How to use DigiLocker: Upload Driving License, Pan Card and Aadhaar Step by Step Guide

Last updated on October 5th, 2018 at 11:36 pmIn this Guide, Learn How to use DigiLocker, an online document storage, initiated by Govt. Of India, as a part of Digital India, to help it’s citizens to securely save their Important documents like Driving License, Pan Card, Aadhar Card and Other documents and Certificates issued by different Universities and Govt departments, in a secure Cloud platform, which can be easily accessible from anywhere with a net connection.
ie; With DigiLocker, you can Save documents Online Free of cost under Government initiative.

 What are the Advantages of DigiLocker Account

The main benefits of DigiLocker (Digital Locker System) is that you can upload all your important documents to a Secure Online Platform initiated by Government of India.
Indian Railways accepts digital Aadhar and Driver License as valid ID proof. These documents can be accessed from anywhere when you need it. So you don’t have to carry your important documents when you travel.
Another advantage of DigiLocker is that we can now drive hassle free, as we don’t have to carry original driving License or RC Book. You can show the Driver License and RC book from your DigiLocker account. Digital Driving License and RC Book is accepted all states in India.
More than Twenty Crore Educational Certificates are now available in DigiLocker. You can save your Schools (10th Mark sheet, 12 th Marke sheet etc) and College certificates in your Digital Locker Account Safely. So you can easily share the certificate copies when you attend an interview or when you need it very urgently. More over your documents are safe from natural calamities like Floods, Earth quakes etc.
With DigiLocker we can get documents or certificates directly from the registered Issuer. CBSE Students can get their Digital Mark sheets, Passing Certificates, Migration Certificates etc.
You can digitally Sign Documents. It is like Self attestation.

 DigiLocker Mobile App
DigiLocker Desk Top and Mobile versions (Both Android and IOS Versions available)
Website URL:
DigiLocker Android App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store: Android App Link
and the IOS App can be Downloaded from here.
 How to get a DigiLocker Account
You can easily get a DigiLocker Account. DigiLocker Signup process is very simple. You just need a Mobile Number to get the DigiLocker Account.
You will get an OTP (One Time Password) to authenticate the Mobile Number. Once the Mobile Number is verified, You can select a User Name and Password to complete the DigiLocker Signup Process.
To get additional services, you can provide your Aadhar Number.
Learn How to check SBI Account Balance with a Missed Call Or SMS
 Digital Locker Login Account Creation
For DigiLocker Account creation, Follow below steps by step process:

Step 1: To register visit  and Enter your Mobile Number and Click on ‘Continue’ button

Image Credit:

Now you will get an OTP (One Time Password) in your given Mobile Number.
Enter the OTP and then click on ‘Verify‘ button.

After the successful Mobile verification, you will get a User Account creation page. You can enter your Email/Mobile as the User Name and a strong Password. Then click on ‘Signup‘ button.

Now you can see the DigilLocker Account creation Confirmation Message. You can enter your Aadhar Card Number. This is optional.
If you have an Aadhar Number, enter your Aadhar Number and Select the consent check box to pull your aadhar details from the UIDAI.
To use DigiLocker without Aadhar Card, Click on ‘Don’t have Aadhar? Continue Here‘.

Now you will be redirected to the Dashboard. There you can see an option to enter your Email address for verification.

Enter your Email address and Click on the ‘Send Verification Link‘. You will get an email verification link. Click on it to verify the email address. Email verification will add more security to your DigiLocker Account.

 How to link Aadhar with DigiLocker Account

If you have not linked your Aadhar with Digilocker Account during Signup, you can link it at any time by clicking the Aadhar Link option available in the Dashboard. Check the screen shot below.

Now you will get an option to enter your Aadhar Number. After entering the Aadhar Number select the check box and then click on ‘Link Now‘ button.

Now you will get an OTP in your Aadhar Linked Mobile Number. Enter the OTP received on your mobile and click on the ‘Verify‘ button.
Your DigiLocker account with Aadhar is linked successfully. After the successful Aadhar Linking,  you can see your Aadhar Profile in your DigiLocker account ‘Profile’ section.
Once the Aadhar is linked, you can see the issued documents in your Dashboard. It will be added to your DigiLocker account directly by the Registered Issuers (Registered Government Departments). You can see the Aadhar card in your Issued Documents section.

You can download your Aadhar card at any time from your digilocker account by clicking the PDF Icon.

 How to Upload Driving License in DigiLocker Account
You can link your Driving License with your DigiLocker Account. So you don’t have to carry the original driver license every time.
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has issued an advisory to all the States/UTs to accept digital Driving License and Vehicle RC presented through DigiLocker.
You can now show the Driver License in your DigiLocker Account whenever required. It can be shared with other agencies when required for the verification of Adress or ID proof.
Follow below steps to Store Driving Licence in DigiLocker:

Login your DigiLocker Account with your User Name and Password.
Click on ‘Issued Docuemnts‘ on the left hand side Menu

Now Click on ‘Pull Documents‘ or ‘Check Partners Section‘ link.
You will get an option to select the Partners and Document Type.
To Link the Driver License, Select Partner Name ‘Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, All States’ and ‘Driving License’ as the ‘Document Type’.
You can also link Vehicle ‘Fitness Certificate‘ , ‘Registration Certificate‘, ‘Vehicle Insurance Certificate‘, ‘Vehicle Tax Receipt’ etc by selecting it from the ‘Document Type’ option.

If your Aadhar is linked, you can see that your Name and Date Of Birth is automatically filled. Other wise Enter your Name, Date Of Birth, Father’s Name etc (must match with the Date of Birth in your Driver License), and License Number.
Now click on ‘Get Document’ button. Your driving License data will be fetched and Linked with DigiLocker Account.

 How to Link Pan Card in DigiLocker Account
You can now Integrate Permanent Account Number (PAN) with the DigiLocker Account and can access your real time PAN verification record from the Income Tax Department.
Follow below steps to learn How to get PAN verification record:

After the Login of your DigiLocker Account, Click on ‘Issued Docuemnts‘ on the left hand side Menu
Then Click on ‘Pull Documents’ (Refer Screen shots above)
In partner’s name, Select ‘income tax department, Govt of India’ from the dropdown and in document type select ‘PAN verification record’.
Enter your Date Of Birth, PAN Number, Name as in PAN Card etc
Then click on ‘Get Document’.
After the successful Pan Card linking you can see the message ‘Your document is saved in Issued Documents section. ‘
Now you can see your Pan Card in the Issued Documents section in your DigiLocker Account. You can download it or Share it at any time.

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What Does Arrow Icon Mean? Location Services Explained

Do you see an arrow icon at the top of your screen? Is it sometimes blue, sometimes hollow? And are you wondering what this icon means? That means that your phone is currently accessing your location. This icon can be in different format/colors. Different colors mean different things. This article explains what these different color arrow icons mean and how you can disable, if you want to do so.

In short, when you enable Location Services, a black or white-hollow arrow icon may appear indicating that your device is using Location Services (e.g., maps, Camera, weather apps, etc). When you enable your Location Services, you are letting your iOS device determine your location. Your iPhone or iPad uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile networks to obtain the most accurate location. When you disable this, it will be disabled for all apps.
Some apps may need this enabled as they may use this information to work correctly. For instance, you may set up location based reminders. Or Find My iPhone will not work if you disable Location Services. Without Location Services, you may not be able to use map apps. You may enable or disable this for certain apps. Note that Location Services may drain your battery.
Arrow icons
As I stated above, if you see this arrow icon, that means that your iPhone is accessing your location:

A hollow arrow means that some apps (one or more than one) are actively using geofencing. This means that this will trigger an action when you go to a set location. For instance, you may set up a location based reminder (e.g., “set a reminder to call Bobby when I am home”) and when you are home, you will be notified. Obviously your iPhone will have to use Location Services.
A solid (black) arrow means that your device is actively accessing yoru location. For instance, when you use a Map app, you will see this.

How to show or hide the arrow icon
You can hide or show the Location Services icon easily. However you can only show or hide System Services Location Services. Note that this is not enabling or disabling Location Services. If you want to turn on and off this, please see the following section.

On your iOS device, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services
Scroll down and tap System Services
Scroll down and toggle off “Status Bar Icon”

How to turn off and on Location Services
You may want to disable this for various reasons. For instance, you may disable Location Services to extend your device’s battery life. Note that some apps may not work if you disable this. Here is how:

Tap Settings
Tap Privacy and Location Services
And toggle off “Location Services”

You want to enable Location Services but you also want some apps not to access your location? You can also turn off and on Location Services for certain apps. Here is how:

Tap Settings
Tap Privacy and Location Services
Find the app that you do not want it to access your location
And then select “Never”. This means that this app will no longer use Location Services. There are other options that you may also choose. “While Using the App” means that the app will use Location Services when it is being used.

Location Services Not Working?
You may try to reset your Location Services by going to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Location & Privacy.
See also:

Apple Maps not working?
Google Maps not working?

Please note that some apps that use Location Services will ask for permission to access your location the first time you launch them. You may decide to give them permission to access your location.
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iPhone Keeps Saying Incorrect Wi-Fi Password (But It’s Correct); Fix

I started having this problem last night. Basically, I was having trouble to reconnect to my Wi-Fi network. Suddenly, last night, my iPhone decided that my Wi-Fi password was incorrect, even though I was using the same password for years without any problem. Here is what exactly happened in this order:

My iPhone disconnected from a Wi-Fi connection that my iPhone had been connected to
My iPhone tried to re-connect. My iPhone was not able to connect automatically, like it did all the time
But iPhone did not accept the network password to let me join, even I entered the correct password manually also.

See also: Cannot join hidden network?

This article explains how I was able to resolve this problem. Are you having the same problem? All iOS devices can have this problem. Randomly, your iPhone (or iPad) says the password is incorrect? If you are having the same issue, please follow the steps below to resolve it:
Incorrect Wi-Fi Password
Steps to resolve this problem, please after each step check if you fixed the problem:

First of all, lets make sure that you are entering the password correctly (note that Wi-Fi passwords are case sensitive)
Do you have other devices and are they connecting the same Wi-Fi without any problems?
Make sure that Auto-Join is turned on. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and find your Wi-Fi and tap the info (i) icon next to it and turn on Auto-Join.
Weak Wi-Fi signals may cause this. Move closer to your router, does this fix your problem? if it does, then your problem is poor Wi-Fi signals.
Turn off Airplane Mode, wait a few seconds and then turn back off by going to Settings > Airplane Mode.
In iOS, tap Settings > Wi-Fi, then find your connection and tap the info (i) icon next to it and tap Forget This Network, tap Confirm and then try to reconnect.
Restart everything:

Your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). You can shut down your device by going to Settings > general and scroll down and the tap Shut Down. Then start your device.
Restart your router and Modem. Unplug your router (and modem) from its power source. Wait about one minute. And then reconnect by plugging them back into the power source. Some modems have backup batteries. If your modem has batteries, remove these as well. Wi-Fi interference from other connections many cause this problem. Restarting your router will likely fix this.

Update everything:

Update your iOS device. You can do so wirelessly by going to Settings > General > Software Update
Make sure that your router has the latest software. Check your router’s manual to see how you can update.

If you are still having problems, reset your network settings. Please note that doing so will remove your settings (e.g., your Wi-Fi passwords etc). Simply go to  Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Do not worry, you will not lose any data.
Check to see if your router has MAC filtering enabled, turn off Mac filtering (Media Access Control) if it is on. Mac filtering limits the devices. Please note that this is mostly disabled by default. See your router’s manual for more information regarding this. Apple recommends this disabled.

See also: Cannot connect to a known network?
If you are having problems, contact Apple support. You may chat or make a Genius Bar appointment.
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How To Send Feedback To Apple

Do you have a comment or suggestion about an Apple product or service? Do you want to send your feedback to Apple? You can easily let Apple know about any problems you run into or send suggestions, complaints. These feedbacks are important because they help Apple improve your Apple product and service experiences. This short how-to article explains how you can give feedback. Please note that Apple states that although they read all feedback or comments submitted but they cannot respond each submission. Apple has a team whose entire job is dedicated to reviewing feedback and escalating it to the proper outlets (such as the engineers for iTunes, iPhone, iPad, etc.), so you can rest assured that your voice will be heard!
Here is how:

How do I send feedback to Apple?

Please note that if you are having a specific problem and if you are looking for technical support (e.g. Buttons not working, broken screen etc), then contact Apple support. For support, you can call, chat or meet with a Genius at an Apple Store.

There are different ways to send your feedback. But first, let us explain what constitutes feedback. Here are the some basic feedback types that you can send:

Bug reports (unexpected behaviors etc)
Performance problems (application crash, application slow or unresponsive)
Feature requests
Other suggestions

Submit feedback via Apple’s web site:
You can easily send feedback online. Here is how:

Visit Apple’s feedback website: 
Choose a product or service 
Then use the form to send feedback. Make sure that you provide as much as detail you can. Also make sure that you enter your email (entering your email is optional). As it is stated above, Apple does not respond everyone who submits feedback. 
Click Submit Feedback and you are done. 

If you are using an Apple computer (macOS), then you can also use the Feedback Assistant app.
Submit feedback via the Feedback Assistant app (macOS and iOS)
1. macOS
You can do this if you are running the macOS public beta.

Launch the Feedback Assistant app by clicking the Feedback Assistant icon in the Dock.
If this is your first time opening the app, you will bne asked to accept the licence agreement before using the app. Click Accept to continue. 
Enter your Apple ID and password and click Sign in.
This looks like the mail app
Click New Feedback
You will be asked to describe your issue, after you are done, click Continue and submit. 

If you are running the iOS public beta, you can do this:

Open the Feedback Assistant (second page of your home screen)
Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in. 
Describe and send your feedback. 

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How to Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication?

We get a lot of questions from our readers wondering how two-factor authentication can be turned off. It seems that some users find that two-factor authentication is annoying and it is understandable that they may have various concerns about wanting to turn off two-factor; even though it helps enhance your account’s security by making it a lot more difficult for someone else to sign in to your Apple account.

So we decided to write this short article. The purpose of this article is simply to answer this question: Is it possible to disable two-factor authentication, and if so, how can you do that?

See also: Cannot Reset Apple ID Security Questions?

Disabling two-factor authentication

So, is it possible to disable this? The short answer is maybe but it is highly likely that you cannot. If you  already turned on this, you may turn it off within two weeks. Then you would be able to go to the website and go to manage my account. You would be able to turn it off there, if it shows. Here is exactly how you can do that:

Enter your Apple ID and password and log in
Find the Security section
Click Edit
Then click “Turn off two-factor authentication” (if you do not see this, then you cannot turn this off).  Once you click, you will be asked to confirm: “If you turn off two-factor authentication, your account will be protected with only your password and security questions”. Click Continue. 

But if you cannot find the option to turn off this, then it means it can not be turned off.  As we stated above it cannot be disabled after it has been on for two weeks or longer.  If this is the case, you cannot turn off this security feature. Apple does not allow it. And here is why.

Why I Cannot Turn Off Two-Factor Aunhetication

Your account is more secure when you use Two-factor authentication so that no-one else can access your account even if someone else knows your Apple password. And a lot of iOS and macOS features (iCloud Keychain, iCloud Messages etc) require this extra level of security. 

Apple introduced this feature in 2015 with iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan. 

Please note that two-factor authentication and two-step verification  is NOT the same thing. They are different. Two-step verification is an older security method than two-factor authentication. 

If you are using two-step verification, you CAN turn this off. If you want to turn this off:

Go to
Enter your Apple ID and password to login
Scroll down and go to the “Security” section
Click Edit
Click “Two-Step Verification…” and then you will be asked to confirm. You will be asked: Turning-off two-step verification will make your account less secure. Are you sure you want to proceed? Click to confirm and you are done. 

Please further note that if your device is running iOS 11 (or later) or macOS High Sierra, you will be automatically switched you from two-step to two-factor.

See also: Change Apple ID email 

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It’s time to place Alexis Sanchez on the bench

By Mark Weasley
When Alexis Sanchez arrived at Old Trafford in January, he was supposed to be the answer to the attacking players at Manchester City. Given the fact that United had beaten the Citizens to his signing, it felt like the turning point as it meant United still had the pulling power to attract the best players in world football. Nine months later, the Sanchez that Manchester United thought they were getting has still not shown up.
He has been poor, atrocious and every word that describes a person not living up to expectations. He has just 3 strikes in 23 matches for Manchester United, a poor return for a player that earns around £350-a-week, he should be doing better.
Alexis Sanchez
It is perhaps time that Jose Mourinho, the man in the dugout takes the bold decision of placing the Chilean on the bench. Since the start of the season, he has endured with the player, who has shown nowhere near the quality that saw him score 30 times for Arsenal in 2017.
He loses possession too many times and generally looks like a man who is not interested in playing anymore, just content with picking his fat paycheck. Perhaps the style of play and lack of understanding is affecting his form, but his dip in form for a player that was held in the same bracket as Eden Hazard as the best wideman in the Premier League is unbelievable.
A time out on the bench will do two things: get him to fall in love with the game once again and take him out of the firing line from his critics.
When he comes back, he should be firing on all cylinders but he needs to rediscover his form. Jose Mourinho must be brave or Alexis Sanchez will keep wallowing in mediocrity.

Emmerdale teases return of soap legend at Joe Tate’s masked ball – but who is behind the mask?

EMMERDALE has hinted that a legendary character is going to return to the village next month.
Multi-millionaire Joe Tate is going to throw a huge masquerade ball at Home Farm as part of the show’s huge autumn week, and now a teaser from the show has all but confirmed a whopping return.
ITV The mystery woman could be one of the soaps biggest ever returns[/caption]
It seems linked to the mysterious person Graham Foster has been calling to keep them informed in Joe’s life.
The mystery woman is seen wearing an ornate mask with her blonde hair showing in front of her red velvet hood.
But who could it be? And what connection do they have to Home Farm and Joe himself? Here are the possibilities…
Kim Tate
Rex Features Kim’s return would cause shockwaves through the village and give the show a much-needed villain[/caption]
She is the iconic soap superbitch who defines Emmerdale more than anyone else.
Played by actress Claire King, she left the soap almost 20 years ago after smacking Joe’s dad Chris over the head with a blunt object and fleeing with most of his cash in a helicopter.
She took her son James with her while Chris desperately tried crawling to stop her.

Kim’s been heard of a little since she left, most notably sending flowers to Seth Armstrong’s funeral in 2005, but she remains one of the most popular characters of all time in the show.
She is technically Joe’s step-grandmother, though hardly the caring type, even if he is her son’s nephew.
Rachel Hughes
Rex Features Rachel was killed by Graham – or was she?[/caption]
There is another blonde woman who could have been keeping a watchful eye on Joe – his mother Rachel Hughes.
Now admittedly Rachel did die in 1999 and her body was discovered at the bottom of the cliff she was shoved off by Graham Clark but stranger things have happened in Emmerdale.
The body could have been someone totally different and Rachel may have been desperate to escape Chris so faked her death.
That doesn’t explain why she didn’t come forward, but there’s plenty of time for that.
Kathy Glover
Rex Features Kathy famously clashed with Kim – so could they both return?[/caption]
She’s had more dead husbands than almost anyone else in soap and she’s yet to kill one.
One of them was Chris Tate, making her, with a bit of time gymnastics – Joe’s stepmother. With Rachel being her best friend, it would be understandable for her to want to keep an eye on him.
And she’s kept close ties to the village despite her being in Australia, with countless residents visiting her when the actors took a break from filming.
Zoe Tate
Zoe’s return has been wanted by fans for yearsYorkshire Television
There’s only one person, hair colour notwithstanding, who can really be connected to both Graham and Joe – his aunt Zoe.
The businesswoman and vet trusted Graham to look after Joe while she raised her daughter Jean in Australia, and fans have been clamouring for her to make a comeback ever since.
She left in a blaze of glory, blowing up Home Farm after selling it to the vulturous King family, so she’s no stranger to scheming to get what she wants.
But if she’s not set for a return then there is one more person who could fit the bill.



Lily Allen 'had sex with her dad’s famous pal when she was just 14'


Che McSorley shows off peachy bum as she frolicks naked in bath with sexy pal


Rangers ace Andy Halliday's missus sets pulses racing in little black dress


Robbie Williams’ dad, 69, dumped by wife, 44, for star’s younger mate


Single judge Shirley Ballas would love to be struck by the Strictly Curse


Bodyguard's Keeley Hawes wears sexy suspenders in unearthed modelling pics

Jean Tate
Rex Features If Jean’s taken after her parents then she’ll be a force to be reckoned with[/caption]
Joe’s cousin would be 16 by now and judging by her parents – a total hellraiser.
While Graham probably wouldn’t be keeping a teenager informed on her older cousin, there would be little stopping her from jumping on a plane to crash his party and make a spectacular return to the village she’d only known as a baby.

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NASA discover two ‘Earth-like’ planets 49 light-years away with new telescope – as scientists say they expect to find more

NASA say they have discovered two Earth-like planets 49 light-years away using a new telescope – and expect to find more worlds beyond our solar system.
The space agency’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, known as TESS, was launched five months ago on a £257million ($337m) two-year mission.
NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, known as TESS, has discovered two planetsNASA
Officials say it’s already made an early discovery of two so-called exoplanets – or worlds that circle distant stars – a “super-Earth” and a “hot Earth” planet.
TESS scientist Martin Spill said the “super-Earth” planet, named Pi Mensae c, is 60 light-years away orbiting its sun every 6.3 days.
He said it could have a solid surface or be a water world as the composition of such planets is a mixed bag.
A day later researchers discovered a “hot-Earth”  planet, named LHS 3844 b, which is 49 light-years away and orbits its sun every 11 hours.
TESS discovered two ‘exoplanets’ beyond our solar system in its first five months in spaceNASA
TESS builds on the legacy of NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, which also uses transits to find exoplanetsNASA
While the two planets are too hot to support life, TESS Deputy Science Director Sara Seager expects many more such discoveries.
She said: “We will have to wait and see what else TESS discovers.
“We do know that planets are out there, littering the night sky, just waiting to be found.”
The mission is to expand astronomers’ known catalogue of exoplanets.
Scientists have detected a new world around Pi Mensae with the new satelliteNASA

TESS is designed to build on the work of its predecessor, the Kepler space telescope, which discovered the bulk of some 3,700 exoplanets documented during the past 20 years and is running out of fuel.
NASA expects to pinpoint thousands more previously unknown worlds, perhaps hundreds of them Earth-sized or “super-Earth” sized – no larger than twice as big as our home planet.


'pay up'

Tiny Scots brewery blackmailed by hackers in sophisticated Ransomware attack


Sex-bot collector forced to reveal secret $200,000 love doll cupboard to family


Amazon accidentally leaks 'powerful' Echo Sub subwoofer on its OWN website


Scotland TSUNAMI fears as killer waves 'more common' than scientists thought


Huawei launching a 'foldable' 5G phone to rival Apple's new iPhone XS


Bitcoin blasted as a 'failed experiment' after huge 70% price crash

Those are believed the most likely to feature rocky surfaces or oceans and are thus considered the best candidates for life to evolve.
Scientists have said they hope TESS will ultimately help catalogue at least 100 more rocky exoplanets for further study in what has become one of astronomy’s newest fields of exploration.
With four special cameras, TESS uses a detection method called transit photometry, which looks for periodic dips in the visible light of stars caused by planets passing, or transiting, in front of them.

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Today’s FREE Horse racing tips: The Betting Spy’s top picks for today’s racing at Ayr, Newbury and Chelmsford

STYLEHUNTER looks good in the Dubai Duty Free Handicap (1.45) at Newbury. 
He has been brought along steadily by soon-to-be-champion trainer John Gosden and was given a two-month break after a fair sixth in the Britannia Handicap at Royal Ascot.

He appreciated that and looked a different animal when running away with a decent Goodwood handicap last time, hinting that there was much more to come.
The handicapper put him up 8lb but he gets in here with just a 5lb penalty so he clearly should be a major player with Frankie doing the steering.
Gosden has an excellent record in the Cambridgeshire and this race is often an excellent trial for the Newmarket cavalry charge.
That looks to be the plan. Adamant, My Lord And Master and Mountain Angel all have solid claims without having the star potential of Stylehunter.
Derby disappointment Young Rascal can bounce backPA:Press Association
Mirage Dancer looks set to go off favourite for the 2.20.
He was quite impressive when winning a Group 3 event at Glorious Goodwood last time and has the typical progressive profile of a Sir Michael Stoute-trained middle-distance four-year-old.
He could well be too good for last year’s winner Desert Encounter and the other older horses but the unexposed three-year-old YOUNG RASCAL might be a different kettle of fish!
He has not been sighted since the Derby where he was a disappointing seventh after failing to handle the track.

GOLD CUP FEVER Latest odds, tips and TV schedule for the Ayr Gold Cup

But he was sent off 17-2 third favourite that day after impressive wins in the Chester Vase and over today’s course and distance, giving every indication he was potentially a Group 1 performer.
He may have to wait until next season to scale those heights but he can take another step up the ladder by landing this Group 3.
Karl Burke is having another fantastic season, picking up two Group 1s in Ireland last weekend, and he can add to his big-race haul by taking the Mill Reef Stakes with TRUE MASON (2.55).
He was an excellent third (with Marie’s Diamond well behind in seventh) in a Group 1 at Deauville last time, a race won by the top two-year-old filly of the season so far, Pretty Pollyanna.

Betting Spy's top tips for Saturday

1.45 Newbury – Stylehunter
2.15 Chelmsford – Mawaard
2.20 Newbury – Young Rascal
2.55 Newbury – True Mason
3.20 Ayr – Amandine
3.50 Ayr – Terentum Star

There does not look to be anything of similar quality in this line-up.
Shine So Bright was third in the Gimcrack at York last time and sets a solid standard but Burke will have a pretty good idea where True Mason stands with that one as Shine So Bright was with Burke until being sold to King Power Racing and sent to Andrew Balding on the eve of Royal Ascot.
The Irish Rover was only fourth in the Gimcrack and has since been beaten in Doncaster’s big sales race so Kessaar, who ran away with a decent event on Kempton’s Polytrack last time, could be a bigger threat.
The Ayr Gold Cup is the highlight of the Flat racing year in Scotland – and probably in the head offices of the major bookmakers!

I spy an eyecatcher…

SURREY THUNDER made a storming debut in the 1m novice event at Sandown on Wednesday.
He was very green in the parade ring and, as odds of 33-1 indicate, little was expected of Joe Tuite’s juvenile in what looked like a warm race.
But he ran a cracker, staying on to be third despite not getting the best of runs after being trapped against the rail.
As the first two home, trained by Messrs Hannon and Gosden, had already shown a fair level of ability the form is almost certainly solid.  And, with improvement virtually assured, Surrey Thunder is a name to note.

As ever it looks near-impossible, but when did that stop us having a crack? TERENTUM STAR (3.50) will carry a little of my each-way cash.
He is best on soft ground and won a very good race at York last autumn off just 1lb less than the mark he runs off here.
He was fancied for the Great St Wilfrid at Ripon last time but lost all chance when stumbling out of the stalls.
Given a level break he should go well and trainer Kevin Ryan has won this three times in the last seven years. As for dangers, there are around 24 of them!

GET ON TREND Who will win the Ayr Gold Cup this Saturday?

AMANDINE (3.20) is the standout bet on the Newmarket card.
She was second at Ascot two weeks ago in a red-hot race, the form of which was well and truly franked when the third and fourth finished third and first in a Listed race at Yarmouth on Wednesday.
Amandine is just 2lb higher now and the opposition is nowhere near as strong as she faced last time.
Chelmsford have put on another excellent Saturday card and MAWAARD is the most interesting horse on show in the 2.15.

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He has been really impressive on his last two starts at Kempton, last time defeating the well-regarded Godolphin four-year-old Dayking (runs in the 2.20 at Ayr where he is weighted to go close but the testing ground in a worry) with the third 12 lengths behind.
The rest were strung out like the finish of a three-mile chase at Chepstow! On heavy ground!
Purely on that bare form Mawaard looks fairly treated on a mark of 96 and this lightly-raced three-year-old could turn out to be much better than a handicapper.


Templegate’s horse racing tips: Ayr and Newbury – Top betting preview for TODAY’S ITV racing

FIRE BRIGADE is a flaming good bet. He’s yet to hit the target this summer but the heat wave has been no good to this soft-ground lover.
Fire Brigade can get us off to a good startPA:Press Association
There’s been nothing wrong with his form recently in races that haven’t set up for his hold-up style. With conditions in his favour things should pan out better today.
Gulf Of Poets beat my fancy on soft ground at Haydock in April. He’s 10lbs worse off today and didn’t run too well when returning from a summer break at Ripon last month.
Chatez was runner-up behind Fire Brigade at Leicester when returning from two-and-a-half years off the track last October.
He’s only been seen once since – over hurdles – and has clearly had his problems.
Well-bred Dayking looks a great prospect. He won a Catterick novice race in May and only went down by head when returning from a break at Kempton last month.
It’s hard to be confident he will be at his best on testing ground.
Borodin won a good little race on soft ground at Thirsk last time. He’s got more races in him and he could easily play a hand today.
It’s a big ask for Dolphin Vista to come out two days after his Listed Doonside Cup success under such a big weight on testing ground.

GET ON TREND Who will win the Ayr Gold Cup this Saturday?

AL QAHWA looks solid Silver. He started the season well when runner-up at Ripon but the quicker ground in the summer checked his progress.
Last weekend’s effort at the Curragh was a step in the right direction and today’s softer ground should be ideal.
David O’Meara’s hope is now at his lowest handicap rating since making a successful British debut at York last season.
His second to my Gold Cup fancy Flying Pursuit last season also makes him nicely weighted and he’s got plenty of form in big-field handicaps.
The ground is also the key to stablemate Cold Stare. He stormed through from the rear to win over 7f at Haydock last time.
That stamina is likely to come in handy but I’m not convinced he’s the right type for this sort of race.
Quick Look is in the form of his life but his hat-trick bid would need another career-best performance.
I can see Clive Cox’s pair running well. Snazzy Jazzy – unbeaten in three runs last season – has taken time to find his form this year.
Last month’s Goodwood sixth was better and he is proven on today’s soft ground.
Stablemate Louie De Palma is falling in the weights after some uninspiring efforts but I’m sure he has a race in him. If he handles the ground he could go well at a big price.

Templegate's TV tips

1.45 Newbury – Mountain Angel: ‘Today’s track should suit him much better’
2.00 Ayr – Fire Brigade: ‘With conditions in his favour he has a big chance’
2.20 Newbury – Desert Encounter: ‘In top form and this is his level’
2.40 Ayr – Al Qahwah: ‘Back to form with a good effort at the Curragh last week’
2.55 Newbury – True Mason: ‘Karl Burke is in flying form and this colt looks up to this’
3.15 Ayr – Firelight: ‘This looks easier than her recent tasks’
3.30 Newbury – El Astronaute: ‘Never runs a bad race and in the mix again’
3.50 Ayr – Flying Pursuit: ‘Loves the mud and is a course and distance winner already’

FIRELIGHT has the spark to land the William Hill Firth Of Clyde Stakes.
She wandered around in the closing stages but showed plenty of fight to give weight to some promising fillies from big yards at Newmarket in August.
That was a rare weekend when rain turned the ground soft and it’s a big help to be proven on today’s conditions.
Her two runs since have come on quicker going in Group races and she’s not been at all disgraced despite circumstances conspiring against her.
This is an ideal opportunity for her with Andrew Balding still going really well.
Queen Of Bermuda looks ready for the step up to 6f.
She won a French Listed prize before crossing the Channel again to chase home subsequent Flying Childers hero Soldier’s Call in a Group 3.
The easy ground could be the key to her and she looks the big danger.
Glass Slippers is a good prospect but her form is not as good. She overcome traffic problems to win at Chester but she does need to prove she’s up to this level.
Flying Pursuit (yellow) will love conditions at AyrGetty Images – Getty
PUT your William Hill Ayr Gold Cup faith in a Flying machine. Conditions have come right for mud-lover FLYING PURSUIT.
The hot summer has been no good for Tim Easterby’s speedster but he took advantage of a rare wet spell when successful at York in July.
He was second home of the stands’ side group when sixth behind Gunmetal in the Great St Wilfrid at Ripon last month and I fancy him to turn those tables on the easier ground.
My fancy was a course-and-distance winner last season and he will take some stopping if getting to the lead on the far side.
Kevin Ryan has won this race three times in the last seven years. He’s fires four bullets at this year’s prize and I reckon Tommy Taylor could be the pick of them.
He won a York Listed race last season and he bounced back from some ordinary efforts when a close third at Ascot a couple of weeks ago. He’s still nicely treated.
It’s not surprising Son Of Rest has been well backed in the ante-post market. He was only beaten half-a-length by Havana Grey in the Group 1 Flying Five at the Curragh last week.
I’m just not sure he’s anywhere near as good over 6f and the testing ground could easily stretch his stamina beyond breaking point.
Perfect Pasture, Muntadab, Major Jumbo and G Force are others capable of running well.

GOLD CUP FEVER Latest odds, tips and TV schedule for the Ayr Gold Cup

MOUNTAIN ANGEL should continue to climb the ranks. He bolted up in the manner of a smart prospect at Ascot in May and he’s put in some solid efforts since.
Roger Varian’s ace found all sorts of trouble when a fast-finishing second at Sandown three weeks ago.
Today’s flatter track and long straight should suit him much better and any more rain would help his chance.
Adamant hasn’t stood much racing. His Salisbury win was his only start of last season and he returned from a three-month break this term to score at Chelmsford.
He got an easy lead that day and I can’t see him getting such a soft time today.
Stylehunter did well to finish sixth in the Britannia at Royal Ascot considering he raced further back than ideal. That was sandwiched by wide-margin wins and this definitely looks his right trip.
Beringer is wonderfully consistent. He should run another sound race and York winner Pivoine is another with obvious claims.
Roger Varian can strike with Mountain AngelGetty Images – Getty
DESERT ENCOUNTER should give David Simcock his fourth straight win in the Dubai Duty Free Legacy Cup.
The hat-trick was completed by my fancy 12 months ago to add to impressive record outside Group 1 races.
He’s never been able to cut it at the top level but he made no mistake in a Windsor Listed race last month. It’s hard to see how he won’t go well.
Mirage Dancer is sure to be popular after a smooth Goodwood win in the Group 3 Glorious Stakes.
The penalty he picks up for that win makes life a little tricky and I’m not sure the slight drop in trip will help.
I was tempted to chance Young Rascal. There was a lot to like about the way he booked his Derby ticket with victory in the Chester Vase when seeing off Dee Ex Bee and Hunting Horn.
It was therefore disappointing to see him finished a well-beaten seventh at Epsom. He’s been off since and it’s far too early to be writing him off.

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STAY True in the Dubai Duty Free Mill Reef Stakes. TRUE MASON was up against it in France last month when trying to give weight to top fillies Pretty Pollyanna and Signora Cabello.
That was a decent effort to finish third especially as he was switched off in the rear in a contest dominated by the prominent racers.
This slightly calmer waters and he should give in-form Karl Burke another Group prize.
Shine So Bright has been running well in Group 2 races since making a winning debut at Nottingham.
His third behind Emaraaty Ana in the Gimcrack at York was sound enough but I’m not sure that was the strongest race for the grade.
He also has it to find with True Mason on a line through Richmond Stakes winner Land Force.
Kessaar looks John Gosden’s first string with Frankie Dettori in the saddle. He was impressive in a Kempton Group 3 a couple of weeks ago but he might well be at his best on the all-weather.
Garrus didn’t beat much at Newcastle last month but he shouldn’t be beaten with that stick. He’s a nice prospect and he could easily be up to this level.
Gimcrack fourth The Irish Rover had the form to win a valuable sales race at Doncaster last week so it was disappointing to see him check out tamely in the closing stages. He’s not progressing.
El Astronaute (right) continues to run well and is bound to be involved againPA:Press Association
EL ASTRONAUTE is out of this world. He’s used his terrific pace to develop into a smart sprinter this season with a couple of wins at York and a string of good efforts.
There’s no doubt he’s got the potential to win a race at this Group 3 level. He was only beaten a head in a Listed contest at Doncaster last week on ground softer than he cares for.
As long as there’s no more significant rain he should have a good chance with Frankie Dettori in the saddle.
Sioux Nation will find this easier than some of the tough gigs he’s been on this season.
Four of his last five races came in Group 1 contests and the other was when taking on lightning-fast Battaash at Goodwood.
He wasn’t beaten far when third at the Curragh last weekend but it will not be easy for this three-year-old to give weight to older horses.
Take Cover was fifth in that Irish Group 1. He’s getting on a bit but still has tremendous pace as he showed when winning the Beverley Bullet earlier in the month.
He’s another who could do with the wind drying the ground out.
Equilateral didn’t achieve much when landing a three-runner race from the front at Leicester and he’d earlier had his limitations exposed in Group races.

1.25 Caballero
2.00 Fire Brigade (nb)
2.40 Al Qahwa (nap)
3.15 Firelight
3.50 Flying Pursuit
4.25 Mafaaheem
4.55 Stamp Hill
5.30 Fools And Kings
1.50 Napanook
2.25 Five Helmets
3.00 Dr Richard Kimble
3.35 Kalissi
4.10 India
4.45 Preacher Man
5.20 Naples Bay
5.50 Admiral Rooke
1.40 Brian Epstein
2.15 Poet’s Society
2.50 Anasheed
3.25 Lord Riddiford
4.00 Eternal Destiny
4.35 Archimento
5.05 Swordbill
1.15 Phosphor
1.45 Mountain Angel (treble)
2.20 Desert Encounter
2.55 True Mason
3.30 El Astronaute
4.05 Coup De Gold
4.40 Nathan
5.15 Jackpot Royal
2.10 El Gumryah
2.45 Game Player
3.20 Amandine
3.55 Coeur De Lion
4.30 Rotherwick
5.00 Hameem
5.35 Captain Colby
5.10 Fly True
5.45 Langley Vale
6.15 Comete
6.45 Big Brave Bob
7.15 We Know
7.45 Howardian Hills
8.15 Felix The Poet
8.45 Javelin