this one comes rather basic yet beaming with style. Look at that beautiful font!  If you’re that type of person who likes mostly white, clutter-free working environment, I highly recommend that you print out this October calendar template. It’s perfect for your minimalist workstation!

Free October 2018 Calendar Printable 
Looking for a calendar for your kids? You’ll never go wrong with this next October calendar with a cute, printed background!

Free October 2018 Calendar Printable
Remember my popular 2017 planner? This calendar design is its perfect match. Check out the planner here to get it!

Free Printable October  2018 Calendar
And finally, here goes the last calendar preview for this set.  This free printable October 2018 calendar is absolutely darling, it will inspire you to do your best in October. Print this out to to lay out your plans for the month or just display it on your desktop!


Get your free printable calendar copies. I chunked them into two files for easier printing. The first set is in portrait while second one is in landscape orientation. To start taking your pick, get the calendars HERE and HERE .
Decide which ones to print for the moth. Well actually, you may print as many as you like for as long as you don’t sell them. Note that they are all designed to be printed in 8.5×11 paper.
 Enjoy the calendars!

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Have a great day everyone! Enjoy your stay at Shining Mom! 
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